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A GENTS WANTED ! To soltclt orders for hardy grown Nursery Stock In Michigan. Ourspeolaltles are cholee ornamental stock. To good men we can glve steady employment and good salarias, wltli expenses paid. Apply for terma. L.. Ii. .HAÏ CO.. 1137-1U0 Nurserymen, St. Paul, Mlun. rPO LOAN. 10 or 15 HCNDRED DOLLARS, On a FARM at Siz per cent. Interest per annum. JEBEMIAH D. WILLIAMS, Ann Arbor, Mlch. GET YOUR PROPERTY INSUREI) BY C. H. MXZiXiSXT, INSURANCE AGENT. No. 4 S. Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldeet agency in the citj. Eatabltahrd a qiarter ol a century ago. Representlug the lolowtiiR flrst-claBK rompaniea: Home Insurance Co., of N. Y f 7,0 tt.000 Continental Insurame Co., oíN. Y 4,'iW 20t Niágara Insurance Co., of N. Y ....... 1.7:irj 563 irard Insurance Co., of Phila 1 ,11,486 Oriënt Innarance Co., of Hartford 1.419,522 Commercial Union, of Lon.lcm „ 12,000,000 ZS' Kates Low. Lossps liberallj adjnsicil and promplly pald. C. H. Millen. 1115-1140 Rev. Father Wilds' EXPERIENCE. The Rev. Z. P. Wil.U, well-known city miftgionary in New York, and brother of the late eminent Jmlge lVIldR, of the MMNoachusetts Supreme Co art, writefl as folio ws : "78 E. ;" St.. AVw Vork. Mêê Ui, 1882. Messrs. J. C. Avnu & Co., (ifiitluinen : 5 Last winter I was troubled witb il most unromfortable itching humor ntfecting inoro espeoially iny limlis, which itcheil eo intolerably m itigtit, and burned so i ntensely, that I could scarccly boar ;iny clotbing over theni. 1 wa.s also a 8uiferer froni a severe cutarrh and catarrhal eough ; niy appétito wás poor, and iny systein a good dual run 1 dowji. Kijouing the value of Ayeh's SahrapaRlLtA, by olist-i 'v.'it ion of niaiiy other 'at8, tn-1 irO ui Hrsnn;il in tonner ytars, I beg;tit taking B itor tlf0 Hbive-nuifed disonltTH. My appvtite [ iiupm-.'l ilnut froni tlie tirst dosc. Alter a l short tin je the feveraHi i telling were a m ¦¦!, nul t alisigiif pf irritationof the skin disappeared. My L catarrh iUid cough were also cured by the sanie ü nieans. aád my geuoral health greatlv improTed, until it il now excellent. 1 feel a hundrel per cent stroirfeer, and I attribute these resaltf to the " use of the Hausaparilla, which I reeoinmend with all confidmice aa the best blooi medicüie ever devi'd. I took it in sinall dosea three times a lay, mul used, in all, less than two bottles. I plnoe thoft' f;icts at your service, hopiug their publieation niay do goitá. Youth n-sjMjcifully, Z. P. Wilds." The above instaure is but one of tlie many constantly coming to our notice, which prove the perfect adaptabüity of Aver's Sarhapauilla to the cure of all diseases arUing f rom impure or ia poveriahed blood, and a weakened vitality. Ayer's Sarsaparilla cleanses, enriche, and Rtrengtlien the blnod, stiimüatea the action of the stontach aml boweta, - and thereby enables the eysteni to resisl and oTercome the attack.s of all Scrnuhus ïirat$, Ertiptiom of the Slin, Ithrmmilimi , Catarrh, GentnU Dtbiliiy, and all disonlen reeulting from xor or corrupted blood and a lovr state of the systetn. PREPARED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Drnggistu; price 51, six bottles for $5. - Best Purgativo Medicine cure Constipation, Indigestión, Headache, and all Bllioua Vlaorders. Sold everywhere. Alwuyt relisble.


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