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The April Wheelman, which, by the way, is the first nuniber of the second volume of this rapidly progressing magazine, appears in a new and very attractive cover, one of Ipsen's best designs, which is better buited to th excellence and success already achieved. This cover design is, we believe, the only one that can be ranked with that of Vedder which adonis The Century. The Wheelman may now becomingly take its place beside the few best illustrated magazines, as well tor its general appearance and admirable typography, as for the excellence of the illustratious and articles. " On the Wing : Rnmbling Notes of a Trip te the Pacific," by Mary E. Blake. Lee & Shepard, Publishers. 230 pp. ipl.UU. This is an entertaining üttle volume of the traveling experiences and observations of a bright writer who made the California trip last year, ld company with one of the Raymond excursions, recently advertised in these columns. She describes the plains, the mountain passes and parks, the mines, the Mormons, the Southern California scenery, and the western cities. It is neatly printed and bound, and is quite instructive as well as entertaining. The North American Review for April has for its leading article a discussion on Divorce. Legally it is defended by Judge - 1 f 11 Tl I i t . i f n t-t. - a 1 ¦ la a _. uvuu a. uauiesuu anu scnptural[y it is discouraged by Itev. Dr. T. D. Woolsey. A well-informed and progressive Canadian, Dr. P. Bender, gives some strong reasons for tlie annexation of hia country to the United States. A plea is made by General Logan for " National Aid to Public Schools," and the great subject of education is handled frotn a race standpoint by J. C. Welling president of ColumbianUniyersity. Other anieles are: "TheDangerous Classes " by Dr. Crosby; "Water Supply of Cities," by Cliarles Wingate" Ethical Systems," by Prof. P. H. Hedge; "Street Beffging," by Rev. C F. Deerns; and "Criticism and Christianity," by O B. Frothinjrham. For sale by booksellers generaliy.


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