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g HAS BEEN.PROVED „ The SUREST CURE for IKIDNEY DISEASES. Doeealazne baok or dinordered uriñe 9 cate that you aro a viotim P THEN DO NOT " E HE8ITATE; use Xidney-Wort ot once, jg 0 ffists recommend it)and it willspoedily - oome the disease and restore healthy action. $ O I qHÍOC For complainta peculiar L. C LuUlCOi to your scx, suchaa pain -I andweakneeseo.Kldney-'Wortisunmirpaeaod, m t ae it will act promptly and safely. L BitherSex. Incontinence, retention ofuríne, 9 Sw bricltdustorropy deposite, and dull dragging C palna, all Bpoedily yield to ita curativo power. 5 p BOLP BY Alili DB.TTOGI3TS. Price 1. "Mr. Kthan Lawrence, my towns-man ays Dr. Philip C. Ballou, of Monkton, Vt., was bloated f rom kiducy dlsease. The sklu of his legs shone like glass. Klduey-Wor% curedMm. A pr. 20-82. r 18 A SURE CURE i for all diseases of the Krdneys and LIVER 3 It has Bpeciflc action on thifl most important J organ, enabüng it to throw oLf torpidity and g inaction, stimuiating tne healthy eecretion of 1 tlie Bile, and by kecping tilo bowels in freo 1 oondition, effecting its regxilar discharge. 4 M als KÍSt Ifyouaresufferingfrom 1 IWl Cl I1 II Xm malaria, nave tlio oliilLj, 3 are bilioua, dyspcptio, or conatipatcd, Kidney2 Wort will Burely relieve and quiokly onre. I In the Spring to cleanae the System, overy 4 one Bhould take a thorough course of it. I SOLD BY PRUp'gJ-?l í--á- " Tell my brother soldiers,"' writes J. C. Power, of Trenton, 111., "and all others, too, that Kiduey Wort cured my 20 years Uvera ditordert. Publlsh It, please, iu Hl. Louis OlobeJ)emocrat." cFOR THE PERMANENT CURE OF COKSTIPATION. - No other dlseaae is so prevalent in this 03 " try ña Constipaiion, and no remedy has ever - Oqualled the colebrated Kidney-Wort as a c C cure. Whatcver the cause, however obstinate (3 (8 tbo oaae, this remed y will overeóme it. k W D CC TTB distreasing V C rlLClli plaint Ís very apt to be f oompUcatedwlthconstipatloiL. Kidney-Wort i strengthena th.0 weakenod parta and quickly to a euros all kinda of Piles even when physicians J1 m and medicinea have befere íailod. "g 43 tylf you have either of these tronbles p PRICE fl. USE Drugglst SeM Another Bank Casheir escapes. Geo. H. Horst, Casb'r of Myerstown (Pa.) Bank, said, recen tly: "Kldney-Wort cured my bleeding piles." UTHE CREAT CÜRE I roa i - R H E ü M A T I S M- i A it ia for all the poinful disoases of the -o L KIDNEY8,LIVER AND BOWELS. (0 It oleanses the system of the acrid poison a that causes the dreadfljl suffering whicli 5ï 9 only the victima of Uheumatism oan roallze 5 , .. THOUSANDS OF OASES ' j v of the worst forma of this terrible disease p a have been quiokly relleved, and in short time ï PERFECTLY CURED. 6 PRICK, $J. LNJUD OB DRY, SOID Bï DEICGISTS. 5 iiDry can be sent by mail - WEIJJ,HICHABDSOIf& Co., Burlington Vt "Kidney-Wort has glven immediate relief, in many cases of rheumatism, falling nnder my notlce.-'-Dr. Philip C. Rallou, Moukton, Vt. Apr-20-82. "Ineverfoundevenrellef.fromrueumatism and kldney troubles till I used Wort. Now Vm we!!."-üxvid M. Hutter, Hartford Wlsc. c for tliey ctired my periotlical headache."1 r Mrs. J. R. PaddteOO, Point Caswell, N. C. 50 ets. at drussrists. 