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ölr. C. öteinbach informs us that although lie will supeiintend the manufacture of his patent in Ann Arbor, liis business here will not sulfer, and he will continue to supply his customers with woi k in bis line. The $5,000 fund to improve the mineral spring waters is slovvly increasing- Commercial. We are glad you finally own up that that water shouldbe improved.- Herald. We always thought there was something wrong with t, there was so inueh gas about it. DEXTER. From the Leader. There is to be a hotel at Portage Lake, Mr. V. Burgess, of Milán, has purchased the Day property, on the Pinckney road, and expects to have a hotel open in a few weeks. The Gernians have purchased the Hollis property, at the point of Ann Arbor and Foartb streets, on which to build their church. They are drawing the foundation stones. MANCHESTER. From tho Enterprise. J. C. Gordainer, who has tor many years been known as the village blacksmith, left here on Monday tor the north in search of a new home. S. V. Dorr shipped a car load of apples to Cleveland last week, and on Tuesday he shipped another car load. They were all Baldwins and bring from $4 to $5 per barrel. These apples cost him all told $2.45 a barrel last fall. He has kept t'ietn in his cooling house, and on repacking nnds there has been a shrinkage of only live barrels to the 1 00. He expects to ship another car load in a few davs, and hopes to sell his toU stock before the middle of May. SALINE. From the Observer. W. Peat sliipped 140 sheep to Colorado Monday morning from this station. We understand Anson Harmon has purchased or leased the Lake Ridge hotel of Lyiniiu Davenport, to which hostelry he will remove in a few days.; We learn ffui.' Pease has moved on his farm, situated about three miles northeast of here on the gravel road. lie has been living in Ann Arbor for a few years past. YPSILANTI. From the Commercial. Aaron Palmer, 7G years of age, who has been drayiug in the city the past quarter of a century, and of late mail carrier, retired May lst. John Wint takes his place. The first and second Congregationa) chinches of Detroit have contributed $500 to the building fund of the Congregational church of this place. The Yoiug People's Society are selecting carpet and pulpit furniture this week. Their fund has reached $211 and is still growing. The building will probably be dedicáted sometime in June. From the Ypsilantian. Yesterday forenoon the house ocevpied by Wm. Bell, between here and Rawsonville, was totally destroyed by fire, with most of its contents. We have not been able to obtaiu furtlier particulars. But little has been done this week towards raising the money for the sanitarium project, and the con'imittee is uncertain about being able to reach the full $3,000. The members are fast becoming disgusted with the too general desire to enjoy the benefit procured by some one else's money, and teel quite bitter against some who ought to come down liberally, yet will not give a cent. As a rule, those who will be benetitted the least have been most willing to subscribe. From the Sentinel. Ground was broken Monday morning for Cady's new bloei, opposite tiie Sentinel office, the building which occupied a portion, having been removed last week. A German-speaking Pole, with a faruily. recently arrived at Ann Arbor, having performed the journey from Detroit on foot. Somewhere, after leaving New York, he had been robbed of money and papers, except his ticket, that was good to Detroit, and was thus left helpless and a waif to the mercy of the world. He was endeavoring to reach a brother in Chicago, but had lost even his address. He was helped forward by kind people in Ann Arbor, but lijs final destimuion is uncertain. Silas Card was married the other day, and on his wedding notices were the word?; 'No cards." But he doesn't know what might happen.


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