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The Scnatc has killed the bill providng for normal departments in all of the colges of the state. Congrnsman Hatoh of Bay City, anoiincos that Wlll I). Colc, hls nómince for a aval cadetshlp, has decllncd. Mr. Iiatch wlll hereforc receivo applications for the place rom the boys (bet ween the ages of 14 and 18) fthoTenth district mitil Aug. I. Thenomncc wlll be rcqaired to report at Annapolis ( pt. 1. Tho Contfregaüonal minister of Flint a a base ball playcr. The Sonata has rjasscd tho bill aproprlatlng $80,000 for the upc of the IMi comilssioner for 1883 and 1884 W. W. Van Akon, one of tho conraetors for putting down the West Main tred pavement In lludson, whleh exetted so nuch attent Ion ahemt a year ago, has secured ie services of SethBean, an Adilan lawyer, nd wlll sue the corporatlon for the atnouDt ue him on pavlDg orders. Otlier parties holilng orders are also threatenlng to sue. . Tho Reform school appropriation bill 'alled topaes Tho Richardson bountv bill whieh is oforc the Scnatn, próvidos" that seetion 8 of n act entitled "An act authorlzlng the paylent of bountles to volunteers in the service f the United States," approved on the 5th day f Fcbruary, 18C4, be ro constrncd as to eutitle o the $100 provided for In said act all voluneers below the rank cf a commissioned olllcer iio enlisted on and after ttie 5tb of Febrnary' SIM, and were mustered into the military or aval service of the United Stateti, and vrere redltcd to any part of the quota of tlila state r any military district thcreof, ander the cali f the President of the Uufted States for 500,000 men, made on the iirst day of Kebruary, 864, notwithstnndlng the quota cf this state r any military sub-distriet thereof nder said ¦all may have ineluded a portion of the quota f the previoub eall for 300,000 men. The uartcrmaster-gcneral of this state shall pay o ench voliintcer mustered into the service nd not having received said bounty, or to bis cgal represent atives, tbc sum of ilOOin tbc marnier provided in secüon nine of tho afore ald act approved on tbc 5th day of February, St'A. Mrs. Mair Mootgomery of Grand lapids, a middle aged woman, nurse by proession, lias cominènecd proceedings agalnst jidrow Elliott alleging brcach of promise. 5he estímales damagesát $5,000, and Élliott is n jail in default of $1,000 bail. Thero is to bo a legislativo excursión o the upper península some time in August The shingle mili of (t. V Turner & ior.s, eight miles below Kast Sagiir.uv, was ilown to atoms by the explosión of a boller. Will U. Turner, engineer, Iliram (oulding, reman, and John MeDowell, night watchman, ere killed, and L. Jj. Turner and Kofe Plew seriously Injured, and Orhindo Selders and 'eter Nelson slightly. Cause of explosión low atcr in the boiler ; damage $5,000. Thirty-nino thousand three liuntlred nd Sixty-five dollars was paid into Marquette county treasury for li([nor Ilcenpes up to May H). Tho Scnatc has passcd the bill relatngtodlvorie. The bill makes tbc compilcd aw rvad as follows: No decree of divorce hall bc maile solclv on the declarations, conVíssions or admissions of the parties, but, the ourt shall requlrc otlier evidencc of the facts llegcd in the Oill for Umi purpose, but either party may, if he or she elect, testify in rclation .osüch facts. Sucli testimony shall not be reeivcd In support or In detense of a charge of adultery. Kobert II. Wiodman, a prominent ltizen andluinbcrman of East Saiflnaw, (lied o ewdays ago in Albany, New York, whither hc ia3 gone to vlsit friends. Charlotto has a tolophone exchange. Tho display of machinery at tho Central Michigan fair in Lansiug is said to have equalcd that at the State fair at Jaeksou last fall, while the exhiliition of horses was vory fine. A funeral in Norvil, Jackson county, was attended by a largo procession on foot, and when near the cemetcry onc of the mourners, Eliza MbrtOD) a mueh respected oW lady frlend of the dcccascd, dropped dead of heart dlsease, maklog the occasion doubiy sail. Intenso excitement and almosta panic at tbc Central Michigan fair ground, Lanslng, was causcd by a flre in the cattlc, sneep and poultry sheds. The grand stand ias f uil and mndreds of people, horses and carriages were scattcred abont the grouudi). Tlin 10 niile ladies' race had bcgun only a short time before, and tho coolncss of the lady riders in continuin"ltdl'l much toavert the thrcatened panic. Kully T0O fect of sheds weri burned, also one or two bugïics and somc farm implemcnts; dam.igc $3,009, moslly insurcd. Gco. Hogole has vetood the bill arnending the law in reference to embezzement of suma under $25. The (overnor belleves it is a devlce to imprison and oprress small debtors, and that It would be cmployed as ¦HJi Sunday nfternoon Juno ,'!, MikeSmith and Willlam Breiman, oacii aecd ÜO, started to return to Mt. Clemens f rom New Bultlinorc in a sail boat. Wlien within a mile of Mt. Clemcns club house, on l-ake St. Clair, tnelr boat was lipset !y a squall, and they drilüd about, cllBglng to hor bottom lili about 8 or V o'clock In the evenlng, when Uremian tOOK olí bis clothes and Btartcd to swim to the süore. Smlth clung ta tlic boat, all night, and dnfted ashorc about dayliglit.Hc was taken home ui a imcv ercfttiy exhaustcd.Nothinghadbcen Been í Brennan, and a steambarge started to look tor Mm. Jle was the pon of James F. Brennaa, who keeps a livery Btabln in Mt. Clemens, anl was a generally respected young man. A man naiuotl Cornclius Mol, cmi.loved in the blackfflnithlng departmeat ol iutterworth Lowe's machffic Bhop at Uranü Ilapids, raet witli a very ])ainful and BertOUB acclSeñt wliieh rcsultedin the total oas oi one evo While at work beatíDg the red hot iron a siiiall plore, about the sizeof a pen, flCW froni the anvil & Iodító in