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Swayne's Pilis- Coinforting to the Sick. Thousandsdie from npglect to piopcrly treat impute blood, oonstlpation, dyspepaia, malaria, apoplexy, liver, kldney, heart diseases, dropsy, and rheumatlim. But to the debilitated burdened with sucli serious sicknes?, we con?cientiously rccommend "Swayne's Pilla,1' which cortatn medicinal proporties possessed by no otlier remedy. Sent by mail f'or 25 cents, box of 30 pills; 5 boxes. $1, (in stampa). Addrefs Dr. Swayne&Son, l'hiladelplna, Pu. Sold by DriiKgists. PATENTS Obtnlned, and all other bnsineas in the U. S. Patent Office attended to lor MODKKAI E FKKS. Our ofllce la opposite the U. s. Patent OIIIcp, anil we can obtain Patenta in less time than thosc remote from WASHINGTON. Send MODEL or DUAW ING. We advise aa tn paientability frce of ch-irgi-; and we mak ISO CHAKGE UNLESS WE OBTAIN PATENT. We refer here, to the Postmater, the Supt. oi MoneyOrd? Div., and to officials of the U. S. Patent Ollice. circular, advice, lerms, and reference to aciual clienU in yonr own State or coanty, address C. A. SHOW A CO., 1119 tl Oppoeite PateutOffice.Wasiiington, D.C. I no I RRQMLEY'S fjElËJ ELECTRO PLATE W0BK& I 48 Woodward Avenue, DETROIT. MI0H. I (Ebtablished J7years.) LD, SILVER ANDNJCKTgi Largcst Plating establishment in the SttC. B ALL WORK FIRST CLASS. REPBRENCES '. IL S. Smith & Co. , Dctroi t Safe Company or rTÏT!rany prominent citizenjTTTT!?fi UM-1VH