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"Buchupaiba." Quick, complete cures all aimoying Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Digeases. $1. Druggist. Two young city ladies in the country were standing by the side ot'a widuditch, which they didn't know how to cross. They appealed to a boy who was coming along the road for help, whereupon lie pointed behind them with a startled air, and yelled " Snakes ! " The young Lidies crossed the ditch at a single bound. ZW Fast, brilliant and fashionable are the Diamond Dye colors. One package colors 1 to 4 Ibs. of goods. 10 cents for any color. A New York paper says the Brooklyn bridge is to be opened with eclat. " If any persons thought it was to be opened with on oyster kuife or a crowbar," cahny reinarks the Norristown Ilerakl, "they will now sec their error."' Butler, N. Y., April 11, 1882. liheumalic Syrup Co. : Gentlemen- I vvish to flckn'owledlfe the great benefit I received trom the ot your Itheiunatic I was sick for simie time, and under tlie doctora's care, witli what lic Ciilled the liver complaint and rheumatisni in my back and shonlder?. Could liud nothing to relieve me until I commeuced taking Rheumatlc Syrnp. After taking one bottle I saw a decided improvemeut. I continued its use a short time and it cured me. I most clieerfully recommend it to any afilicted in like manner. Mrs. V. H. Rok. [rbvised] HEAR this, all ye people, and give car all ye invalids of the worlcl, Hop Bitters wíll make you well and to rejoice. 3. It sliall euro all the people and put sickness and suffering under foot. 3. Be thou not afraid when your family is sick, or you have Bright's disease or Liver Complalnt, for Hop Bitters will cure you. 4. Both low and high, rich and poor know the value of Hop Bitters for bilious, nervous and Rhettmatic complaints. 5. C'leanse me with Hop Bitton and I 9hall have robust and blooming healtli. 6. Add disease uuon disease and let the worst come, 1 ain safe it' I use Hop Bitters. 7. For all ray life have I been plagued with sicknesn and sores, and not until a year ago was I cure by Hop Bitters. 8. He that keepeth his bones from achingfrem Rheumatismand Neuralgia, with Hop Bitters, doeth wisely. !). Though thou hast sores, pimples, freckles, salt rheuin, erysipelas, bloodpoltoning, yet Hop Bitters will remove them all. 10. What woman is there, feeble and sick from femalecoinplaiuts, who desireth not health and useth Hop Bitters and is made, well. 11. Let not neglect to use Hop Bitters brlngoo seriou Kidney and Liver complaints. 12. Keep thy tongue from being furred, tliy blood pure, and thy stomach from indigestión by using Ho[) Bitters. 13. All ray pains and aches and disease go like chaff before the wind when I use Hop Bitters. 14. Mark the rnan who was nearly dead and given up by the doctors, after using Hop Bitters and becometh well. 15. Cease from worrying about nervousness, general debility, and urinary trouble, for Hop Bitters will restore you.


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