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All green vegetables must be cooked in au open vossel- that is, without a lid - to insure their being a good color. Roast Dook. - Drcss and soak in salt and water twelve hours. Put tliem in fresh water for two hours, changing several times. Stuff or not, as desirecL Serve with currant or grape jelly. Willie's Sponge Cake.- Four eggs. one even cup of sngar, one cup of flour, two teaspoonfuls of cream tartar, onehalf teaspoonful of soda, or two teaspoonfuls of bakiug powder. Sift the powder with the ilour. Frizzled Beef.- Shave beef very line; put into a frying pan when good and hot; put in the beef, and shake and stir until heated through; season with pepper; serve in this way, or before serving beat one egg liglit and stir in. Rice Bread.- Take a plato of boiled rice warm enough to niel t a lump of butler the size of a walnut, beat two eo-s separately, mix with tliem one and one-half cups of Ilour, and milk enough to make a tliick batter. Greasetlie pana and bake like bread or muffliis. Tomato Soup.- One pound round steak, one onion, two quarts of water. When nearly done add one piut canned tomatoes; boil and strain: add one pint milk and a little thickening. Let all come to a good boil and then pour upon bread toasted and cutinsmall slices. Serve very hot. Pudding Sauce.- Common sour pudding saĂșco can be pleasantly llavored by adding half a cup of stoned or chopped raisins. When the hot water is poured over the butter, sugar and flour, put the raisins in: let tliem come to a boi! in it. Well washed English currants or dried currants or dried cherries can be substituted for raisins. Oyster Chowder.- Fry out a half pound of salt pork; add to it three potatoes and two onions, both sliced ; boil until they are nearly cooked; soak two or three dozen crackers in cold water a few minutes, then put into the pot a half can of oysters, one quart of milk and the soaked crackers. Boil all together a few minutes, season witli salt, pepper and butter. Veal Cutlets.- Put a piece of butter into a stew pan with a small sprig of chopped parsley; stir over the fire until very hot; then pour over a cupful of white sauce- the yolks of three or four eggs well beaten. Stir constantly until as thick as cream, but do not let it boil. Dip each cutlet into it, covering thickly with the sauce, agaiu set away to cool. Then egg and bread crumb them. Fry lightly. Liver and Bacon.- Cnt the liver in thin slices and soak in cold water twenty minutes. Out the bacon in slices and fry brown. Salt, pepper and dredge the liver in flour and fry in the bacon fat. When done strain the fat and return to the pan with a cupful of hot water; add butter rnbbed into the ilour, and when it has boiled pour over the liver and bacon. Cream Pie. - Place one pint of milk in a tea-kettlo boiler until hot (not boiling) ; add one cup white sugar, one-half cup flour, and two eggs, well beaten; stir rapidly until thoroughly cooked; flavor with lemon or vanilla; pour over crust, which should be previously baked. Beat the whites of two eggs to stift" froth; add three tablespoonfuls of powdered .sugar; pour over the custard; set in oven, and allowto come to a light brown. Tobe eaten cold. Fried Tripe. - Scrape the tripe well; cut into squares the size of your hand; boil in salt and water (a tablespoonful of salt to one quart of water) till very tender. The next day cut iuto smaller pieces, season with salt and pepper, dredge with flour, fry brown on both sides in a pan of hot lard. When done, take it out, add a good gill of boiling water, thicken with flour, mixed smooth with a tablespoonful of vinegar; season to taste, and pour hot over the tripe. A nice breakfast dish. Delicious. - Piek and wash a couple handfuls of rice, put them into a saucepan with a pint of milk, a little sugar, and the thin rindof two oranges; let the whole simmer until the rice is done and has absorbed the milk. Remove the riud, and spread out the rice on a flat dish. When the rice has cooled, dispose on it a compote of oranges cut in halves, and pour the juice over; then beat up to a stift' froth the whites of three eggs with a little powdered sugar; pile up the froth over Lhe rice and oranges, so as to cover them, put the dish into the oven until the top of it is browned slightly, and serve immediately. This dish can be improved by adding yolks of eggs to the riee before it has cooled or by flavoring it with vanilla.


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