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Ilirough the columns of the Couriek I wish to thank the citizens and f rienda Who vvere 8„ kind darlög the last Illness f ny wlfe, and who showed such sympathy nfter her deatli. WILLIAM U.VMPION. Tle play o7:MtÍA"ert Kmmet," which is t be g,ven next Wednesday venlu ¦'"""sestobeoneof not a llttle intereít "' the townspcople and friends of the Peyera MweUw of Um band, in whose " Mf l '' is PWsented. Reserved seats on wie Saturday morning ai Bliss' jewelry Aa odd gort of a, vehiole Is au undertak ers wagon. Mr. A. R. Schniidt has ius made 011e and ahipped it to Bay City for brother ol Mr. O. Martin, the Ann Arbo umlertaker. The musi,c of the Kaster services in tli Episcopal church was very nicely ren dened. Besides the usual floral decora tions there was an elegant cross of prim and tea roses and white satin. It wa sent by David Henniug. Rev. John Alabaster, of Detroit, ha had a cali to the Meridian street Mcthori ist church in Indianapolls, aud has ex pressed his willingness to respond to U i the Conference will aliow. This is one of the best appointmenta in the West and Mr. Alabaster's friends in this city will be pleased to learn of this honor fo him. Tuesday evening, April lTth, the Prince ton College Glee Club will giye a concer in University Hall, under the auspices o the Students" Lecture Association. Agooc male glee club will never fail to draw an entuusiastic audience, aud as the Prince ton Club is unsurpassed by any similar organization, their concert will 110 doubt be well patronized. Tlie following strong ticket has been put in nouiination for officers in Ann Arbor town: Supervisor- Frederick B. Brnun. Clerk- L. Davla. Treasurer- Carlton M. Edniands. Highway Commisslouer - John C. Schenk. Justice- J. D. Williams. School Inspector- Prancis M. Hollaud. Constables- Walter Whltlark, Benj. Bradley, Jr. , Chauncy Orcutt, James Cowan. The management of the amateur plays soon to be given in the Opera House, has decicled to return to " Woodcock's Little Game," with tho following cast: Mr. Woodcook prof. de Pont Mr. Christopher Larkings Mr. W. B. Chamberlain. Mr. Adolphus Swansdown...Mr. E. Caleyron. David Mr. j. M Zane' Mrs. Col. Carver Miss Bessie Hunt, Mrs. Woodcock Miss Annle Wilson. Mrs.Larkings Miss Annie Condón. In "Iel on Parle Francais" Miss Clara Mack will take Miss Lovlng's place as Mrs. Rattan. Geo. Bissinger, brother-in-law of A. D. Seyler, wlio has been living for thirteen years in St. Barbara Co., California, is now visiting his old friends in this city and vicinity. Mr. B. reports that the county he is living in is well scttled by well-to-do eastern farmers. The climate delightful, snow rarely seen. He carne through on the Texas and Southern Pacific R. It., and brought with him a branch froui au orange tree well iilled with the ripe fruit. The Junior Exhibition of tho High School, elass of '84, given Friday evenhrg, was a complete suocess. The hall was crowded with the friends of the school and the exereises were carried out without any hitcli. In an elocutionary way great improvements over former "Kx's" was maiked; it being seen at its best ad van - tage in the delivery of the essays of the Misses Jones and Taylor. The muslc was creditably given by a quartette of young ladies and by Miss Striekland. The organ of the Baptist church has arrived and is now being set in position by the builders, G. Wood & Son, of Detroit. The outside wood-work is black ash to correspond with the other interior decorations of the church, and the pipes have a delicate lilac for their ground color. It stands just back of the pulpit and is 21 feet high, 14 feet wide, and nearly 10 feet deep. lts two manuals have Gl notes, and its pedáis 27 notes There are ab mt 800 pipes and 22 stops. These stops are conveniently arranged by having an oblique register on the knobs so that they all face the player. It is a beautiful pieee of mechanism, and is worth $2,300. Mr. Buzzell has been engaged to play it. The orgau will hardly be finished for next Sunday's service, but it will be in order for a grand concert to be given Friday evening, April G.


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