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Tramps are bccoming a great nuisanee at Kalamazoo. About thirty individuáis belonging to the tramp order vistt that village per week. The tax on dogs should be reduced. Tkere is sonio t&lkof obtaining a pardon for Louis Gale, the newspaper man sent to Jackson a few days ago charged wlth forgery, but the Grand Rapids Times, where lie was at one time eruployed, enters a vigorous protest and calis Gale everything but an honestman or a gentleman. A party composed of business men of the state ana members of the legislature have been at Wellington, ühio, for the purpose oí cxamining anew pattern of intcrlockiug switch kuown as the Weeting house patent. Ferris S. Fitch of Fitchburg, Ingham county, died sudtienly on the aïternoon of. March 29, having lived in that place since 1848. He was prominent in Democratie politics, and in 1855 was a member of the legislature, since which he has held various minor offices. The Lansinsg whcul-barrow works took fire in the ]aint ehop a íevr evenings since. The entire works were at one time threatened, but the proinptness of the tire department and a plentiful supply of water enabled the llames to be extinguisned with but small loes. The Michigan slato company, of whieh James M. Turner of Lansing is the President, is doing an irnmensu amouut of work at the Hurou bay quarries and exnects to ship oonsidcrable of this product of Baraga county during the coming season. This slate is pronounced by experts to bc equal to the bebt Veriiiuiit slates for rooüng purposes." An examinaüon of candidatos for a West Point eadetship is to be hold at Manistee April 13. Howard City, one of the most promisIng places in the state, wants a grist mili and rraiu elevator to take the place of one burned last winter. The contract for a .f7,000 jail at L'Anse has been let, and a $10,000 ccurt house and $ö,600 school house are to be built the coming summer. Wm. Snyder was killed in the grist mili at Seotts, a few miles south of (alesburg. He was caught by a belt he was lixlng, and thus injured so that hc died. Dr. I. N. Smith, a resident of Saginaw City for 30 years, dropped dead of heart dieasc, in the Street near his residence, aged 64. He was for years a member of the board of educatiou and on the board of health. It is annonnced that Asa F. Leopold, town treasurer of Crystal Falls, who was arrested in Chicago on Tuesday charged wilhtheembczzlement of $6,000, but immediately aftcrwards released, bas instituted snit in the circuit court at Chicago against Gcorge Runkei, of Crystal Falls, to recover $20,000 for alleged malicious prosecution. A destmetive fire broke out in Deerfield, Lenawee county, on the morning of March 31, resulting in the entire destruction of eight business places. This village seemsto b : aftïicted with flre6 having had several resulting in heavy loss, in the past few years. This last is supposed to be the work of an incendiary. A few rnonths go a farmer named William Thompson died very suddcnly after reaching his home, a mile east of Grand Rapids, from a trip to towu. Physiciaus said it was heart disease. Now comes a brother who lives in a Northern town aud says that be was uot informed of the death until some iime after it had occurred and hints at foul play. The body will be exhuined and an examinatfon made. The case of Dr. . Hall, of Oakland County, on trial at St. Johns for the murder of his wife, euded in a disagreement of the jury. The charge of Judge Smith to the jury began about half past twelve and cloeed at 1 :30, when the jury retired. At 5 o'clock it returned aud reported disagreement, whercupon the judge sent it back. At 9 o'clock disagreement was again reported, and the jury was discharged. lts members stood three for acqulttal and nine for conviction. The union school at Utica closed Hareh 30 for a week's vaeation. In the afteruoon exercises based upon the life, character and writings of the poet Whittier werc gtven by the grainmar school department. An intereting feature of these exercises was the readinc of an autograph letter from the poet himself, this letter baving been solicited by the principal of the school. Jt was as follows : Amesbüry, Mass., Sd me, 34, 1883. C. E. Eames: Deak Fkienb- I can only say that I hope the scholars under tby charge may lind somethlng in my writings wbich may repay their study. That, at Iea6t, they may llnd lessous of liberty, patriotism, temperance'andcharity. If what 1 have wrltten sliall help, in anv way, to .raake good men and woineu in the new generation. 