Ins leít ege. B bnra out the upper and lowcr lids of llie (n ana fhmlly scUled down in tho corner near tho nose. The unfortunate man endured tüe most exeruciating pain nntlltbe oflendorwas removed by a phyeícian and medicine applled to allay his sufferings. Michigan quota of ponsionera ia l-2,11(19. More salt is produoed in Michigan than in any other state in the naton. Geo üonllcy, an old colored man who kas been janitor for tlu. Fiivt National bank oL CJrand Kapids for upwards ,ji 20 veare. In, been arrcstod for SteaUng about l,5(X)in coin f rom the Fourth National where he had also been doing janitor work for come time. Th" numey wasleftout of the salo at mght andthenezt morolng was mtealng. He haa tHkenthemoneyovorto tho basement of the First National and secretea It . Wh( n arreo ted h ¦ had two ba of th money with hnn gotaj home! ArteHi.e arreat hc told where the rea was. Oren K. l'eck wout into :i drug stor nèarly twoouneesof aeontte. Hedledta abo onhnnr He leaves a wife and famUy. iuc, S is iiot blamed at all, as he wa out of tneStóre at the time and .lid nol taMTW of the oecorrence until hc mised the acónito bottlc f rom the sbelves. Tho Howcll bill to promote pubüc l.calth, (.i companion to the bill reBuUtethe nlt of"nutho,iZed rraeti,io„ers of mdjenje authorlzed college; and tbose sludents or uiulcrgradnatcs wlio practico witli and under the instruction of some full-llcdged doctor. Hut oach doctor or student who denrei to practlco must file with his couDty derk a sworn statement ot bis record and ocqulremcnts. Supervisors raust keep cometed lists oí doctors in practico. Persons who practico without registiation cannot collect pay for services rendered. A violation of any of the provisiona ol Uiis bill is punishable by a heavy line, and supervisors and hcalth offleerfl are authoriW to keep a record and report any íucli vielatíi in lo the proper autbortics. Albort L. Drow of Three Oaks has liccn appointcd by the governor as inspector of the state prison, iu place of T. Myron Cutlcr of St. Johns, dectased. The senatorial nvestigaüng committce at J.iuisíuí; liavc reported tbat the influence used to secure posltions for eertain men was proffercd by reason of personal frlendehlp and past favor, and nol for the purpose of nfluenelng votes in the senatoral contcst. Emploj-ers' LlahJIiiy. Tlio Blxby liill, lutcüdcd toextend and reguate the liabilily of employers, and to eompenate tliom for personal injuries sulTered by 'orkmen In thelr service, lias furnlshcd a niitful topic for discussion in the House of .epresentatives, partlcularly. Although its assagc tbrough botU houses is vory doubtil, wc givc the provisions of the bill for the iformation of employers aud employés : Skotion l. The people of the Btate of Michsan enaet, Tuat wherc personal injury is uised to a worknian, 1 . By reason of any defect in the condit'on of ie ways, worke, machlnery, or plant eonected witli or used in the bÜBiness of the emloyers: or 2. By reason of the nogltgence of any person i the service of the employer, who has any iperintondence entrneted to him, whöst In ir exereise oí sueh superintendente; or 3. liy reason of the negligenee of any person i the service of the cniployer, to whose orders r directions the workman at tbc time of the ijury was bound to conform, and did conform, fiere such injury rcsulted from bis having fo onformcd ; or 4. By reason of the act of omission of any erson in the service of the employer, done or lade in obediente to the rules of the employer, r in olH'diencc to particular instructions given y any person delcgated with the authority of ie employer in that behalf ; or 5. .By reason of the negligenee of any person i II12 service of the employer, who bas the harge or control of any sigiutl, switch, locoïotive enginc or train upon a railway. The workman, or in cas1 the injury resulta i death, the legal personal representativos of ie workman, and any person entitled in case f death, sball have tbc sanie right of compenatlon and remedies against the employera as ' the worknian bad not been a workman of, nor n tbc service of the employers, nor engaged ir. lis work. Seq. A workman sliall not bc entitled uner ibis act to any riglit of compensation or emedy against the employer in any of the foliwing casos ; that is to say : 1. Under sub-seetion 1, of section 1, unless ie defect therein mentioned arose from or had ot been discovered or remedied, owning t(5 tbc egligmc1 of the cniployer, or of some person n the e;nployer, aud entrusted by him with the ut.y of seeing tliat the wayp, works, machlnery r plant were in proper condltion. 2. Under sub section 4 of section 1, unless bc injury resulted froni some impropriety or efect in the rules or instructions therein menloned. 3. In any case wbere the workmen knew of ,he defect er negligenee, which eaused bis inury, and failed wïtbin a reasonable time to ;ive, or cause tabe given, information thereof o the emplyer, or some person superior tohiinelf in the service of the employer, unless he ras aware that the employer or such superior ilready knew of the sald defect or neeügence. Sbc. 3. The amount of damages recoyerable under tbis act sliall not in any case exeecd $10,000. Sijo. 4. An actlon for the reeovcry of eomperLfcon ander tbis act. shall not bc maintainalc unless il is commenced withinone yearfrom ,he occurrence of the accident causiug the inury, or, in caae of death, wlthin one year rom the time of death. Sec. 5. Indctrrmiuing in any case the amount f compensation payable under tbis act by an 'mplojer, the court, or if the damaees are asessetl by a ury. the jury sliall take In eonsideration the value ot any payment or conIiMhiI ion made by sticb employer to or for the Djurcd person in respect to hls injury.


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