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Hiere will be no April vacution of school; therefore the summer vacation will commence a week earlier than last year. Prof. Cook is our authority for thts statement. MANCHESTER. From tho Enterprise. While Myatt Kyau, M.D., of Rangoon, Burmah, a f?raduate of Ann Arbor university, who is here attending the missionary meeting, at the Baptist churcli, was dehvering a missionary lecture at Charlotte, the other day, Mrs. Hlram Welen, an insane woman, came into the chureh, and, walking up lo the duaky lectmer, kissed him. 8he said she had a right to kiss him, and it was all nght. The audience protested, however, and the woman was apprehended and jailed. She vill be taken to the asylum at ïer chureh perforn. anees are considered lighly detrimental to the missionary cause. CHELSBA. From the HerId. Althoitgh the Baptist church at thic place lias been In existence for a Ion time, vet, It was only organizad ander the State iaw on Saturday last. The society has at least $12,000 worth of properfy. Ag Durand & Hatch were unable to have the room in readiness for the new post-offlce on Friday, the office waa not moved until Tuesday, as a largo nuraber of people wanted their mails Satnrday and Monday. SA LIME. From the Obterver. It is sald there is to be a new school house built near the Lake Ridge hotel in York, and that material is now being got on the ground for that purpose. A new telephone wire has been put up between this place and Ann Arbor this weck. The same wire will connect this place with Mooreville and Milan, the work to progress as soon as the poles arrive. This second wire has become necessary because of the increase of business, and there has been so much "talking" from Clinton, Tecumseh and Adrián- all of which had to pass over one wire- that Saline would often have to wait almost hours before she could get the use of the wire. We keep our connection with the State exchange, this new one only being a local one between Ann Albor and Milan, althougli a "dwitch" here will connect it wuh the general exchange. TPSILANTI. From the Commercial. J. K. Leonard has liad a valuable horse spolled by its being taken froui the barn Tuesday night. driven hard and turned loose, by oue Wilson who had been in his employ. Last Saturday morning we met Mr. Eugene Bassett carrying a pail of small carp just from Washington. Several have joined hands to start a hatchery or fishing pond. Go anead Messrs, plenty of room for enterprise. Charles Wheeler and family have removed to Warren, Minnesota. Mr. Wheeler will be missed. He is a sincere, influential teniperance jnan, a prohlbitionist from the crown of his head to the sole of his boots. We congratúlate the the people of Warren on the valuable addition to their numbers. From the Seatiatl. The produetion of the new bottling works begins to appear in the market. Mr. Ross, the proprietor, recently received ¦ car load of bottles, with his trade mark blown in the glas?, from the east, and at the approach of warm weather will be in full operation. From the Ypiilantian. George W. Hough has on exhibition a mud-puppy, (a species of salamander) that was pumped from the Cornwell mili pond into the mili. It is about a foot long, is lizard-shaped, except iu its tail, which is flat. It breathes through handsome gillf, of a deep cardinal tint, and Is the first of the kind we ever saw. No one whom we have seen can remember seeing anything like it.


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