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St. HTchtíías, tbe chiklren's favorita is as biiglit as ever in its May issue. " Swept Away'' is the title of a new serial by Edward Ellis. It is illustrated and is from tlie pen of an excellent writer. J. T. Trowbridge keeps up the interest of the readers of the "Tinkham Brothers' TideMill" and the " Last of thePererkius," by Miss Hale wlll recall many funny anecdotes of this queer family. The art paper is on Vandyke, and is finely illustrated. Poetry' facts and fun tnake up the rest of the magazine. The May Popular Science Montuly has uiteen interestiug articles of length and ment besides the valuable treatises in the editors' table. I)r. Oswald has a good article on the " Remedies of Nature," a hygienic subject, and the relations of religión and science are handled in "Science and Conscience." ' IIovv niucli Animáis Know1' is au able piece, as is also de Saporta's " How the Ancient Forests became Co'il." Professor Ball of Ireland makes sonie instructive observations on the law of gravitation in " The Boundarie of Astronomy." Prof. Richard Owin, the anatomist, is portrayedin the frjntispieceand is also written up in a biographical sketcli. The other articles are of valué. D. Appleton & Co., New York, are the publishers. The Century ahvays on the alert for something new, and to give space for more readino; matter the departinents of Literature, Home and Society, and World's Work are to be omitted, and their place is to be given over to open letters in the sliape of blief and pithy, signed essays, on all subjects in current üterature or current discussion. In the May number Edward Egglestoii gives another interesting paper of liistory and adventure on "The Aborigines and the Colonists," another very readable article is one on " Father Junípero," owe of the early missionaries in Lower California. Frank Cushing's "Adventure in Zuni" are also well written. A bright and thoughtful criticism is the one on Sal vini's King Lear. All the other pieces pught to be mentioned but the whole number Irjissb many it is impossible even to mention all. Booko, and How to use Them : Practical hints tor readers and students. By ,lrl,n 1 Van Dyke. 12 mo. vellura cloth, ál. Fords, Howaicl & Hulbert, N. Y. The publishersof the work before us are gaiuing an excellent reputation from the good books is-sued from their press. One of the latcst and best of these is the handsome little volume with the above title. It is just the thing for college students, and for scholars in general, for it is f uil of sensible hints and suggestions upon those thiugs they are brought most in contac' with. It is not Ulied with dry book lore, but on the eontrary the polnts are boiled down, and withal made sointeresthig that there is dauger of disobeying one of its own laws by reading more at a time than can be digested. The main subjects treated are: " How to Read," " Wtiat to Read," " Bibliography," " The Public Library and How to use It." By the style it is plain that the author is at home among books and is a lover of them, so this feeling gives his remarks a weight which is easily sustained by their patent practicabilitv.


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