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Twelve men enlistcd in Conipaiiy A, last Monday, and six the week bet'ore. Company A bas reeeived in invitatioa to take part in the celebration at Jackson, July -Mi. Tbere WÏD be a meeting of citizens in thecourtliouse Monilay evening todUcuss the subject of water works Dr. W. II. Sinitli, of St. Ol-iir, formerly a resident f the city, was tlie orator of the Decoration day services at St. Olair. Trains on the Michigan Central begin running by Detroit time next Sunduy. This will rnake a difference of twenty minutes. It had been inoposed to repeat " Iolanthe " Commencement week, but as the had to be returned tlie project has been abandoned. Ann Albor witli its well kept roadsand lawns, its tasty houses and its streets well shaded witli maple trees is truly a beautiful city. So say they all. On account of next Sunday benig devoted to a Flower service, tlie address of Mrs. Sunderland before the temperance people has been postponed a week. It will be Children's Day at the M. E. Church next Sunday. Thechurch will be ilecorated witli flowers and the program is to be carried out by the little one?. Recent land transfers in the city are John Bengal to Andrew Birk, $1,200; Margaret G. Bower to B. F. Bower, $1,200, and N. Arksey to Wm. Deubel, G00. It will undoubteilly be a fine game of base-ball Baturday afternoon, when the Universities play the Port Huron club- one of the strongest clubs of the Northwestern league. In Ypsilanti, Wcdnesday evening, at the Methodist church, Sergeant John P. Finley, a former University student, will lecture on the "Practical results of Tornado Observations." Willlain B. Cady, Ph. B., has been selected as the orator for the alumni reunión of the High School, Miss Mittie Curtis reads an essay, and Mr. M. Breiman delivers the poem. Mr. W. F. Burd received by express, Wednesday, two Duroc pigs from Col. F. D. Curtis, of Charlton, N. J. These pigs, which are new here, are said to be an improvement on the Jersey Reds. When strangerscomearound and want to tune your piano, it is well enougli to satisfy yourself as to thelr responsibility, before letting them do any work. We have heard of frauds in that line. Mr. James Harking who has been in the employ of Mr. John Schumacher for some time has decided to set up for himself in the tin ware and hardware business. He takes the enipty store opposite the Fireman's Hall. The concert by the Musical society, to come oír the 15th inst. will have over eg!ity In the choruses. The Amphion clnb, composed of some eigbteen or nineteenyoung ladies, will assist with their excellent selections. The Adrián District Sunday-school Institute will be held at Dexter next Tuesday and Wednesday. W. George gives tlie adüress of welcome and D. R. Shier tlie response, otliers furnishing reviews, discussions and reports. Yesterday noon while sotne workmen were hoisting a tank at Prof. Pettee's new liouse, a brace gave way, and George Hurrell was thrown to the ground, a distaice of about 30 feet. By falling on so'ne sand he escaped serious njury. The Savings Bank election, Monday evening, rcsulted in the re-election of Imstian Mack, W. W. Wines, R. A. ea'. Wllliam Denbel, W. D. Harriman, iJniiiel Iliscock and W. B. Smith. The ow onicers: C. Mack, preiident; W. W. Vines, vice-president; and C. E. Hiscock, wsnier, wcre also rc-elected. T'ie bicycle club assembled Saturday venino; at the depot to meetseveral of the etroit wheelmen who came on the cars. L. J. Bates, presldont of the Detroit c "l'wusaccompanied by Mr. C.H. Smith, o il V " S"liU' and Mr Overman ll!Jnfor'l. Connectlcut, whoisintroduc' the American tricycle. The bicyclists ed and ]lad an hour's run before tea amWnnnStVUÍtOr8abOtlt tlle city and ampus The next day in the forenoon l"ey returned to Detroit on thelr whecls Thia year tho prize coutest of the rhctorical elocution class In the High Schoo will take place Tuesday evening, the 19th inst., in the Opera House. The prizes are $20, $15 aml $10, to be wantod by threejudgesseleeted by the Schoo! board Moiulay afternoon, Bdward Gates, ot the Fifth ward, was found to have been shot, probably by hiniself. The ball went in over the right eye and came out at the back of hls head. The result is not at all serious. Drink