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The Unitod States Treasurcr has issued a circular In regard to expresa charges on Unltcd States r.otcs 'sent to the United 'States Treasury for redemptlon. it ia as follows: "NQ..i]proprationhaving been made for the tronepnrtation oE United States notes to the Tréasury of the United States for redemptlon daring the fiscal yciir, the expresa charges on remlttances on euch notes received by the Traaaurer on and aftcr Jtily 1, 1883, will not be ptnabythe Government, V lien the charges have been prcpald at private rates returns will be made, if eo requeeted, by the Treasurer's transfer check on any Asslstant Trcasurcr of the United States, druwn to the order of the order of the eender or his correspondent. lf nol, nrepaicl the exprese charges upon the notes receivcd and upon the notes returncd therefor v.-Ill be dedueted from the proeeeds of the remlttance at the rates eetablinhed under the Government contract with the Adams Express Company. Thls circular does not apply to National bank notes, whlch will be'rcdeemed ind pald tor in the same manner as lieretofore." Tho Washington monuruont lias now reached euch a helght that the Blue Kldge mountalufi, about 40 miles away, can be plaiHiy seen from lts top. The troaty bctween Corea and the Jnited States has been ratllied. Sfcerctary Teller lias decided that tho and graut of the defunct Pacllic company is aerea arca, and that no eettler will be allowcd -o aeek a homestead in it. It is said thls deelson wil I work great hardship to some scttlers, nd It Is dllticulttoseewliereit will benefit anyody. 'The liill investigalion ia at last in inning order. Look out for somel.hing start The decreage in the public dobt for ay is about thrce and one half milllon dolrs. V alter Evans, tho ncw eommissioner InteruaJ revenue bas been Installed in office. About 16,000 rejected models of unitentable inventlons were sol d at the pat&nt tice in one day recently. Complaints concerning the conduct ld management of Architect HUI continue to our in, which, lf found to be true, will niake nntters rather dlflieult for hlm. Hts case is ¦Ing Investígate'!. An order from tho postmasler crural directs of the flrst, and ecïd claps to hercafter give personal attention o thetr ofllee, under penalty of liability of reoval. Ono of the colorod jaron on tho star mte cace can neither reail nor write. Ex-Senator Kellogg has returned to Vaehtngton and announi'cs tliat he will be ady for trial on the indlctments against liiin henever the government may desire to proced. It is underptood that the case will probIy be caüed for trial very soou. About $100,000 In suuulanl silvcr dolnrs were issued from the United States mints r the week endinü June 2. Tho civil service commissioners aro ery much In doubt as to whether the words one family" in the clause of the civil service il 1 whieh provldes that ouly two personn rom "one family" shall ha ellgible to appolntlent. The commissioners do not know whcth one famllv meauB parents or childrcn, or irotUers, sisters, nephews, nieees, aunts, cousns, grandchlldrcn and clear on tbrough the st. The report has again bcon startod .hat Commipsioner Marble of the patent ofllce s about to resign. With this announcement ome damaging reporte concerning Marble and lis management of the office. Tho returns made to the treasury dolaTtment for the tlrst 11 months of the current cal year, show that the reccipts are less and ie dlsbursements greaterthan for thesame perod last year. in the one item of custome thereelpts are iilO,(X)0,000 lees tlian for last year, ut owing to the increase of iuUtrnal revenue he net loss is only nbout L7,000,000. Sueh statements show that the customs reccipts are a very lluctuatingquantity in tlie schedule of natlonal revenue. Representativos of co' ired peoplc living In Indian Terrltory have beOB in WasliIngtonjooktng aftcr theff int erests, under an net of Congress appropriating $;!