1 shall be fully satisfled. Thy frlend, JOHN G. WHITTIER. Three years ago the mother of Mrü. Thomas Kay, at East Sagiuaw, died. Some time ago Mrs. Kay found in her mother's papers a uote for L305, executed m New York in 1783, lust 100 years ago, aeainbt VV . Koulette of London. As a note never outlaws in England, steps are beiug taken to collect it ol Roulette's heir if they eau be fouud. Jacob B. Covert, of Flint, died rocen tly of hemorrhage of the Iung6. He has been a resident of that city for nearly 30 years, and has occupied many public places both in the county and city govermnent, and alwpys with credit. He was a man wellknown in that part of the state, where his death will be grcwtly regretted. Lewis Nobles, an old and respected citizen of Charlotte, died at his home in that city after a long sickness. His wife gave hun a large dose of medicine a short time before hls death, and, thinking him coniparatively out of danger, went up to her daughter's for eoine things. Returniug she found him dead. Ihe neighbors, having a suspicion that sim posloned iiiin. naused a post-mortem examlnation yesterday, whieh foum) that hit carne to DM death from the bursting of a blood vessel uear the heart. William Van Buren, 07, was found dead in the woods uear Ros Crosslng, a stopping place on the Caro Bram oL tlie letroiUt Bay City Kailroad. Van . Buren hy.ed alone in a small shanty in rear of the farm o T. Nettleton, for whom he was chopping woou by the cord. From all hurroundiug it is Burmisedhemust have dropped dead wliile at work the day before. The cause of death w as decided to have been heart disease. an Buren has relatives living in Ingham County. President Arthurhasappointed Adam E. Bloom to be receiver of the land office at Detroit, Mich. Michigan has 400,000 milch eows, capable oFprodueing producís of the value of $20,000,000 annually. Hiram Schyler, an ingenjous young man of Battle Creek has just cpnipleteda violin, the body part of whieh consists of l,4O( separate pieees. It is also pronounced a marvel for sound. The prospect for a ful! erop of wheat this vear in Calhouu county iseood. It was but little damaged by freezing. The acreage of the present wheat on ground Is ten percent iets thau lastyear owing to the large erop last yenr. Doctor T. O. (Jates of Kast Tawas bas thus far since November enjoyed 137 day o 1 viKhiug, traveled about 3,700 inileB, and made about 2,480 vlsits to patieuts withiu radlus of 40 miles ; for all whieh work hechas flvehorBes, and this is no year foc doctor either. Andrew Molloy of Adrián, son. of th Democratie eandidate for alderman in thetirs ward, acted as night watchman in the Lak Shore yards one night recently in place of tn regular watchman, Barney O'Neil. Tbe Hei. morning, when the day gaugs went on, te was found hing between twofreight cars, neaT tti briek shop, insensible from the effects oí a se vere wound on the head. He was removed t his home and attended-by Dr, Stevenson, bi or anumberof hoursdid not recover consciousïess. The cause of his mish ip is not yct tnown, but the iudlcations are that be liad been luggcd, and tben placed betweeu the cars, vhcre, but for bis diseoverj, he might have )een ent to pieees. The LegiBlature. Senate, March 28- Ouly one petition was lald before the Senate, that one belng for he passage of a liquor law. The followiug ills were passed : Lrgaliztug precer dlngs of chool district in Fair Haven, Huron county ; eincorporating North Branch; reincorporating [Mkinaw City ; to providc for the taking of nivate property for public uses and for the mening of 6treets and alleys in Detroit ; tor the isposal of valuables found on the bodies of nknown deceased persous; aniendiug seetions 88 and 199 C. L. relative to courts held by ustices of the peaec; allowing the 6tate 11mrlan 100 copies of "Michigan in the War" or the purpose of exchange ; to authorize ormation of corporations in the upper peninala for exeavating water courses and maiuaining water powers ; metion to amend the itlu reconsidercd and laid on thetable ;tue comittee on the judiciary reported adversely on ie followiug, and all were laid on thetable; iieuding sectiou 5335 C. L. relative to courts ïeld by justices of the peace; ameuding section 123 C. L. relative to taxation of eosts iu foreosurc of mortgages ; amendiug act. 305 of !