was probably the cause of it. The State Pioneer society will have it8 meeting in Lansing, Wednesday, June 13. Mis. E. M. Sheldou Stewart of Michigan Centre is to read a paper on the " Early Settlement of Ann Arbor." It was furnished her by the late Dr. Bethuel Farrand of Detroit, giving a sketch of the life of his father. The Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank had an election of Directors, Tuesday. Those elected are II. Cornwell, J. T. Jacobs, E. Duffy, II. Kempf, W. A. Tolchard. J. Burg, W. 0. Stevens, F. Schairer, and Ambrose Kearuey. The President is Reuben Kempf; vice president, II. Cornwell ; cashier, W. A. Tolchard. The sight of a rope stretched across Main street from the court house to the roof of Seyler's store Tuesday afternoon was in tself suffleient to draw down town after supper a large crowd. The man who was to walk the rope, first passed aronnd the har, then went through a few simple evolutions on the trapeze, discontinuing the performance on the plea the rope was too wet. If the WPüther and roads are good next Wednesday evening, there wil! be some llie races on bicyeles around the campus. For the fast races prizes are oftered of ball-bearing pedáis and a badge of the L. A. W, and for the slow race a bleyele stand. Some fancy riding will also be done. The contestants must be members of the Ann Arbor club, and of course all are invited to witness this interesting exïibition. Mrs. Mary E. Hicks, wife of J. H. Hicks, one of the prominent farmers in Washtenaw county, died at her home in Lodi, Thursday, May 24th, of apoplexy, occasioned by the fbrmlng of an abscess iu the )i-ain. Mrs. Hicks was the daughter of Virgil Booth, deceased, and born and raised in Washtenaw county. She was married to Mr. Hicks in 1851, and leaves a family of six children. At the time of her death Mrs. Hicks was 52 years old. The funeral took place from the house Sunday afternoon, the services being conducted by Rev. R. B. Pope. The High School was thrown into conusion Tuesday morning by the Midden appearance of one of tin; Second year cholars, George S. Parker, who rushed nto the building without hat, coat or boots houting and violently jumping about. Ie had suddenly gone mad and thought very one was trying to poison htm. Béng very large and powerful it was some ime before be could be secured and put u confinement. For several weeks he h.-ut been moody, petulant, and troublöd n nind. but his malndy for the first time-, asumed a violent form Monday night and Tuesday mornlntr. His father, a rniner n Virginia City, Montana has been telegraphed. Yesterday Judge Harrimau vent to Pontiac with him. Quite novel has been the performance of Blind Boone, the colored musical phenonienon, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Boone is but 20 years of age, and, like the famoiis Blind Tom, is an imbecile. When playing lie accompanies svith a peculiar swaying oí the body, keeping time with the music. Most of the selections were in good taste, ncludinï tlie Moonlight Sonata and the Hungarian Rhapsoüy No. 2. The latter is his masterpiece, and was played with a. zeal and nicety that showed true interpretation of the thought. He also introducedi sonie of his own compositions, whichi were very novel and pleasing, particularly liis imitation of the banjo. On the whole, the performance was very goodr and was deserving of a far better audience. Saturday, June2d, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Kellogg celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage. About seventyfive friends and relatives were present anti all secmed to enjoy themselves heartity. After a bountiful repast the company had the pleasure of listening to some music by the Misses Barr of Ypsilanti. That Ibe hand of Old Time mayouch them lighlly and bring around to them the Golden and Diamond anniversaries is the heart feit wish of their maiiy fiiends. They were kindly remembered with many beautifiü presents - among them a silTer teaset, berrj--dish and spoou, two pickle dibhes, two sets tea gpoons, taMe spoons, sugajspoon, jelly spoon, pealtnife, fish fork,set fruit knives, napkia ïüngs, card receiver, one dozen knives and two paintings. Thanks are retujined l)y the editor for some vej-y elegaiá) caite sent.