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Classified_ad: WM. S. WHIPPLE, ESQ.,

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WM. S. WHIPPLE, ESQ., Has pnrchíncl a valuable Perdieron Norman Stallloil from M. W. Dunharn, ot' llliuoin. '¦ Commodore" in a very fine dapple-gry, while mmie uncí tail, lfi'í hands high, weighë ,iIO Mih., Í8 -tv i!-ti and ] in appearancc, and wil] pleae ull who llke a coach rty e of norte poesesslng the ¦toa n and cahstance of a draught horee. He 1 one of the fioent borsea ever hrouht into this State. Be was imported from France August 26, 1882, by M.W, Diniham, of Illinoie, when fonr years o!d. 1 woald cordially Invite all those who wih to see hlm to cal) at my reeidence, where he may I !¦ found at all times. WM. 8. WHIPPLE, Proprietor, Nurthtli'ld, Washtenaw Co.. Mirh. I I'ostoffice addresf , Worden Station. 1135-113S lITin II people are alwaye on the lookont foJ IB 111 I I chances to lacrease thelr earnings, I m II H"cl '" tln"' become wealthy ; ihose II I al] i who do uot lmprove their onportu1 1 1 lJD'tlei remain In povarty. We offer 1111 Ua sreat chance to make money. We want many men, women, boy and girla to work for u right in thelr own lucalitlea. Any one can do the work pioperly from the first etart. The bailned will pay more tban ten tlmee ordinarj wages. Expenive ontflt furnlshed free. No one who engaces fallí to make money rapldly. Yon can devote your whole tlmeto the work,oronly yoampare moment, Full lnformition and all that 1 needed sent free Addn-i-M 8tinson A Co., Portland, Maine. 320 ACRES FREE! - IN THEDevils Lake, Turtle Mountala And Blouse Rlrer Country, NORTH DAKOTA, Trlbutary to the United States Land Office at CRAND FORKS, DAKOTA. 8KCTIONAL MAP and FÜLL partlculars malled FKEK to any address by H. 0. DAVIS, A8slstant Qeneral Passenger Agent, St, Prl, Uinneapolis & Uanitoba, I, &., ltU-lW ST. PAIX, !TIIS!W. ,