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HALLS (Jatarrhgure Is rcecomn-.ended by Physlciansl S 1 0Ö aEWABfMTOj We manufacture andsellitwitha DOltitlun guarantce that It wlll cure any case, and wewill orfeit tho aboïemuuut ifitfaüsin & single nstance. . It 13 unlike any oth.r Catarrh rcmeóV as i1" taken internally, actine uoón the bood. Ji you arS Voübilduiithil distressing discase, ask yourDruggistforit and ACOBPT NO IHITATIOK OB SUBCTITCTE If ha bas not got it, Bcnd to us and wo wlll forwatd immechatcly. Prioe, "5 ccnls tr hottlc F. J. CHEMEY & SO., Toledo. Öhi Il82-1l83 For sale by Eberbach & Sou BANDALL'S NEW PHOTOGRAPHIC ESTABISHMEJVT Cor. Williams St. and JHadison Ave.- East Grana Circus Park. DETROIT, MICH. RedneedRate to Cinta of 10 or Otot 1883. AZWaYs 1883. FIRST I! MARKET! We are now offering Something New nearly every day in SPRING STYLES! The fashionable public will bear in mind we are the only House between Detroit and Chicago who employ men to make pants. Winans & Stafford. Merchant Tailors, No. 19 S. Main St. P. S.- FULL and SEMIDRESS Suite a specialty. ;et the bkst Fire Insurance S.urity held for the irOteeUoü of thj i.ü 7 hoMers. CHRISTIAN MACK Represeuts the füllowu'? fir-t-cl.iss coui.aa-A, of which on?, tlie n, Lag alón (.aul 5o;0O0,00O fire Ioísss ia Miiy )ara: Ketna, of Hartf.irJ f 7, i,jöOO'O Frankün, Phlladelpbla s.n 1 ,ri 110 Gemían American N. Y 2,8:0 0 0 00 Londoo Asyurance Qprpomtlon 1 5.?i j",0o 0o -Valiona!, U-irtford lOH.Ü '0 Nortü Gorman, Harabor; 2!o-j]90" (0 PboenU, l:rookljn 2,8',0w W Onderwritfrs AüCflcy N. T : 4,-.i n.NU "q LoesBsliber'liy fdjuaUd ami pr'im'.ly p', Polic;e issutd at the lowi-gr. r:-nr pimiuu. t9T3-l 85 CJIlUSTl.ty .HACK. OINSEY AËABOLT'S BAKERY, GROCERY AND FLOUR & FEED STORE. W keep oonountlf on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, FOK WHOLBSALE AND KETAiliTRADB. We ihall also keep a upply of 9WIFT & DEDBEL'S BEST WHITE WHBAT FLOÜK, DELHI FLOÜR, RTB FLOÜB BDCKWHBAT Fl.OÜR, CORN HKAL, FEED, Ac., 4c At Wholesale and retail. A general tock of GKOCSRIES A!D PKOVISIO" eonstantly on hand, which will be aold on as reatoo ble ternis as at any other house In the city. Cash pald for Butter, Ems, and Country Product enerally. WGood dellrered to any part of the city witïut ertra charge. BINSKJ & S5ABQLT Perdon Lumber Yard JAMES TOLBERT, JProp., Mannfacturer and Dealer In SAGINAW AJIG-SAÏÏED LUMBEÜ, Lath and Shingles. W lnrlte aU to glvo ua a cali, ana examine oor atoct before purchasing elaewhere ALSO AGENT FOR JACKSONSEWER PIPE C, And sells fire brick. JAMES TOLI1ERT, PROI' Ti J KaitOH. Supt. fb. 1J. and í eal Estáte Agency of. I.Q. A. SESSIONS Dwellliigs Sola or Itented. Mr. Sosslons has dono an extensiva iusurae islness m thls clty for fuurteen years, and Utta Hiclea in the followinu oíd and rellablo Fire lniranco compauies. lioenix ín, Oo. Uartfcre Cunn., Aasete W.lítiO.OOO iilfrnin Insurance ('o., assets 1.0O,0O0 anufactur. r's Insurance Co , Boston ii.twMíi l.OOMM ates low as any otlier Insurance Co. tW 1a)sios lluernlly adjusted und prompliy pal4, OtSce on Hurón Street, opposlto the c ourt Home, m Arber, Mh-1i iow 01


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