(KI,000 for Gherokee lands west of the Arlcansas rlver. Tlie colored population clat;n that they have been debaned from the bcnefits aecrulng from thls act of Congress, as the raoney has been dlvided only among pure blood Cherokees. Tlic Cherokees claim that they have exclueiTC rigbt to thls approprlation, bui, the government says the negro must have a sharo. The total values of exporta of petroleum and petroleum products for April, 1883 were $8,172,493; to Apri1 1883, iï,186,955; the 10 months ending April 90, 1888, $85,195,Sli1): the eorrespondiug perlod of the preeedlng year $43,:!i)4,313. Some statistical fiend has íigured out that , 22,000 pensioners will be benefitcd by the act of liaren 3, 18S3, granting an inerease. ;15y a docision of the ih'st comptrollcr [ tho treasury the Pacific railroad company gal n their suit n a long pending controversy as O tlit'ir riglit to rcccivc payment in cash for oail traosportatlon services to the government on leased of gnbsldlzed portions of tlieir respecive Unes. Atlorney-General Brewster lias pro lieted that the jury in tlic star route trials will lisagrec, and in such an event lic will ask for a ïew trial. Tho commissioner of interna! vevenuo ïas decldedcd that dies, rolls and plates that uive been used by tho governmeiit in prlntisg abele and (wappers bearing an interna] revenue .lamp cannot hercturned to the original owncrs. IL ís reportad that the Gorernment irlnÜDg office iniB recent ly been fiirnishdcopy, !or the mniensc pension list. which is to he pubIshcd ly order of the Senate. The work is to 'omu.enee about July 1, and is expected to ie linished bv the Mme (Jongresí convenes in December. ' ?rders have been givun, it is salil, hal the work is to he regardcd as of a confltentlal character, and that all proois must bc sent l the Commissioner ol Pensions. Tho clerks b the PenjonJ Office omplain of tlie pressure of work that is oetng jilaced upon thein in the effort ol CominiüSioTiPrl Dudly to cieftr il]) all the claims for arreara of pensions beforo the close of the present flaca] ycar. Strict rules for worklng honra are observed, and the elerks are foreed to maintaiu a certaiu standard of efficiency unknowu, perhapa, in private enlerprlses. Thry express no doubt, BOWevcr, of t .lic: ahility of the office to perlUrm the work comtempl&üed. GKNERA.L ITKM8. Work will begin next week on a cana to connect lakes Washington aud Union ivith Puget's sound. A yacht capsized ;i Bston harbor on Decoration day, aud six persons were drownei A disastrotis tiro at J-iynchbur, Va. de?troyed aliout t5()0,000 worlh of propertj and h'vc men were Imried by a falling wall am killed. In gpitc of tho unploasaut wcathe whleh prevailcd ttiroughout the country, th brautlfnl ccremony of dworating the griives o OUT fallen lieroes was generally öbserved, thn perpetuating the memory of those who po nobl milde sacilficc for their country. Jt is juitlioratively statedthat the Ca uadian Parliament has passe] the law eniiHlln American whisky to be imported into the I) minion in luss than 1(X) gallon eaeks, thls a mitting all American boñded whlskles to sav payment of tax. The measure was abtaluei by an organlïatlon of JouÍ6TÍllc, Ky. men nn will gi into i'ffict shortly. The ooinage in Philadelphia in Ma wasiCOO tfold dollars. 1 ,000,000 Mlver dollar 580,000 dimes, a,5S0,(X)0 live -cent pUws, ani 8,l(iO,')00 cents. It has ihvays beou customary for Harvard orfliege toeonfer the degree of L. L. D1 apon the Goveruor of Massachusetts, but at last the old-timc cuatora has abandomed. By lt as "a Tictory without a battle." Intense satlsfaction is cxpressed on al] sidos over the settlemont, as a etrike mía regarded as Inevitable, and to Pittsburg the lndefinlte ehutting down of the iron milis menns not only eerions loss to those engaged in that particular industry, bnt to every other industry and business aswell. At Wheeilng West Virginia, it has been deeided that there will be no lock-out, and the declsiou causes general joy nmong all rlar-ses of the community. At Cincinnatl there ís stiil doubt, but it ia hoped that a strike niny be averted there. Shoukl a strike oecur In thiit city over 5,000 men woukl lic thrnwn out of employment. A diabolieal attempt was ruado at Des Moines, Ia., to ileetroy human life. Striking minero, cnniged at others wlio woultl not ave their work, went to the house of one of lem, and threw a qtiantity of powder witli B ghted f use into the dwelling. The house was ompletely slmttercd, but none of the inmutes ere kiHed. Superintendent Martin of the Hrook11 bridge asserts that the panie on the bridge as eauscd by pick-pockets. The Soutli Boston iron works havo achí contracts witli the war depavment aggreatlnp; about $175,000 to construct four 12-iueh fie euns at #30,000 eaeh, one large mortiir, nd to convert 50 ten-lnch smooth bores into inch rille cannon at an average costof $ü00 aclL A caso is pending in the United States reuil court at Kansas City, Mo., involving the ODHtitutionalIty of a Missouri statute which oliibits the sale of oleomargarinc in that ate. Roscoe Conkling Ia attorney for the