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A Mother Killed By Sudden Joy

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St. James Gazette. Joy is said sometirnes to kill outright tbongh such cases are extrcmely rare. A perfect] y authentie and quite recent instance of such an occurrence may be wortb reeording. A certain Mme. La roache, wlio kept a littlo inercer's shop in the Rue überkampf, in Paris, had a son who, when his turn came for conscription, unfortunately drew a "bad number," and had to go as a marine to Saigon, whero ho remained several months. He was then transferred to Guadeloupe; but the letter in whieh he annotinced the fact to liin mother nevor reached her. She continued writing to Saigon, and, as her letters received no reply, she feil into a state of profound despair, and consluded that her sou was doad. The young man, having leavo to return to Franco, unexpectedly presentcd himself in his mother's shop and threw liiniself into his mother's arms. The poor woman, stupetied at his sudden apparition, uttered a ory of joy, wlien all at once she reeled and feil dead to the Hoor. _____ Truth is as impossible to be soiled by anv outward touch as the sunbeam. - Milton. . A life spent worthily should be measured by a noble line- by deeds,


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