-81, eonsolidatiug the drainage laws; roquirng witnesnes in criminal cases to give buil. 'he bill to amend the act ereating office of ate salt inspector was laid ou the taule, pendng its üual passage. House - Petitions were presented for and igainst the enaetment of a prohibitory liquor w and the submissiou of a prohibitory conitutional amendinnt, and for the passage of ie Case bilis; iu favor of the passage of the olger bill to prevent admissiou of crimiuals rom other status and territories to the Detroit ïouse of correetiou ; for a 10 hours' labor law ; or privilege of electing members of the Bay ity school board by the people ; for amendent of the Baker conspiracy law' ; for the foration of manufacturen' mutuals, for the adission into the state of foreigu mutual inaurïce compauics, and for the suppression of cal boards of underwriters; for and against ie proposed amendments to the charter of ackson ; for instructions !n primary schools oucbiug provisions of criminal code and prin pies ol moralitv. The following passed on úrd roa ding: 'Po adjust land claim of Kobt ood of Charlevoix county ; to puuish persons or getting ou board of railroad traius when in iiQtion ; to allow state librarían 100 copies of Michigan in the War" for exchange with her librarics and with historieal socicties; o amend aet iucorporating.the city of Marnill ; to ameud act 9 of lSol, relative tocomissioner of mineral statisties; to oniend secon 511(5 C. Jvi as auiended by act 273 of 1SS1, tlatlvc to conveyances of lañils; to authorize wo6so to raise money for public iiiiproveents; to amend the act of 1881 to inorporate the city of Manistce; to lay out state' road in Lcelauaw couuty ; to lay ut a state road iu Grand Traverse couuty; o pirnish persons for stealing or stcreling K)ls placed in passenger cars for the better irotection of Hfe in case of accident ; to amend be ehar'er of the city of Jackson. The followug were reported adversely: Appropriatiug 50,000 for f rescuiug ana decoratiue walls ana orri-Jors of state cipitol ; but ncvertheless orered pcinted and referred to the committee of ie whole to ameud seetion 47, 63 and 64 of et 9 of the laws of ISSa, for collection of taxes. ieported adversely and laid upou the table. he bill to amend the existing act to prevent utroduction of contagious diseases in cattle, as lost. Tbe governor, by message, announcd his a_pproval of house bilis to incorpórate the ty of Escanaba aud the village of New Buff aio, nd bilis to ameud acts incorporating the cities : Ishpeming and Negaunee. Senate, March 29.- Petitions were presented or the passage of the Bolger bill, relative to he Detroit house "of correction ; and for the ubmission of a prohibitory amendment overal bilis were reported favorably and put n the general order. Bill to limit the liability f the state and counties for eosts in certain a6es commenced before justices of the peace n behalf of the people, was reuorted adverseiy rom the judiciary committee and laid upon ie table. . ..The governor by message communiated is approval of bill to ameud the charter f the city of Jaekson. . ..On motiou, an amendïcnt was made to the title bill, passed yesteray, by striking out special refereuce to the Jpper Peninsuïa and making the bill relate to H water power companies formed for the peration of milis, and for mining and other úrposes'.. ...Adjoúrned until Wcdnesday, April 4, 10 a. m. IIouse.- Petitions were received for the pasage of the bilis introdueed by Representative Case, amending the liquor tax laws; also iu avor of prohtbition The governor communicated his approval of the act repealingthe et incorpornting the public schools of Alpeua. BUIs amending section 534, C. L., relative o cöaipensation of prosecuting attorueys, was avorably reported by the judiciary committee. .......Adjmirned until Wednesday, April 4, 10 . in. '


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