eomargarine men. Gov. Uutler of Massaelmsetts hftvioff ¦efused to Bign warrants for the payment of ie monthly pay roll of the various state lnstiiitlons under the charge of the state board of lëalth, ex-Gev. Talbot of the board read liim lesson upon wiiat hecan do, what lie canriot o, and whathe may be made to do. The boiler in Grainger's steam saw üll, on the fourtli conecssion of the towii6liip ' Gosfield, Essex Co., Ont. [the eounty orosite Detroit], cxploded a few moruings igo. Kichard Stewart, the lireman, as blown about four rods, and riking againöt a pilo of lumbar was Instantly lied. Robert llagan and Ilenry Grainger ere badly sealded, and Grainger also had ome of bis teeth knocked out liy being Btruck f fragmenta of the boiler. There were but Ipoundsof steam on at the time of the exlosion. A disastrous storm visited Council 31uffs Ia. on the evenM? of the 2nd lnst.1, rain illing in torreuts for four houre. lndian reek, which runs through the heart of the ty, was ovcrllowcd and seven iron bridgos id two stone culvcrts belonging to the city ere swept away, also several dwcllings and arns. Business liouses wcre ilooded, and the alcr was waist deep with a swift current on ,ree.t_a nno Uloolc frMr, tho crech. Crien for elp could be heard in tlie darkness irom every irection, and loss of life is feared. At miuight the llood was the most terrilic ever ex]erinced in western Iowa. The waters rose so uiekly that many ousincss men found it im" ossible to reach thelr wlvcs and children, and i number narrowly escapeddeath f rom drownA box has been placed at the door of ie Garlield vault in Lake View Cemctery, ;ieveland, in which may be deposited eontribuions to the Garlield Monument Fund, whith ow amounts to tl35,000. The association will neet on June 13 to decide where the monument s to be erectcd. Tho Signal Corps Station at Manasuan, N. .1., reports that a floating bottle was leked up olf Spring Lake, N. J., May 30, conaining the following: "If this 6hould ever 'encli shore and be found, please teil my wifc, lizabetb L. Brower, of Point l'leasant N. J., ïat my vesscl is sinking and wc will allbe lost. Givc my love to her, and teil the boys to tako are of her." Hated 1S77. The lost vessel was he Echooner Ida Birdsall, of Toma Klver, N. J. Forty or iifty menibcrs of the Texas eglslature were indicted for gambling, but ome one stole the indictments f rom the coun,y elerk's oflice, leaving no trace belilnd, and ie Austin storting fraternity arehighly pleas il. 'l'he Ponnslvama legislaturo has iloptcd a bilí prohiliiting politica! assessïents. A few weeks ago the Canadian overnment at Ottawa received warning liat it was the intention of the fenian aetion to send a party of thelr followers nto Canada on the day of the cxeution of .Toe Brady, the l'lioenix park murdcrr, to blow u[i certain portions of the Weiland anal. The governmeut immediately warned iieir re[iresentatives at St. Catiiarines and raturday, May 12, a large number of men, ;nown to be loyal F,ubjects and who livcd in he district, were stationcd at short distances alongboth the old and new canals to watch the novcments of any suspicioufl characters. The lay bcfore Brady'e execution 15 susplcious ooking men foeh earrying a medium sized atchcljumpedfrom the train at St. Catherines, ïaving juut come over the suspension bridge rom liuffalo. ïhcy were Immediately shadowed by private detectives who were sent to the place who soon aftcr overheard suliicient conversation of the new arrivals to be con'inced that this was the party they wcre eomnistioned to wateli. The new arrivals walked alxjut apparcntly uneoneerned, but attlie same time were making secret arrangements for earrying out the objectwhichthcy had in view. A few of thcir number wcre sent along lie canal to select a suitable spot to destroy he conneetion betneen the upper and lower akes. They had not gonc far, liowever, before they found tlieir secret had got to the ears of government olllcers and tliat their game was ui). They saw large numbers of non stationed all aïong the canal in sentry joxes. The delegatton returned to 8t Cathernes, whfiTQ the party ínirnediHÍely difipersed and FCtUfned as qulckly as poseible to the states. Watches are still stationed along the canal iruarding the locks flay and niglit. A governinent olliclal on belnginterviewcdBald: 'i am eatislied that we dld not take our precautlonB ono hour too Boon. The gang eame ver froin liuffalo, and when found the anal guarded at every poiut lhi;y dlspersed aud rcturned to that city." A