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DARBYS PROPHYLACTIC FLUID. A Houscliold Articlo for Universal ï ;im:ly Use. ¦BB99BH For Scarlet and I Eradicates DL,lt,ieria, &- WAT APTA Mvation, ülcerated r MAhAüiÁ. SoreTiiroat,Smaii LQ2iïUfi23SH l'o:.' ílejVíslos, and allContagious Diseases. Persons waitingon lbo Sick should use it freely. Scarlct Fever nas never been known to spread where the Fluid was used. Yellow Fever has been cured with it after black Tomit had taken place. The worst cases of Diphtheria yield to it. Feveredand Sick 1 SMAIX-FOX Sons refreshed and ' and Bed Sores í PITTING of Small ed by bathing with pox PKEVENTED Imro'lAÍr made Amember ofmyfamharndess and purified. p M takn h Fot Sore Throat it is a 1 U5ed the sure cure Fhiidj the patiënt was Contagión destroyed. n?1 elirious, was not For ft-osted Peet, P""fd. nd " aLout Chilnlains, Piles, house acaln m three Chaflngs, etc. vk?' an,d ,?, Lthers Rhenmatism cured. had '¦ - % L- Soft White "5ON' Philadelphia. _ ions seaired by its use. DHHHHDBHIH1H ghlp Fever prevented. I To purify the Breath, ¦ Dinüthería I Cleanse the Tceth, ¦ lU'i""'u"w ü can't be surpassed. ¦ nw+J I CatarrU rel'veved and ¦ TSVeütSCt. ¦ cured. BmcbmbJ Krj'sipelas cured. ¦HIMBHBHHB? Burníreüevedinstantry. The phyScians hexc Sears preveiued. use Daibys Fuid very Dvtcntcry cni-ed. SUCcessfully in the treatWounds hcaled rap.dly. ment of Diphtheria. !CU.ríT.Surí . 1 Stollehwerck, An Antidote for Animal ¦ Greensboro, Ah. or Vegetable Poisons, ' Süngs, c. i Tetter dried up. I med the Fluid during Cholera prevented. our present affliction with ' UloerB purified and Scariet Fever with I healed. dded advantage. It is In cases of Death il indiipensable to the should be uscd aboul boji.-Wm. F. the corpse - it wül foed, Eyrie, Ala. prevent any unpleasHHHHHrfM ant smell. B The eminent Pliy. ¦ 01i TV,. H siclan, J. MARIÓN ¦Scarlet rever! ; sims, m. d., New a I ! York, says: "I am V CUTÊd I convinced Prof. Darbys j "iiis.14, Prophylactic Fluid a Igmgggpl raluablc disiufectant." Vanderbilt ITniversitj-, NashviUc, Tenn. I testify to the most excellent qualities of Prof Drb)T! Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfectant and detergtnt it is both thcoreticaUy and practically superior to any preparation with which I am aejuainted.- N. T. Lukton, Prof. Chemistry. Darbys Fluid is Recoinmended by Hon. Alexander H. Stbphíns, of Georoia ¦ Rev. Chas. F. Deems, D.D., Church of the Strangers, N. V.; los. LeConte, Columbia, Prof., University.S.C. Rev. A. J. Battle, Prof., Mercer Universlty ¦ Rev. Geo. F. Piekce, Bishop M. E. Church. INDISPENSABLE TO EVEET HOME. Perfectly harmless. Used internally or extcrnally for Man or Beast. The Fluid has been thoroughly tested, and wc have abundant evidence that it has done everything tere claimed. For fuller information get of youi Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietorá, J. H. ZEILIN CO.. Manuiacturing Chemists, Pil I LADELPHI A BUSINESS CARDS. WILLIAM BIGGS, BUILDER. SHOP: SORNBR GHURC1I A D ORLEANS ST. Aan Arbor. W. H. JACKSON, DENTIST, FP1CE: Over Bach & Abel's Lntrar.ce ty t'irst National tank. 7ö2tf WILLIAM KERZ House, Slgn, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER. :O: PIerlBg, (JlaiUKj, Gilding, and Csiclmlnlnir and woftof everj descrlption done In the brut style. and warranted ti 1,-ive -nttsfiuifon. SHOP, NO. 4 WEST WASHIGTO ST. Ann Arbsr. Michigan. 'Z8tl DEANTGODFRÏYm, PAI1TTERS, DECORATORS, 107 $: 16O erlawold 8t., Detroit. ïtae Paper nangines. Elegant Ceillug Deooratlons. Fino Friezes In all Wldths. House Shades and Huilers. Alarievarletyof roommouldinï anü hooks. FRESCO FAIXTTIITGW make a speclalty of Store Shade and we vrill iurnlsh cstimatea and samples of colors on appllcaUon. Shades fltted to roll from top or bottom of the Wnilow on statlonery or Travelinu rollers. Wtll fnrelih Opaque ehaaing to th trade cut to measure. THE AN AR&OR Savings Bank, ¦Jfy Aitnoic, MrcnrriAX. Transacts General liaiiking Business. CAPITAL, 850,000. OrjanUed under tnf fjeneral HunklOK Law of thl "w. "ie tookholder ure lndivldually Hable for "itionn :,mount equal to tho ook held by SI OO,OOO.OO. 6Mfcï u Pör interest Is allowcd on all Km'"anDniIlr Mony to Loan on un""öord rev catate nnd oiher good eourlty. 181 ai!k, and YflSlui IJ Sml-.a """-N Mck, Pres W.W Winks, Tlee-I'rei. LSAÍ H mucocic, CaiW. C15-96I %


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