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Below is a list ot the township oflicers elected, so far as we have be n able to ascertain : ANN ARBOR TOWN. Supervisor- F. B. Braun, 103 majority. Clerk-L. Davis, 19. Treasurer- C. M. Edmunds, 39. Higbway Com.- J. J. Parshall, 50. Justice- J. D. Willlams, 34. School Inspector- F. M. Holland, 23. Constables- Walter Whitlark. B. Bradley, All are Republicana but Mr. Parshall. AUGUSTA. The ntire Democratie ticket was elected, save Supervisor. Supervisor- Wra. Danslngburg, 23 majority Clerk- J. D. O'Brlen, 64. Treasurer- R. Minzey. 56. Hlghway Cora.- M. Brining, 135. Justice- J. J. Van Liew, 52. School Inspector- W. H, Lowden, 40. Constables- Q. Doty, O. Pool, T. Johnson, W". Heath. BRIDGEWATER. The treasurer is Republican, the others Democratie. Supervisor- Henry Palmer, 6 mnjorlty. Clerk- Francis Palmer, 13. Treasurer- Merrlt Martin, 39. Hlghway Com.- Jacob BInm,50. Justices- George Becser, Slade Lazell, and Robert McHenney. Draln Com.- D. C. Walter, 48. School Inspectors- S. Lazell and Jacob Blum, 53. Constables- Jas. Quick. John Reldel, Solo mon Tate, Jas. Hooton. DEXTER. All elected were Democrats. Supervisor- R. McQulllau, 16 majority. Clerk- J. P. Welen, 3. Treasurer- T. Murray, 175. Highway Com.- E. Ferris, 4. Justice- M. Welen, 10. School Inspector- R. Johnson, 176. Constables -P. McCabe, E. Rellly, M. Clinton, J. Ivory. LIMA. Supervisor- M. S. Cook, 37 majority. Clerk- Wm. Covert, 37. Treasurer- C. G. Kaercher, 26. Hlghway Com.- J. V. N. Qregory, 2. Justice- L, Bastón, 15. School Inspector- T, F. Morse, 32. Constables- C. G. Kaercher, H. T. Seney, C. Fritz, J. Heber. The Justice is Republican ; the others, Democrats. LYNDON. No Republican ticket was put up, and the following Democrats were elected: Supervisor- F. A. Howlett. Clerk- Frank Greening. Treasurer- P. Hagarty. Highway Com.- P. W. Watts. Justice- W. Webb. School Inspector-Jas. Yonng. Constables- W. Stanfleld. C. Peterson, P. Cassidy, MANCHESTER. The Greenbaek ticket was elected, except a Democrat for School Inspector, one Republican and three Democrats for constable. Supervisor- H. Buren, 182 plurallty, Clerk-E. G. Carr, 17. Treasurer- H. Clark, 2. Highway Com.- John Howard, 56. Justice- A. Conklin,21. School Inspector- V, P. Cash, 71. Constables-H. Wlsner, L. H. Clark, Thos. Holmes, Thos. Thorne, M. McMahon, Wm. Waters. NORTHFIELD. Supervisor- Patrick Purtel!. Clerk- Patrick Dolan. Treasurer- Henry Klng. Hlghway Com.- John O'Conor. Justice- John Ryan. School Inspector- Eugene Glbney. Constables- Albert Frost, Patrick Leonard, Jas. Morony, John Klng. It goes without saying, all are Democrats. P1TT8FIELD. Solid Republican, except Supervisor. Supervisor- Henry Paul, 7 majority. Clerk- B.N. Smith, 61. Treasurer- W. E. H. Sober, 70. Highway Com.- M. Cady,57. Justice- J. O. Alllson, 69. School Inspector- H. Hurd, 61. Conitablea- R. Harrlson, S. P. Huniuer. SALINE. The Republicans elect Supervi.-or and Treasurer. Supervisor- M. Seager, 103 raajority. Clerk- C'. N. Howe, 10T. Treasurer- O. A. LlnderschmUlt, 4". Hlghway Com.-Wm. Oordou, 85. Justlce- W. P. Carson, 86, School Inspector- A. Oordon, 72. Constables- E. Easterly, L. E. Cole, James Beatty, J. H. Warner. SALEM. Notwithstanding the Prohibition votes drawn from the Republican ticket, it was elected entire. Supervisor- G. S. Wheeler, 95 majorlty. Clerlc-C. S. Utley, 23. Treasurer- M. F. Bal ley, 23. Hlghway Cora.- S. Sober, 56. Justloe-G. Nollar, 51. School Inspeetors- R. Cbapman aud J. N. Thompson. Constables-M. F. Balley, D. W. Wheeler, 8. Pratt, E. Smitta. 8CIO. A Republican school inspector was all that escaped the flood, but the Democratie majorities were much smaller on the town ticket tUan on the state. Supervisor- J. Jeddele, Jr„ 43 majorlty. Clerk- N. H. Potter, 82, Treasurer- Jas. Kearns, 42. Hlghway Com.- John Hughes, 80. Justlce- G. Peters, 76. School Inspector- C. A. Cook, 31. Constables- N. H. Potter, J. H. Eaton, G. E. Moore, Jas. Morrlson. SYLVAN. The Democrats succeeded in captnring the treasury, the highway commissioner, and a constable; the rest are Republicans. Supervisor- J. L. Gllbert, 134 majorlty. Clerk-J, A. Palmer, 84. Treasurer- Thos. McKone, 69. Highway Com.- Fred Hoppe. 14. Draln 'om. John Strahle, 24. E. Davls, 7. School Inspector- Jas. Hagan, 12. Constables- M. M. Campbell. Jas. Hudler Jacob Staffin, Adam Kalembach. YOKK. The York people are evidently getting afraid of monopolies, as they elected an Anti-Monopoly ticket, as follows: Supervisor- Alfred Da ven port, 60 majority UIerk- C. M. isihi Iliiii'I'. ",d. Treasurer- N. C. Putnam, 58. Hlghway Com - C. H. McMulIen, 80. Draln Com.- Franklln Butler, 64. Justlce- J. M. Kelsey, 87. School Inspector- E. B. Ford, 79. Constables- Jos. Ganntlett, A. J. Braman J. A. Underwood, George Von Blarleum. SHARON. The entire Democratie ticket was elect ed. Supervisor- Wm. R. Osborn. Clerk- Ashley Parks, Jr. Treasurer -Oliver A. High. Hlghway Cora.- John B. Bachman. Justioes- Patrlck McMahon, Byron Kuhl School Inspector- Henry Landwehr. Constables- O. A. High. John Gleske. YPSILANTI TOWN. The Republican ticket had no weal places in it, and was elected without an exception. Supervisor- A. R. Graves, 63. Clerk- A. F. Ford. 38. Treasurer- Sam Fletcher, 104. Hlghway Com.- Cha. Fletcher, 133. Justice- P. D. Martin, 46. School Inspector- W. H. Lay, 58. Constables- H. M. Eaton, E. 8. Butts, Ueo. Clow, Theo. Hiscock.