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A Grizzly Bear Kicked To Death By A Donkey

A Grizzly Bear Kicked To Death By A Donkey image
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A Iight is on record m tüe coiivts at Pescadero between a jack weighing 740 pounds and a grizzly bear of abóut the same weight. The jack is owned by a man namod Ipso and is a vicious brute. A man nained Black, a raiser of blooded cattlein that neigbborhood.had boen troubled for soveal weeks by the visits of a grizzly, which killed and carried off a calf every night, and all his eflorta to capture tho bear had been unavailing. Finally, he advertiserl in several papers of the State, offering a rewárd of S50 to any person who would kill the bear. Ipso read the offer and resolved to take bis jack to the corral and see what the resulta would be. Accordingly the jack was duly installed. In the night along carne the grizzly, and seeiug the jack and fancying a chango of diet, lio made an attack npon him; but as no one saw the iight it is only supposed that bruin made the lirst overture. Anyway, next morning when the corral was visited bruin lay stark and dead, and the jack was quietly feeding off the pile of hay. An inspection of hini disclosed tho fact that his breast and sides were fearfully lacorated by the bear's claws, and one of his fore feetwas dislocated. But bruin was 'all broke up." He had his lower jaw smashed to pieces, all his ribs on the port side were stove in and one of his fore legs wero fracturedat the shoulder, and he was generally smashed all over Ipse naturally claimed the roward of $5, but Black refused to pay it, claiming that the jack was not a person and therefore was not entitleüto the reward. All Ipsie's arguments failing, he resolved to havo recourse to law and accordingly suit bas been brought.


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