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For 10 milllon people now await occupancy in MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, MONTANA, WASHINCTON ANO ORECON, IN THE NORTHERN PACIFIC COUNTRY. a a ._ Ji-'!'ií.:%lOSTH WEST TERRITORY 3lAHVil"1!r-'5 ZLt i ONT 2_.?4s??ïï_J.-!- -ÍLlxoKTlIERN PACIFIC Itfït. I keb.;ST O'tW AY f- 'V rr I I I IAM BCC "f tbc lct Whrni. FarmlnK. GrnzitiK ni id Tlmber áU iVl I LUlUn AUKBO Lanasare for sale ly the Northern l'ai-ltlc Hailmuil ai prlce raiiKine chlefly from ti.ffl to 4.00 per acre, aud 1( deslred, nn 5 yenrs' time. An equal aniount of Government lands (rlch agricultural, nold, silver nd other mineral and forest landm. are open fur settlement under the Homestead, Pre-emptlon and Tree Culturo Laws. Tiiky are r rke to am.! ¦ IJCeB? I MnC n-acn 50 mileB on each 8ile of the Northern I'aritlc Rallroad, and I n COC LRIIUO from the Great Lakes to the Paclflc ucean, lioth the Uallroad and Government landt are hetnK rmpldly taken up. Come and select a pkodvutive, profitable farm In thia the bkst monkt makin country in Amkrioa! T ur ijr i I tuv i I I MM ATB fertlle solí, sure crops every yr. abunI 11 U DLAL I n I O 1 IVl A ¦ C ilant fuel aml mkT. mi I-rem demanil for labor at good wages. offer great Inducementa to settlers. Dakota Spring Wheat, "No. 1 Hard," brlngl 10 to 15 cents more per bnhel than any other klnd of wheat. C Ó C C 1 Kormapnancl publlcatlons. ent frpp of charge, and for all Information relatlng to r II C C ¦ landi. rates of fare, etc., apply to or address P. B. OROAT, , CHAS. IÏ. LAHBOKN, Oen'l Bmigr. Agent, St. Paul, Minn. Land Coiiiuilasioner, St. Paul, Miui 1136-1H7