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The Agency for tbe Esty Organ is in tlie hands of J. 11. Sage, room No. 27 Washington Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1137-1139 Box 697. Tlie animal meeting of the Ladies' Library Association will be held in the Library rooms, Monday afteruoon, April 9th, at half-past two o'clock. A full attendance ia requested. Mus. M. W. D'Ooge. Secretary L. L. A. The South-eastern Michigan Beekeepers' Associatiou will hold their spring meeting, this year, at Adrián, on Wednesday, April 18th. All interested in bee culture are iuvited, and should try to be present. H, C. Markham, Secy. All business pertaining to pensions prompt ly attetided to. Apply to O. L. Hatthews, office over Rinsey & Seabolts store, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1133-1140. The Practical TAILOR AND CUTTER Of tbe late flrm of WINAN9 & BERRY, hm locatea his place of business at NUMBER 7 HURON STREET, Witti a fine line of SI II r (JS AND I KOI SEliINCiS, And would wiy to hls old flrieude and new ono t na If ttaey want a Good Fit and a Nobbjr Fit at Rcason able Pricce. cali on hlm and thej will be gare t gcloce CHE,. r Lol UlDLfc.Oitiiitnii.inFOESHEfc MCMACKIN,Ciotllntl.O. """"'" Y"!¦"" 1089-1140 THE PÜBEST AND BEST Remedjr Ever Made.- It is Compouuded front Hops, Malt, Bncha, Mmdrake and I)andelion. The oldest, best, most renowned and valuable medicine in theworld,and in addition it contains all the best and most effective curative proporties of all other remedies, belng the great liver regulator, blood puriíier, and lite and health restoring agent on earth. It gives new life and vigor to the ajred and infirm. To clergymen, lawyers, literary men, ladies, and allwhomsedentary employments cause irregularitjes of the Blood, Stomach, Bowels, or Kidneys, or who require an appetizer,tonic. and mild stimulaut, it is invaluable, being highly eurdtive, tonlo and stimulating, without being intoxicatiug. No matter what your feelings or symptoms are, or whut the disease or ailmeut is, use Hop Bitters. Don't walt until yoci are sick, but if you only feel bad or miserable use the bitters at once. It may save your life. Hundreds have been sa ved by so doing, at a moderate oost. Ask your druggist or physician. Do not suffer yourself or let your f riends suffer, but use and urge them to use Hop Bitters. If you have lameness in the loins. wlth frequent pain and acties; numbness of the thigh ; scanty, painful and frequent discharges of urine, filled with pus, and which will turn red by standing; a voracious appetite and unquenchable thirst ; harsh and dry skin clammy tongue, of ten darkly furred; swollen and infliimed gums; droiwical swelling of the limbs; frequent attacks of hiccough inability to void the urine, and great fatigue in attempting it you are suffering from soine fonn of Kidney or Urinary Complaint, such as Bright's Disease of the kidneys, stone or Inflammation of the bladder, gravel and renal calcnli, diabetes, stranguary stricture and retention of the urine, and Hop Bitters is the only reniedy that will permanently cure you. Remember Hop Bitters Is novile, drugged, drunken nostrum, but the purest and best medicine ever made, and no person or family should be without it. Don't risk any of the highly laudcd stuff wlth testimoniáis of great cures, but ask your neighbor, druggist, pastor or physicians what Hop Bitters has and can do for you and test it.


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