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RANDALL'S PHOTOORAPIIIC ESTABISHMFJT Dor. Williams St. and Btadlson Ave.- -Opposlte East Grana Circus Park. DETROIT.MICH. Red nced Raten to Clubs of 10 or Ovor 1883'.' ALWaYs 1888. First ix the mum We are now ofFering Something New nearly every day in SPRING STYLES! The fashionable public vill bear in mind we are :he only House between Detroit and Chicago who smploy men to make pants. Winans & Stafford. IVfevclia.nt Tailors, No. 19 S. Main St. P. S. FULL and SEMIDRESS Suitsaspecialty Catarrh, Throa.tIDisease. Bronchitis and Asthma Can be Cured! Al?u iliseases of tlic KYK, BAR and HKART, nt Uw Detroit Throat&Lung Institute, M III [.TON WILLIAMS, M. I)., M. I'., I'. s. o., l'roprletnr. Over 4 iki nsis Trciiii'H in the J.ast Seventeen Ychi-9 All aneases oí the Reípluatorj organs trcatcd liy Medicntiil Inlinlalions, iintiincil wlien rcquired witli proper í)tistíLntional romeóles ter loe 8TOMAOH, HVEH and Blood, 4c. It poBalble cali oersonally for an exsmlnatlon, otherwlse Tite for "ElSTOFQUilSTIOMS" and "MKDICAL T11BAT ISE." Address, Detroit Throt & Lung Institute, ¦-.; Woodward Ave, Detroit, Mich. QKT VII K BEST Fire Insurance $42,000,000$ Scurity held for the protection or th poli . holclera. CHRISTIAN MACK Representa tha followiDC first-clasa couipanl, ol which one, the M'.aa, ha3 alone psM t5ft,000,000 öre lossea in sixty year : Betna. of HartforS S 7,'CK).(KK 00 Franklin, rniladelphia 3.3??,(0 Oerman American. N. t Ï,S'JO,030 London Astnirance Corporation lS.SOw 0;i National, tlartford l-W!'' "'' North Germán, Hamburu tl' W PnceniX, Brooklyn 8, Si1 Underwtiters AlioocV, N". Y 4, 'S..'1" Loeses liberally sdj'isted ana promptly pali'. Folíeles ií8Bed at the lovrest ratB of premium. 1973-Ü25 CnRISTIAX fJAOK. T ÍNSBY & SE ABOLT'S BAKERY, ÖBOCEBI AND FLOUR & FEED STORE. We koop constanUT on nni. I5UEA1), CBACKERS, CAKES, ETC, rORWHOLSSALS AND EBTAILTRA.ÜB. W nall also keep a upplj o' 8WIFT DEUBKVS BgT WHITB WHBA' FLOÜR, DELHI ÏXOtm, Btï fLOmi BUCKWHEAT FW.PB, COBN MBAL, FKBT, 40.. &¦ At wholeaale and retall. A eneral ock of GROCEBIES AND PROVISIÓN OonstantlT on band, whlcUwiU beold on as re ;o able term as t a.ny oïbs House 1 tte eiw . Caah pald fof BiAter; Lro, anS Conndrj Pn11 CcneraUy. WCtoodi OiilTered to anr prt of the eitr M'" W SrEiá& 11 ¦Wnot improve thelr oriwrtOT1; ties rematn in poverty. We offer agreat cían u to make raouey. We want raany men, w.; boys ana girls to work for us riphtintbeiro" localitics.' Any one can do the work propwi) from the flrst start. The business ïriUPJJ more than ten times ordinary wags. fV1" Bive outflt ínrnlshoil freo. No one w" agesfails to inake moncy rapialy. " '¦„,.. cvote your whole time tb lw work, oron your spare moments. Kuil Informat ion u'i _'' that is needcd sent free. Addresa SMMO 'l Co., PortlanJ. Maine. To aU who are suftcrlng from theerroraw indiscrotions of youtli, mrvous wcakiu's, clu ' decay, loss of manhood, etc, I wü' ja_H 'W oelpe that wiU cure you, FREE OF CHABW TUis great reiupdy wae discovered y.l sionary in South America. Sendasoli-aoarw od envolopc to tlio Hcm. Joscph T. lnman, pi tioiil), New York City. Ferdon Lumber Yard JAñMS TOÍBEKT, rrop.. Mannfactnrer and Dealer I" SAGINAW ÖA81frSAWEI) UBB. Lafeh and Shingles. Wo Invita aUJaalyauja cali, w4 ofv''n6 ' ?bS Setfte piirAasIni! Miewnere ALSO AGENT FOR JAGK80N SEWER PIPE And sells flre brick. JAMES TOLBERT, 1'M? TH.XRSHEH.8opt. feb. H.'M


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