8 "Half way anyhow: " You'rc getting quite bullí, oíd man: yon tiy ruin." "liuni! So I h;ive. l've bought gallons ot' it." j "Ah, I pee; but tlien, p'r'apg, yon coul'cl , never get it any higherthan yoiir moutli!" Ayer's Catlüirtic Pilis are the best medicine Chat can be employee! to correct irreg[ ularitiesofthestomachand bowels. Gen, tle, yet tliorough, in theiraction, they cure constiparon, stimulate the digestive organs and the appetite, and cleanse, build up, and strengthen the svstem. f An eccentric steamboat on the Missis. sippi is called tlie Good Hule, because it j works cqually well botli ways. Wells' "Koiígh on Corns." I Ask tbr Wells' " Rough on Corus." 15c: Quick, complete, permanent cure. Corns. ! warts, bunions. "Pomade, sir?" politely said a barber to a cranky customer in his chair. "No," ¦ hegrowled; "I don't want any oleoma'rgarine on niy liead." "All right, air, replied the cranium manipulator, " I never put butter on cabbages." ; i $100 RewarU Is offered for any case of Catarrh thaf, cant be cured with Hall's Catarrh Cure Taken internally. Price 7o cents. Soldby Eberbach & Son. "A college gradúate " writes to inquire íf we understana " tliegenericimportance oí the term fragment ?'" We do. We look upon the word as the bioo-raphy of the tirst man that ever attempteel to trim tlie tail of a Georgia mulé. The "comtantly Ured-out" feeling so often experienced is the result of inipoverished blood, and consequent enfeebled vitality. Ayer's Sarsaparilla feeds and ennches the blood, increases the appetite, and promotes digestión of the food, and the assimilation of its strengthening qualities. The system being thus Invigorated, thefeeling rapidly chaagea to a gratefuí sense of strength and energy. TJie Boston has private idvices to the effect that NTihilist dfessmaker are using bombazine freely this spring. - Dr.Uenson's Skin Cure consists of i ternal and exterual treatmentat sametime and it nmkes tbc skin white, soft and sniooth It co.itains no poisonous dru-g $1. at druggists. APhiladelphla paper has cvidently been medita Ing this for some days, but E is out ' at last: If over-produetion makesadull hop market, production should mnke a dull market hop." tW Twenty-four beautiful colois of the Diamond Dye?, for Silk, Wool, Cotton I etc, ]0 ets. each. A child can use witlí perfect sucecss. "lam glad this coffee doesn't owe me yV -?y y ? she " Becau=e I am afraid it never would settle." Swajne's Pillil-Coinfortiirg' to the Sick. Thonsandsdie from neglect to properly treat impure blood, constiation, dvspeps.a, malaria, apoplexy, livor, kidney, heart diseases dropsy, an(] rl.eumatism But to the debihtated burdened with guch serious sickness, we conscientionsly recoinmend "Swayne's Pilis," which cortain medicinal properties possesed bv no other remedy Sent bymnil for $5 cents, boxof30pills; 5boxes. $1, (n stamps). AddressDr. Swayne&Son, Philadelphil . Pa. Sold by Druggists. A Startliiig ülscovery. Physiciaus are often startled by r.inirkable discoverius. The fact that Dr Kine's New Discovery for Consmnption and all jl 1 hroat and Lung diseuses is duily curin'r í patients that they have given up to die la L startling them to realize tlicir sense of duty and examine luto the merite of this wonderful dlseorery; resnltlng in hundreds of our best Plivsicians oilnir it in their practice. Trial BotUeg free t H .1 íí'oo" Ca'S Drug store' H''-ula1 s'ize Flies and Hugs. f Flies, roaches, ants, bed-bugs, rats, raice gophers, chipmunks, oleared out bv " Kough on Rats." 15c.


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