tornado stiuck Texas in tlio vicinty of (Ircenvlllc and Dallas, on the 4th in6t , nd dld great damagc to erops. Several beuseê were Mown down, and a uumber of aniniuls were killed, llail of Immense size feil, and left traces of its violence hv killiiifi sheep, alvi 's, etc. An addresa has been issued lo Irisli Amerieans ealllng for contriljutions to the I'arnell testimonial. It recites Parnell's efforts [n bchalf of the Irisli people and wat writtcn hv tHoyricsts, of wlioui the Kev. Dr. Keilly of Detroit is one The mnintentof IJarmini's (reus was lturned in ('hicao the other day. Loss about Í16,(KX). Fortunati'ly tlure wero no animáis in that tent, or the inhabitants of tLt city would bc revclling in the luxury of fricaseed elepliants, hroiled tlger, and the HUe. Tlie caiivaps luirned eovercd six acres of ground, and was the largest single one in the workl. After an hour's deüberation tlio jury in the Hrooklyu bridge Imiuest bronght in the verdict that the death of the vietims resulted from suiTocation by being trampled npon, and theyalso found the ollicers and trustees responslble in not having the bridge prapcrly polieed. Thcy recoinmended that tlio accommodation for footpassengers be improved. The Massachusetta Supremo Oourt bas decided that liutler's veto, the validity of whli'li was qui'stidiied because the governor was out of the state when it was transimtted, is legal, beiugduly Bigncil and pealed when he v:is in the state, and was trausmttted under hls directions. Uowu to l)i tin. A fr.arful catastrophe occurred on the East rivcr bridge on Deooratiou dav, by whicha srgenumber of pcopic Inst their llvce. Thcnarrawnoss oL the iootway for passengere is the rascof the horror. At aliout4o'clocktliclonf; line of peoplc on toot in the center walk of the structure, golng f rom and coming to New YorK, thiekened, swctled and stoppcd in lts motion at the staira leadingup f rom the concreto roadwav to the bridge proper. Strong men and fee) ilc womtii, inanlinod and infancy, were wedged together in that jam by tile learful preseureof thecrowd which extended for miles, one miglit say, on elther end of the line. It was a remorseiofis, fearful, Rtupid force that held its victims aa inimovable as the stone foundation of the bridge ilself. The stoppage larted ncarly tn hortr, during whlch time scores of pöiple fainted. To relieve the jam (he bridge ollleials removed somt' of the ron iUne;, a few fw:t from the ftairs on the New York slde, wlien, of course, those unfortunate enough to be near the opening, wenk nnd faintinir, at the death' as tliry were, lmmedlately full, helter skelter, heel? over hcad, down on thejagged, gravelly roail beneath, a niass of brulsed and disdblored llesh. Scores yrerc trnmplcd upon instantly, and to Btnmblo was dcath. Men were dracgod out of that liraiu.ï humanity with faces blue as indigo and the llfa blood trickling out of their nostrils; clilMicn and women pale, dishevcled and dead. 80 far as known liftecn peoplc werc killed, while scores of otliers were injured. The roadway on elther side was strewn with the dead and dylng, and yct no iflort was made by the bridge ollleials to stop people coming on the bridge while teams ruRhel at. full gallop over the roadways, and seriously JilnderiDg these who Bonght to reseue the uufortuuate victims. CRIME Mrs. Susau üouglass, ugnd 27, resMing in Cumb?rland eounty, I'a., dnriog the absenceof herhusbaiid ent, IliF-mii ol her thrce boys and then killed herself. Insainiy wag the cause. OTHKU LANDS. Tho Suez canal compauy havo announccd that they propoeetocommence cutting a parallel canal across the istlnims l'orthwlth, and have applied to the Enirlish governinent for their support in obtalnine the ncccfsary eonecssion of land from the khedive. Tlio Suez Canal Compány and the British Government liave arrived at an' nndflrstanding in regard to the eonstruction of a second canal aeross the Isthmus. This arrangement must recelve the approval of the shoreliolders of the eompanv liefore it can be can ímI out. It novv appcars that tho Duke of Albany, a pon of Queen Victoria, asked Glad! stone to appoint liim goveruor general of Cana da, butGladstoue replied thattheduke was too yonng and lackcd experience in government work. Soventj'-tw-o men were drowned by the capsUla of a boat near Milan, Italy. TheAiciie exploíing véase] SopUia, w tli Prof. Nordensjold and other sclenUste, bas sailed for Greenland. I_olon uMp owncls -vlio favor aaOther Suez canal, have raised ,L'i(),00ü for preliminary expenses. This project