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.A. CjE&ID. To tb" pc"pl(' "f M nshtnun v Co. CONfSttO HMrO IM-IHI.J JllHH (o il dwa snul tc Itfle. Wc are nol golng out of bwlneM, wc are nol roIiik I Ichvc lown, we are nol golns.' to U down aiul do nolhiiig nor will we allow our ciiMomer to Imy old hop i ani faded goods wlicn we can give tliein nlcc MW spring tyles In flothing, Hats & Cap, poltively at cort. Wc must be busy. Laok at our oost adverUement. S„EEHAX A EO. A GENTS WANTED ! To sollcit orders for hardy growo Nursery Stock in Michigan. Our specialtles are cholee ornamental stock. To good men we eau give steady employmeut and sood salarles, witli expenses pald. Apply for terms. k L.. MAY A CO.. 1137-1140 Nurserymen.St. Paul, Miun. AYER'S PILLS. A largc proportlon of the disenseB which oaaso hnuian suffering result trom denogemeoi of tb ¦tomach, bowels,ail liver. AvF.n's Catmartic Pill act directly upon these organs, and are especially designed to euro the disease onussd t their derangüment, including Coiistipatlon, Indigestión, Dynpepsia, Headaclie, Hysentery, and a host nf ulhcr ailments, for all of whioh they are a safe, sure, prompt, nnd pleasant rernedy. The extensivo use of thesr Pills by eminent physiclans In regular praetice, shows unmistakably the estimation in wkleb they are hald by the medic.-i) prnfesBion. These Piï.ls are compounded of vegetable substauces only, and are abaolutely f ree f rom calomel ' or any other Injurious Ingrediënt. A SufTerer from HoadachK wrtteg : "Axkk's are Inraliiable to ïue, anil are my coüstant ooinpanion. I have been a severt sufferor from Headacho, and your P1S.1.S are tbe ouly thing I ooulil look to for relief. Oiw dose will quiokly more my bowels aud freo uiy bead from pain. They are' the mout elfeclive and the easiest physlc I have everfound. Il is a pleasure to me to speak in their praiae, and 1 aJways do so wheu oooabioii offers. W. I.. Paos, of W. L. Page & Uro." Frankün St., Riobmond, Va., Juno 3. Iti82. "IUaTOiised Aykr's in nuniberless intances as reeoniineuded by you, aad have never koown tbem to fall to aecomplLsh the desired rt stilt. w ooiiHtantly keep theui 011 hand at our home, and prize them au a pleasant, safe, and rellable family medicine. KOP. DYSPKPSIA they are invaluable. .1. T. H.ivf.n." Mexla, Texas, ,Iune 17, 18S2. The Rbv. Franc is B. Haiilowc. writinc from AtUotfa, fin., says: ¦' For some yearfl past I have been snbject to constipatiou, froni whieli, in splte of the use of medicines of varinus kinds, I sutfored increasiug ineouvenience, uutil some iDonthB ago I began taking Aykh's PiLIiS. 'J'liey har entifely correoted thu eostlve babit, and have vastly improved my general health." Aio's Cathaktic Pills oorn-ct Imfnlarlties of the bowels, Btirnulate t)te appetiiu and digestión, aiul by tbeir prompt and tborongli aetlon gire tone and rigor to tbcwhole pljvsicai eoonomy. PRErAItEI) BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowel!, Mass. Sold by all Pruggists. YflIING All experience tbe woudorful benettJ „...'¦ al effecis oL OLD, AND A , „ ... Ayer s Sarsaparslla. inrn Cbildren witli Soi-e Kyep, Sor Earsf ftULU. or auy scrofulous or syphllitie taiut, ïay be made heaithy aud strong by its use. MM by all Drnggists ; Y1, slx boules for f 3. Sotlce to Creditors. OTATE OF MICniGAN.County ONotice iehereliy (iiven,that by an order of theProbateCourtlortheCnunty of Waehteuaw.made on the twenty-thlrdday f April A.D. 18C,.six rnonths from that date wure aliowed for creditor topreaem their claims afji.inst tbe estáte of Wiliiam Noble, late of said connty, decea-ed, and that all creditors of said deceasedarerequired to present tb el r claime tosaid Probaio Coart, at the Probate Office io the Jity of Ann Arbor, for examination and allowance, onjor bel'ore tbi; twentytnird day of October, next, and that socta claims will he heard before Baid court, on Monday, the twentythird day of Ju'y, and on Tnesday.thrj twenty-tBird day of Octnber ten o'clock n the forenoou of each of said duya. Dated Anu Arhor, April 23, A. D. 18S3. WILLJAM D. HAKKIMAN, 1140-1143 Judue of Probate. Estáte or Josepli Schnabel. OTATE OF MICHIGAN. Connty of Washtenaw. At a seeslon of the ProbateCourt for theConnty of Washtenaw, holdenat the Probate Office. in thecity of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the twenty-third day ol April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-three. Present, William S. Hairiman, Judge of Probate. In tbe matter of the estáte of Joseph Schnabel, deceased. On reading and flling the petltion, duly veriUed, of Paul Schnabel, praying that adminintration of said estáte may be ranted to himself or some oiher suitable punon, Tbereupon ït is ordered, that Saturday, the pineteenth day of May next, at ten o(clock in the forenoon, be