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The Cashier Ahead

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vim:ii umi uuuu usuiuiisiiuu in :i Lownin Indiana had engaged the services of a watchnian who carne reeommended, but who djd not seem over-oxperiencod. The president therefore sent tor liim to post him a bit, audbegan: "James, this i.s your iirst job of this kind, isn'tit?" "Yes sir." "Your first duty must bo to exercise vigilance." "Yes sir." "Be careful how strangers appvoach you." "I will, sir." "No strangers must bo permitled to enter the bank at niglit undor any preti'xt whatever." "Nosir." "And our cashier - lie is a góod man, hottest, reliable, and thoroughly trustworthy, but it will bo your duty to keep an eyo on him." "But it will be hard to watch two men und the bank at the same time, sir." "Two men - how?" "Why, sir, it was only yesterday that the casliier called me in for talk, and lie said you wero the squarest man in Indiana, but that it would be just as well to keep both oyes on you, and let tho diroctors know if you hung around after hours!" - Wall Street News. "You seem to foei down-hearted today Dennis," saiil his employcr. "What's the matter with you?" "It's soro distressed I am, sor. Félix Maguire's connivin' daughter has run otl' wid me b'y Mickie, an' there's no wan lift to comfort me in me oíd age." "It's very sad. Dennis." "Yes. sor; it's an eclipse of the son.


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