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The dry weather gave the street sprinkler a chance. There is quite a demand for teachers throughout the county. A stone pavement is being lai:l around the post-offlce building. The regular term of court opens Ihe 14th. Jurors meet the 21st. A gas main is being luid along Fifth street between Liberty and William. Court has an extra session next week to accomodate the Henley divorce case. Go ar.d see the Detroit professionals get beaten by the Universities this afternoon. Some 21 studentsare now in attendance at the High School in excess of the number last year. The lightning yesterday moruing burnd out the spools in a good mauy telephones about town. S. W. Shurtleifand James G. Rasli have heen appointed members of the board of review for Arm Arbor town. The store of Henry Paul on the west side of Main street, was sold to Henry Binder this week for $8,250. There are over forty bicycles In town. As they will average $125 a machine, more than $5,000 is thus here invested. Ground has been b roken for the new sixth ward school building. The contract calis for its cotnpletion the iirst of September. - Some thirty Adrianites came over Saturday to see their ball nine laid out. It takes skillful playera to play on strange grounds. ? The planing mili of the late William Noble has been rented by C. Schuraacher and J. W. Richardson, who will carry on the business. The Petoskey summer institute will aot be open this year, but another year it is to be managed by the Methodist camp ground association. The amateur opera company whicli will produce Iolanthe at the Grand Opera House, May 25th, has been solicited to give the opera at Jackson. Yesterday was Ascensión day, and therefore a holíday for a portion of the community. Services were held in the Episcopal, Germán and Catholic churches. The briiliant tableaux and picturesque groupings formed by the sprightly fairies, and stately peers in the opera, Iolanthe, will bo lit up by variously colored calcium lights. The confectioncry mauufactory owned by J. V. Hangsterfer has moved into the store on Huron street, formerly occupied by Henion & Bumner. Candy is retailed there now, as well as made. The next, and last of Company A's inspections and dances of this season, will teta place next Monday evening. The City band Orchestra of nine pieces has been engaged for the eveninji. In aaother column is to be fouud an able discussion of the township equalization system from the pen of Mr. Wynkup, who, having for a long time been a supervisor, understands whereof he speaks. Mr. Mann, after being in the drug business for a long time, has decided to retire and to give the business into the hands of his sons, Eugene and Albert, who will run it uuder the name of Mann Brothers. Bach & Abel's store had a narrow escape from fire Wednesday morning. It started In some cotton under the counter and had quite a start bef om being noticed and extinguisheü. No one knows how it took fire. Stories of big heu fruit are now in order. We have one. Calvin Bliss has found that one of hls hens laid an egg 6% inches in circumference one way and 8 iiiches the other. That is a whopper- the egg; not the story. A Chicago paper company advertises on its letter heads that It uses the paper of the following milis: Ypsilanti milis, Ann Aibor milis, Jacksou milis, Superior ¦Billa, and Birkett milis. Inasmuch as the most of these paper milis are flouring milis we can congratúlate tliem on being able to make paper as well as flour. The public is invited to go down and see it made A broad now platform extern Is from the Fireman's Hall to theroad, and the building itself stands about corapleted. The last session of theCominon Council by an order for $2,000 to the contractors ncarly pald lip the $10,000 appropriated. By a circular reccntly received trom the Life-Saving service we tiote tliat there are tweiH3'-two life-saving stations in this State on the shores of the Great Lakes. Eight are on Lalcu Huron ; four on Lake Superior, and ten on Lake Michigan. When a railroad hand was attempting to cross the Central track Tuesday fore" noon just vvest of the depot, his foot got cauglit in a frog, and before he could get it out hc was struck by a locomotive which cruslied his foot and legup tothe knee. Monthly meeting of the Poniologieal Society next Saturday, at 2 o'clock p. m., in the basement of the court house. Topics : Reporta on the codling moth ; new varieties of fruits ; implemento of horticulture. Orchardists are requested to exhibit winter apples. The Baptists only lack a little of being entirely out of the woods on their organ debt, so they propose to get out by means of a Floral Festival, to be held at their church next Fridav night. Plants, seeds, fancy articles and refreshments are to be traded for the ducats. A nut for the lawyers to crack. A small boy cal led at the house of the town clerk in a neighboring township with five woodchuck scalps demanding bounty not only for them but for seven uuborn ones. Now that clerk is tearingliishair to know what is best to do about it. A junior in the High School named William J. Barden died Tuesday morning after a short illness occasioned by being hart in a foot-ball game. The remains were escorted to the depot in the afternoon by his class-mates ana were taken by his fatlier to hls home in Ridgetiekl, Illinois. Sixty-seven residents and tax-payers of the third and fourth wards having signed a petition for a bridge across Allen creek on High street at its junction with Main, the matter was brought betore the coramon ' council Friday evening and referred to a committee. Tliecommittee.we understand, will report against it. The new school oi Telegraphy, recently moved here from Oberlin, O., is rapidly increaiing in numbers and already has some sixty students, thirteen states being represented on the rolls. Telegraphing both theorotical and practical, is taught and after the completion of the course a good position is assured to those who do their work well. The exhlbition of Mr. Sheehan's dancing classes in the Opera house, Tuesday night, was attended by a large audience, mostly conslstingof ladies, The program as carried out was uniformly good and introduced many very pretty and graceful figures. Throughout their dances and complicated movements the chlldren showed a decisión and ease whicli speak well for the good training of their teacher. The ballet was gi-accful and the ttately Minuet, accompanied as it was by song, was thorougly enjoyabh-. By request it is to be repeated at a matinee Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, at the Opera house. Undoubtedly more lawyers are admitted to the bar of the Washtenaw court than to all of the others in the State combined. This is because nearly all of the law students, immediately before or after graduation, pass an examlnation and are admitted to practice. They are required to sign their names on the County Clerk's rolls, and this list now has nearly 1,000 names upon it, many of them being judges or occupying prominent positions as advocates. The list bas been kept, and County Clerk Robison, in order to preserve it more safely, has been having it nicely bound, together with blank pages for the enrollment of those to come. The book will always be very convenient and useful for reference. ? Woinen's Foreign Missionary Society. The Secretaryof the semi-annual meeting of the above-named Society of the M. E. church, held at Morenci last week, has forwarded to us a report of the exercises. From it we glean the following points : The meeting was conspicuous in its new departures. Pre-eminent among them, was a session set apart to the j'oung ladies represen ti ng the six auxiliarles now in active service. It was brought about without any revolutionof feeliug, because the propriety and usefulness of Young Ladies' Societies was already feit. On account of the hungering for more knowledge of our representatives, the District Secretary, Franc Baker, satisfled the demand by "Sketches of our Michigan Methodist Missionary Women," illustrating with stereopticon views of themselves, the countries whither they have been sent, and some of the results of missionary labor in those far away lands. The several papers showed unusual ability, and Mrs. Mary J. Johnson's response to the beautiful address of welcome by Mrs. L. V. Wilson, was a model in spirit, foriu and comeliness. Mrs. Hendrickson read a tlinely paper on " How to Interest Children in Missionary Work," scattering seed thoughts which may yield a bountiful harvest. The President, Mrs. Benson, also had a practical topic, on " Needs of the District," showiug a wise supervisión over this extended field. There are 5,000 full members in this District. It is estimated that two-thirds of the membership in the M. E. church are women, which gives 3,400 women in the church in the Adrián District. Six or seven hundred are members of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society, giving about one-fifth of the women in this work. The next meeting is to be held in Ann Arbor.


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