assigncd for the hearing of eaid petitlon, and that the helrs at law of said de ceased, and all other persone intereöted in said estate.are required to appear at a seselon of said court, then to be holden at the Probate Oflice.ln the city of Auu Arbor, and show cause, lf any there be, why the praycr of the petitioner shouid not be grantüd. And it is further ordered, ihat said petiüoner ?ive notice to thepersons interested in said ut-tnte oí the peudency of aaid petitiuu, and the hearing thereof. by caueing a copy ol' thi order to be pnhnshed in The Ann Arbor CoarUr, a newepaper printed and circulatud in eaid county, three sucecsïlve weeks previous toeaid dav ol heartne. (A trne copy.) WILLIAM D. HAKHIMAN, WM. G. nOTY. Pr.ihot Retrister. 11)0-1143 Estáte of Olive June Winslow. At a scssion ol the Pn.bate Coort for the Conntj if Washlenaw, holden at the Probate office in the ;ity ol Ann Arbor, on Monday, the sixieenth lay of April in the year one thousand eight inndred and eighty-thrne. Present, William 1). ilarrim.-m. Jndce of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Olive JaneWitislow lereaíed. On reading and flling the prtition, duly rerlried, of Siinon Winelow, prayin? ihat certaln nslrument now on file in this court purporting to e the last will and testament of Faid deceased.may e admitted to probate, aud that he may be apoiuted executor tbereof. Thereuponit is ordered, that Monday, the fonr. eenth day of May next, at ten o'clock in the orenoon, be assigned for ihe hearing of s;ild petiiou.and that the di visees, lcgatees and beirs at law f ald deceasud, and all uther persons iuterestcd in id estáte, are reqnlred to appear at a session of aid court, then to be holden at the Probate Cfflce n the city of Anu Arbor, and show cause, if anv here be, why the prayer of the pe'.iiioner should lot be granted. And It is further ordered, that saidpctilioneridve lotice to ihe perrons tnteresteil in said estáte, of the iendency of said petlilon, and the hearing thereof ly cau8ing a copy of this order to be pubMshed in he Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper printed and ircnlatiog In said connty, three auccessive weeks revious to said day of hearing. (A trne coov 1 WILLIAM D HARKIMA.n!'' „ „ . . .Indge of Probate. M. G. DOTY. Probate Register. 113'J 1H2 Estáte of Willlam Manifold. JTATBOF MIOHIGAN.uountyot At a session of the Probate Conrt for the Connty 1 Washtenaw, holden at the Probad Office in the ityoi Ann Arbor, on Tueeday, the thlrd day f April, in the year one thousand einht hui - red and eightythree. Present, Wiliiam D. Harrilan, ot Probate. In the matter of the estáte of William Mnnlfold eceased. James D. Allison. executor of the lat lll aud testament of i-aid d.-ceased, c-oraes into iurt and represents that he is now prepared to snder hls account as such executor Thereupon it is ordered, ihat Saturduy,the twenlyignth day of April instant, at ten oclock In the asisisrned tor examininir and allowin? ïch account, and that the devisees, let'ateeB and eirs at law ol said deceased, and all other persons iterested 111 said estáte, are required to appear at a :osion orsaid court, then to be bolden ;¦ the Pro e Office, in the city of Ann Arbor in said county" 'a mnt should not be jillowed. And it is further ordered, thnt said executor !ve notice to the persons interested In aid estáte the pendency of said acconnt, and the hearin I ih ' l c?n9lnc;Ka c"Py of ihis order to be r,nb l ihed in theAunArborCoiric,anewspaper printed I id circulating in said county. three sucièisive eeks previous to said day of hearine 8ul-l-t!''81ve 0 (Atruecopy.) WILLIAM D. II ARRIMAN, wu o -n-mr r. . Judcc of Probate. WM. G. DOTY, Probate Ket-ister. 1137.1140 - F Estáte of Elfza F. Willits. 5s8ATB F MICUIQAN' Col"y of Washtenaw. At a session of the Probato Court for the County Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the nHi .1 bOr' on Tlu;8tly. thlrd dav of PJ 1 'i k, thS W0 thousand eight hiindrod idgopSe. PreSeDt WÍ"Íam "-'-¦ Se In the matter of the estáte of Eliz F wirin ¦ceased. Richard O. Willits execnor of the 1 !t' H ill and testament 01 said deceased romes int, T urt and represent that he I now preparé Ú " nder bis final account as auch excentor rhereupon it is ordered.that 8.tard, the twentbtt day of April Ir-taiit, at ten o'clöck ] the assigned for examining and tUowiu M ch acepnut, and that the Qbm, le"a?ées a d Irs at law of Mld deceased , and a 1 1 other persons terested in said estáte, are required to appear aTa ¦sion ol said court, then to be holden nt th ¦ Pro te Oflicc, in the City of Ann Arbor, In safd oóunt? d show cause, if any there be whT th S :onnt should not be allowed. Ánd it is further Jered, that said executor give notie to thi W1UJAM D. HARRliilAN VM. G. DOTY, Probate Re,, f fJj V