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MOTH PROOF BED CEDAS CHESTS Furs, Woolen Goods, Flannels, Etc, slored in these chests, are never moleated by MOTHS, ROACHES or other IXSECTS. Sond for circular with Prieefi, also one of our Illnstrated t'aialosut'H and list of trieU reuipes grutlB. COULSON & MOREHOUS, 11S Woodward Ave., Detroit. We are sel 1 Ing a HOVILTY OL0THE3 WEINSZE, warranted flrst-elass at 84 Oü. Expresa piepald, 3U ets. erlra. ll.",8-1150 THE PUREST AND BEST Remedy Ever Made.- It is Compounded from Hops, Halt, Bucliu, Mandrake and Dandeliun. The oldest, best, most renowned and valuable medicine in the worUl.and in addition it contains all the best and most effective curative properties of all other remedies, belng the great üver regulator, blood purifier, and lile and healtU restoring agent on earth. It gives new lite and vigor to the aged and infirm. To clergymen, lawyers, literary men, ladies, and all whomsedentary employmeuts cause irregularities of the Blood, Stomacli, Bowels, or Kidneys, or who require an appetizer, tonic. and mild Ktimulant, it is invaluable, being highly curtive, tonlc aud stimulating, without being intoxicatiug. No matter what your feeüngs or syraptoms are, or wint the disease or ailment is, use Hop Bitters. Don't wait unttl you are sick, hut if you only feel bad or miserable use the bitters at once. It muy save your lite. Ilundredshave been saved by so doing, at a moderate cost. Ask your drufrgist or physician. Uo not sufl'er yourseli or let your friends suffer, hut use and urge them to use IIop Bitters. If you have lameness in the loins. wlth frequent pains and aches ; numbness of the thijfh ; scanty, painful and frequent discharges of urine, filled with pus, and which will turn red by standing; a voracious appelite and unquenclmble thirst ; harsh and dry skin ; clammy tongue, often darkly l'urred; swollen and inllamed gums; dropical welling of the limbs: frequent attacks of hiccoiigh; inability to void the urine, and great fatigue in attempting it you are sufïering from some forui of Kidney or Urinary Complaint, such as Bright's of the kidneys, stonc or inflammation of the bladder, gravel and renal ealculi, diabetes, stranguary stricture and retention of the urine, and Hop Bitters is the only remeity thut wil) permanently cure you. Kemeinber Hop Bitters is novile, drugged, drunken nostrum, btit tlie purest and bt medicine ever made, and uo person or family should be without it. Don't risk any ot the highly lauded stuft' with testimoniáis of great cures, but ask your neighbor, dntfgtet, pastor or physicians what Hop Bitters lias and can do for you and test it.


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