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A bankrupt's lot is not a happy one in China. The broker of a silk fina in Shanghai which has recently suspended payment was set upon in the street by creditors of the firm, beaten, and hung up by tho queue so that his feet swung clear of the ground. Haying been discovered by tho pólice in that painful situation he was taken for protection to the pólice station, followed by the creditors, who doclared tliat if he feh again into their hands they would bite him to deatli and oat him afterward. A kevolt among the studenls al a Paris school called the Lycee Louis Ie Grand will occupy a conspicuous placn in Uie lusiory ol academie insuiTcctions. It originated in the dhpleasure of tho boys at the expulsión of one of their number, and before it was finally quelled a detachnient cf forty policemen, one of whom was seriously wounded, had to break open the dormitorios behind whose barricaded doors tlie rebels had intrenched themselves. Thepupils sent preposterous terms of surrender lo their principal, who promptly deolined the same, and thereupon expelk'd and caused to be ejected no fewcr than 270 of the refractory youngsters. The Malagasy Eavoys have made their first formal effort to rouse public sympathy against tlie foreign invasión of Madagascar. It was at the meeting of the Cengregational Club, in New York, and they issued a feeling address, reTiewing the wrongs which tho French Republic seems deterniined to inllict upon them. Tlie Envoys sajr: "If tho truths of Christianity and tlio blessings of eommerce are tho forerunners of European aggression, then will our growing love be ehanged to hate." Wo fear our Malagasy friends, Methodist preachers though they be, aro not well grounded in Christian principies. This is not Messing them that persecute you. Thkre is a bright and intelligent newsboy in St. Louis who is a great ton Exchango. A few days ago, some of the dignitied old members brought him upon the floor of tho Exchange, and proceeded, after the manner of dignified old members, to give him some good advice and to teil him what he might accomplish, citing several notable instauces of great men who had risen from small boginnings. The boy listend attentively and modestly, but as he went out, said: "Oh, pshaw! Wind is cheap, and Wiggins deals in it. I get lots of advice, but Vd ratlier sell a dozen papers, and then I knowmy bank acoount will grow." UI I M I I I 1 1 11 lik u'""' Any one who lias read tho veports of the labor-uuion meetings hcldfroni time to time during the past winter, must confesa that they are of little ov no benefit to wovkiug men. The sessious have been marked by nothing but bickerings or vioient quarrels. The menibers apparently have no faith in one anotker, and indulge in endless iealousies, accusations and counter-acensations. The most blatant demagogue has always been the best man; stirring up trouble in the trades or planning to secure political advantage seems to be the only object of the leaders. There have beon no lectures and no efforts to discuss questions which workingmen might consider to their advantage. Occasionally sotne member, who realizes how beneiicial the unions might be made in this way, has striven to lead discussion in the right direction, but he has always beenquickly supproBsed. At present, intelligent and self-respecting workmen secm to bo letting the meetings severely alone. They do well. They would do botter, however, if they would taku steps toprevent demagogues from trading on the reputation of respectable labonngmen, and posing as their representativos. Inasmuch as the cry all over the land is for domestic servants, it seems a pity that our consuls should not be instructed to let it be known in the countries to which they are accredited how great and unceasing is this demand, how inadequate tho supply, and how splendid the remuneration. It should be known that an untrained girl receires hero wages such as the most accomplished snd valuable woman could not command inGermany or Scandinavia, while a rcally efficiënt and steady person may obtain a remuneration unheard of tliere. A man servant is paid hero about five times as much as there, which of lato Swede8 seem to have discovered. The similarity of their language to Knglish onables them rapidly to acquire the latter, while the ways of Swodish house holds appcar to be much moro consistent with our customs than those of Ital ians, or even of Germans. Next to Frenchmen, Italians seem to havo most trouble in grappling with English. The men who havo been for years keeping fruit stalls can rarelv comprehend any English save that reíatinsr to their stock in trade. Italian servants of the highur grade scarcely seem to come hero at all; and looking to the low wages in Italy and the large population, this ieems ratherunaccountable, more especially in view of the number of Ualian inmigrante.


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