seeia to be rapidly assumine tangible shape. Latest adviecs from Madagascar report that the French detachment had lauded, and carrled several important military posts. Tlic Japanese postal agencies whieh liaye hcrelofore been maintained at different poiuts in China, have been diseontinued. John Behan, correspondent of the Irbh World of New York, fór West Clare district, Ireland, bas been arrested on a charge of intimidating the driver of a mail wagon, whom he had called a spy and informcr. Juror Field lias been awurded L:5,000 and the Huddya L500 as compensation for outrages to which they were sulijected on politica account. The disiribution of niedals anionp; the survivors of the reeent eampaign in Egypt has been completad. The total number of medals issued is 41,000, and it miuircd 1. ton and a hall' of tilviT to make them. They have all been engraved witli the names of the recipients by workmen cmployed in tho Royal Arsenal at Woohvie'i, and ser.t thence to all parts of the world. In addition to actual soldiers and pailors, the captains of all iihtchant ihipe employed as transporte during the eampaign, many other persons who renuered aesistance of onesort or another, and munerous relatives of deceased s-ildiers have receivcd the medals. The dynamite ooaapirators liavc been arraigned for trial on the lith inst. Bismarck saya he is ablc to takc the regulation of clrarch matters in his own bands, independent of papal authority. About 1,000 state aided emijrrants left (ueenstown and Glasgow the other day for New York. Thomas Caffrey, the fourth of tlio Phoenlx l'ark murders, was hangcd in Dublin on the 2d inst. In the French sonate the ministor of fortign allairs said all neecssary measxires would be taken to insure the sueeess of the cxpeditlon against Tomiuln. Hy the end of t lic month, he Btated, there would be a small army there capable ot coping witli the dilliculty. The government must endcavor to smootli the difference with China. There was no rcasonto bellere that that country would seck a ruptura wlth Flanee, or that the would interfere where he had no rights or interest. The emperor of Knssia has granted the Roskolnik sects (dissenters from the (reek church) Iiberty to change thcir domieiles, to eng.ige in traife, tohold olliee and to perform religious rites, but they are prohlblted from having public proecssions. The question of a unión of Spain and Portugal is licing difcuseed in court clretea of these countries. Mr. McCoan, M. W, luthorlo a stauneh l'arnellite, has WTttten Parncll a letter witlidrawing from that party. Mr. Mc Coan nays he cannot sanctlon communiim anc rebellton, and that there areötheri o) Parnell'a admiren wlio feel Intbesame way, bat foi fear of losing their seats in the !ioise of eom mons they do uot disclose their houcst con victions. The informen who teatified at tin trials of the Fhoenll l'ark umiderers have beci notifled to leave Ireland at once. Sevcn jurors who were on the jurv whlch convicted Kelley, liave signed a me morlal praying that the death sontciiiv ma] I" xninuited. Pavitt und Healy, members of parliainent, and Qulim who wcro Imprtsoned in February last inr making infS.iiiiiiiatory speeches, liavelieen releascd. A bilí has been presented tothereichftas, tbc provisión of wliick aro, iliat the sayInc of niass aml ilispunsinc; of the sacramenta are to bc aHowed in conslocratiOD ol modlfylng the rule of duty of givlng notlce of clrarcn ap poiutments to the government. It abolisücs the obllgat Ion tojrlve notlce to the goyernmentoi ihanges in nnbcneflcled cnracles or ir appolntmenta by lncnmbentl of reprcscatatlwe onleea appoidtees aro tofullil Ute functlone of vicars. Tlie jurisdiction of the ecdeslaïttcal conrtli a'mlishod, exeept u regarda tbe duty of gl ving noUce tolt of toe apptnntment of teachers in seniinarks and as to tin' questiona of discipline aivl clerical riglitf. Au ap(x. int ment can onlj be objected to on the gproiuuia of aSectlng the positlon of tlie Incumbentae u eltlzen. Appeal uaüowedto thomüdster of worsMp. The "invinciblcs" liavf abandoned tlie idea of gettlng rid ! obnoxkms persons by means of dynamlte, and are now extenstvely usiuf! poison. iSeveral BUBpiClOTW deathghaTe occurred rccently, and the pólice ara investigatlng the matter. 8According to the Late dispatches [rom Sierra Leone, West África, lift persons were roasted alj .e for witi-lieraft. It is a mistaken econoiny to buy anytlunbut the best seleetions trom tlie best brad swine.


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