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Who Should Keep Bees?

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For the Cour i KR. Any one who likes honey, other thing being favorable, should keep a few bee from which tosupply hisown table with honey and alao to sell to bis neighbors But saya one, I would Hke to keep bees but don't know how, and they sting "aio fuüy."1 As f or the knowledge necessary to manage a few bees, books and periodlcal are abundant on bee culture. Dr. Chase' Recipe Book publlahed by R. A. Beal con tains Information that will assist a beginner very much in starting with a few swarms. But a good periódica! is indispensable for successful management af Apiary. Thestingingcan be preyented without much difficulty, a vail over the face and gloves on the hand wlll do it, with an occasional stingperhaps. After becoming aceustonied to them no swelling or pain will follow. A very good way to learn bee culture if a person wishes to keep a larga nuiuher of colonies isto work with some good Aphirist for his board and instruction, through the inonths of June and July, if not other ways engaged. In so doing they may learn to put in sections, inake frames, ordo anything pertaining to the production of comb and extracted honey. Bee keeping, well managed, is very profitable. I will give the result of one hive in one year : Cr By 1 swarm bees 8 00 By 125 lbs. honey O 18c _.'..... .'.'.'. 2S0 Total $" Dk Hive for new swiirm ti üó Section boxes „.....„ 50 Comb foundation i u Lab''' l'.5U $5.00 Net proflt on one hive Over 400 per cent. We see reports much above this. I have averaged 78 lbs. per hive on 30 colonies in or.e season. " P.


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