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The School of Music will reopen next Monday. The senior laws had to abandon the Idea of haring a class supper. The University Calendar and the Palladium are out. Now for the Oracle. The Princeton Olee Club will enliven U8 witli thoir rollicking college glees and choruses at University Hall, April 17th. The University Hall isinsured for $70,000; the Law building for $41,000, and the boilers in the boiler house for $4,500. The executive committee of the Regenta composed of Messrs. Blait, Duffleld and Norria, were in the city Monday night and had a meeting. The Dentáis hád a cliiss supper at the St. James, Tucsday night. Nearly 90 were resent, and they report that the new Iandord, Stone, got them an elegant repast. Miss Harding, who was gradnated from he Literary department last June, and vent as a missionary to África, arrived at Gaboon, on the West Coast, November 21, after a two months' voyage from New York. Sue has learned tin language and ins gone to teachiug. John II. Grant, who graduales from the iaw School next week, goes to accept a good position in the law ottlce of Judge itamsdell of Maniatee. Mr. Grant bas een in school here for the past seven years nd by his active participation In church nd college aftairs has gained a large cirle uf acquaintances who, while missing lim, will be gratifled at his good fortune n starting in his profession. It was an anomaly for the law students who went to the postoffice Saturday night, or it was, probably, the flrst time they ad ever gone there not wishing to get letter. The reason of it was, the proessors had told them after examination hat all who dld not get a note from them ould consider themselves passed. For lat reason, when they saw a letter in leir box, it did not make them particuarly happy. Last weekwas issued for thegraduating aw class, a book which ought to have a lace Id D'Israeli's "Curiosities of Literaure." Being a class-history, with short ketches of the lives of the various memers of the class, it was only intended for iriyate circulation, but we have been alowed a peep at It, and its army of ponderus words, mixed metaphorsand in volved, entences would raise a smile between the aws of au Erie canal mulé. Although ie book ia gotten.up in suniptuous style, uch as gilt edges, morocco cover, heavy aper, etc, the literary part of it is such lat the members of the class are not pui - culaily proud of the volume as a whole. The committee conslstingof Profs. I. N. Demmon, W. H. Pettee, and R. C. Davis which was appointed to arrange for the dedication services of the new Library building, have decided upon the following progratn which is to be carried out the flrst week of the next college year : 1. Speech by a memberof the Building Committee, giving a history of the appropriation for the building, its erection and tbriually delivering the building to the Board of Regents. 2. Speech by President Angelí accepting the building. 3. A brief history by Prof. Davis, librarían, of the colleution of books in the library. 4. Dedicatory ode- Dr. Duffleld. 5. Address by Prof .Winsor, of Harvard College. A Pi'at'or ¦in.! ] wn i'i 1 iil Ii i n A little breeze was stirred up in court Saturday afternoon wlien somt' senior laws were being examined for admittance to the bar. The committee, which wa9 composed of Messrs. Ktnne, Knowlton and Lawrence, had been giving the boys some "stickers" in the shape of law conundrums, and many of thequesüons seenied to them irrelevant and flippant. The students.we understand, quite generally were unable to respond to the abstruse questions, and after one of them had failed, Mr. K mie made the remark tliat they had been fooling away their muuey heie and tliat they ought to go up to the Law department and demand a return of their money, as not haring received an equivalent for it. Upon this, the gentleman last questioned took it as an insult to hiinself, to his classmates and to the department. He objected to the reniark and ref used to proceed unless it were taken back. Whereupon Mr. Kinne explained tliat it was not meant for any insult to him or his classraate?, nor was it a slur upon the law faculty. With this explanation the examlnation proceeded and all were admitted to the county bar and to the Supreme Court.


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