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In honor of Postmaster General Howe, who...

In honor of Postmaster General Howe, who... image
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In honor of Postmaster General Howe, whose funeral was held at lus home in Wisconsin on Wednesday afternoou, the })ost-office was closed between 2 and C:30 p. M. on that duy. The building was draped with crape during the day. As the Detroit dailies and other state papers luid afflrmed that Dr. D. O. Farrand was a gradĂșate of the University, soine saying trom the Literaiy and others fiora the Medical departnieut, we made the correction in our last issue. But the lirst misstatements had gained such cireuhition that we have been met by not a few this past week who asked us upon what authority we denled his havinggradunted irom the U. of M. For the benefit of those who ought to be bettor inlormed on a subject they huve been at so much palns to discuss, we will say that in the llrst place his name does not appear on any page of the " Michigan University Book," a work recognized as authority by the Board of Regents. Moreover, before making the statement last week we took the further trouble to inquire at the Steward's office to see if lus name was on the records there. and we were Informed by Prof. de Pont, the secretary of the faculty, that it did not so appear. 80, backed by this certain evidence, we made the assertion, which, after looking the matter np, no other paper has dared to deny. Yet, not being able to refute it, our Republican cotemporary in this city has the base disposition to cali this simple correction- rellecting in 110 possible way upon the honored Doctor recently deceased, nor yet upon the University, - an " exhibition of an inhuman spirit" and an "exempliiieation of barbarism." Such a display of malevolence is certainly pitiable in any 011e making a show of respcctability. F rom all other quarters, seveial of the Regents not excepted, we have heard general commendation of the criticism made upou the course of closing the college to attend the funeral of one not connected with it.


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