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A $20.00 Biblical Reward. Tbe publisherof Kutledge's Montlily ollbr. twelve vutiiRhle rewards Ín thelr Monthly for februarv, whiob la the tollowlngT We will glve 2).U0 In gold to tha perneo tell ing un how niauy Terses thei ara Ín th Oíd Testament Scrlptures by April loth. iwx Should two or more oorreot tuven be reoelved, the reward will b dlvlded. The money wlll be fbrwarded to to wlnur Aprll 16. 1S83. Persons trylng for tbe rewmrd most somt 20 cents In sllver [no postare stam nu taken] wlth tbelr an.-iwer, for wfctoh they wffl recelve tbe May Monthiy, In whlch the name and addresa of tbe winner of the reward and the correct answer wlll ba pablLsh d and in whloh several more Talaable rewiuds wlll be oS'ered. Addreas Hutlkimj PubiisHiNU CoMPiSY, Katen, Pwina. Look at the announeement of Eoch & Huiler f vou wist to furnUh yoar purlor in good style for a moderate price. For want of room Koeli L HUler offer their parlor goods at reduced prices íor the next few weeks. All businesa pertaining to pensions promptly attended to. Apply to O. L. llatthews, office ever Rliisey & Seabolta store, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1133-1140. Persons having second handclothinto dónate to the poor, will confer a favor on the Ladies of the Charitable Union by sending such articlea to Mrs. D. 8. Woodr, Xo. 68 Sonth Muln street Ann Arbor, Feb. 2, '83. A. HBNNuse.Sec. 118-1138. " n RAND OPERA HOUSE. OSE KIHT OIV. Satnrday, March 31, '88. FRANK I. FRAYNE'S SI SLOOUM. Dramatic and Speclalty Company, from Nlblo's Oarrten Thtatre.New York Citjr.uader tbe sol e management of J. 1. Oolemaa, Intrduclng tbe wonder of the mjo, The Germán Actiflg Dog'SiltaB" Tbe largest and handsomest dog In tb country, measurlng SS lnches high; aaalsted by the blg30-lnch brother, Sam and Caaur. Grand Scenlc Display, Slocura' Home N. Y. city, Slocum'a Kanok, Ranches on Flxe. The most vivid and startllng eflfect ever produced. Explosión of the Outlaws' Cave. A ' sensatlonal effect whlch flnds nu parallel on the Continent. A wealth of aensatlon A fan. Popular prices of admlsslon. Tickets on sale at Bllss & Son. MIAÑO OPERA HOÜ8E. Grand Shakespearean Ereat ! Friday Evening, April 6, '83. Appearance of the Popular Tragedlan, THOS. W. KEENE! Hupported by a Speclally Baleoted Company, under the management of Wm II. Ilayden, presenting Shakegpeare's Qrand Ulstorlcal Tragedy, in Six Acts, RICHARD III os, Tac Battle of Bosworth Fidd. DDSE OF 6L0STE&, - THOS, W. lílVl (Aaerwards King Blebard III. Scnle of prit-eo: Reserved seaU, tl IK). Ai1nilHsloii SO aud 75 centa. Seata ou Hale al Bllss & Son's Jewelry Store. rpo RENT. A NICfi SUITE OF ROOMS For a Smail FimHy f Gentesl Hsusekeeieri. Inqalre of A. DbFOREST. Third floor over Foat-offlce, or at tbe Coomna Office. WM. 8. WHIPPLE, E3Q., Hsa pnrchitae4 a valatble Prckcron Nr man Stavllton Irom M. W. Daabam, of llllaoU. ¦Commodore" is a vcry fine daple-gry, white mane and uil, 16H banda high, welgln !,. Ibi., is ntyiish and i UKit in appearaoce, and wlU pleva all wbo like a coach tj :e of bom poaKoing the ntoirii '¦ and labataace of a draavhc bone. Re is one of tbe flnest horaes ever bronght luto tais State. He waa imported from Franca August Ï5. 1882, by M.W, Danham, of IUlnol. wheo foor jroan old. 1 wonld cordlally lnrlte all thoae wbo wlsh to eee hlm to cali at my resldeace, where he majr be found at all times. WM. 8. WHIPPLÍ, Proprle4or, Northfield, Washtesaw Co., Mlrh. PoatofBce addreas, Worden SUllon. ll.'iS-ll.V For Commencement Ezercises or other occftsions, Flowers, Flowsr Baskets, BOÜQÜÏTS, ETC, Made np in the most artlstic inanaer, also any special design made to order at KOCH & HALLER, 1133-1136 sa Soulh Main ftl.


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