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The cily band gallan tly marched down to tlic depot Tuesday morning on tlieir way to attent! the tournanient it Detroit. Mr. Edwards, the drum-major cotild not getaway, so his place was taken by Mr. F. A. Cooke, of the Pharmacy department. They had 21 pieees and entend for theSd class in the contest which played Wednesday afternoon. They easily took the rirst prize of $75, making 289 points agaiust C'olumbiavllle's 213, and Sturgis' 212. Thursday morning they returned home, the drum-major carrylng a broom. The names of the players are: II. A. Drake, leader; F. A. Cooke, drum-major; Geo. Grossman, Wlll Pack, J. Kelly, F. E. Tinker, J. Ltndenschmid, A. Vandervelpen, Geo. Isbell, S. B. Holden, II. 10. Drake1 H. G. Hom, F. Graf, J. Armbruster, E. L. Moore, Will Cooper, Fr d. Chate, Henry Otto, Ross Grauwer, E. T. Edmunds. The pleces piayed were L'Espoir de l'Alsace, and selections froni Olivette. H. A. Drake was elected Treasurer of the State a8sociation. One of the judges said, "This band is very creditable alike in appearance and performance. I congratĂșlate both leader and members on above points, and would suggest Uutt the band test their strength against soine orgauization of superior musical calibre, to those who entered with you in the third class at this tournament."


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