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For 10 mlllion people now await occupancy in MINNESOTA, DAKOTA. MONTANA, WASHINGTON AND ORECON, IN THE NORTHERN PACIFIC COUNTRY. u,- ií,Jí..'!í.'!I_sJ._._._fj-0IíTUKKX JWO1F1C I!. K." NKBS.T A" -- XÍ (iVl L ¦' ¦ mi'i.t iucao. 'I _5X5 RL QPN -R-A ! LW L _, N AviQATION CO. , Bluff 3SI Tj PIE ij. IOn Mi I I I I f M ADCC"' '" i"1-' Whet, Fannlns. Grazlnc aul Tlmber w miLLIUIi AlKCO I.andaarr for sale ly tlic Northern Pacfilc Hallroad at prlcn rnKlntchieOy from tt.n) tn 4.on per acre, and If deairod, on 5 years' time. An equal amount of Government lands (rleh arictiltural, jrold, aflver and otlier mineral and foreit lands), are open fur settlement under the Homestead, IJre-emptfi)n and Tree ('uit ure [,aws. Thky ark Fres to all! TUrCC I ANnC rcac-haimllc "il ¦¦II Rlde f the Northern l'aclllc ItullroHil. and 1 ¦ OB fc# tm hO from the Grcat Laken to tlic Taclflc Ocean. Both the Hallroad and Government land are lieinR raptdly taken np. Come and select a pfodfctivï, prqfitahle fiarm in thts the bkstmonkt country ut Amkbica! TUC UCA I TIJV l M a TT fcrtllc soll, ure i-rops every vear, aliuni"t nBHL I UI V L. I IVI A I Bi dam fueland water, and great demand for labor at Rood wages. offer Krcat lnducements to settlers. Dalcota Spring Wheat, No. 1 Hard," brlnga 10 to 15 cents more per bnshel than any other kind of wheat. CDCC f Formapsand pnhllcatlons, mpiii Irt'r of charge, and for all Information relating to ¦ "i lands, rates of fare, etc, apply to or address P. B. (llto.VT. - orCHAS. B. LAMBORN, . Oen'l Bmigr. Ageat, 8t. Paul, .Mimi. Land Commissioncr, St. Paul, Minfl 1136-1147