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THE DINGEE & CONAlD CO 'S BEAÜTIFPL EVEB-BLOÜMIHO 5=,=!l : EMHSME "? S " I l'VOrwlKaft'lybyniail 76 ' 10.' ISO " 1:' l'I'-'i'ltouUjiointa HIP Plllr a Ilandnome PRESENT of Ulr Illlfr CnoircaiidvalunlileltÓSKS ¦ ¦ b VI I ¦ bi free "with ivery order, ali'l are the on I y concern makinir NFECIAl. Hiihíik-hn of Rcwea. OverOO Iloimcsfor BaaeaUone. Our New(;iriilp, a ctmpUte Trit rMc%Wm if" ofr Kysc, 70PP, rleyii'il y UutrU"ï,"-'t f W bb THE DINCEE & CONARO CO. RMCGrowers, WestGrove.ChesterCo.Pn ]S-llt4 rpo RENT. FIVJE EOOMÖ ON SECONI FLOOR POST-OFPICE BUILDING. Inquirí' at COUEIKR Office. 8CALE8 AND SAFES. MANUFACTUKERS of Plutform. Haj. Whcnt and CouDter Scales. NEW AND SECONDUAND Scalei and Safes for gale nnd repaired. 1128 1179 M. N. ROWLEY, Deirolt, Mlcli. PATENTS Qbtalned, and all othrr busineex in the ü. S. Patent Office attended to Tor MDDRRA IE FKKS. Oor office Is oppofite the U. S. Patent Offlce, and we can obtaln l'ntcnts In lese time tluin ilm-i' rimóte from WASHINGTON. BendMODKLor DKAWING. We adviie as to pjiientabllity free of chirle: and we make NO CHAROS ÜNLKrtö 'S OBTAIN PATKNT. We refer here, to the Postma-ter, the Supt. of MonfjOrd? Div., and to officials of the Ü. 8. Patent Office. For circular, advlce, tering, and referenct to aciual in ynur own State or conotj, addreaa '. A. Hon A CO., 111 tí Opposlte Patent Office. Wahins;tou, D.C.


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