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Chicago Inter-Occau. Let us observe what our farnis and 'armers are aunually producing íor every man, woman and cliild of the country's population, The year 1880 iroduced for each person tliirty bushek of corn, uine bnshels of wheat, eight jushcls of oats, one bushel of barley, two lifths of a bushel of rye, ono tenth of a bale of cotton, thrce pounds of wool, tWO-thirds of a ton of hay, half a pound of hops, tvvo pounds of rice, ten oouuds of tobáceo, three and a half jushels of Irish potatoes, and a half jushel of sweet potatoes. Of aniruals thero was one hoL for every person, one horse for every fivo ersons, one mulé for every twentyiight persons, one milch cow for overy [our persons, and two sheep for every three persons. There xverc iifteen and a half pounds of butter and alialf pound of cheese made for eacli person, and thc cows averaged sixty-two and a lialf pounds of butter cach for the rear. Although our farm producís seem immense in amount is an astonishing fact that if every acre of Illinois was devoted to wheat for one year, and the average yield should be the moderate amount of lifteen bushels to the acre, the erop would exceed in aniouat the entire wheat erop of the country for the last year. If the State of Missouri was wholly plantod with corn, and should give a moderate yield of forty bushels to the acre, the aggregato would equal the entire corn cnop of the country for the year 1880. The State of Kansas alone can raise beef cnough to feed the present population of the country. When we have ten times our present population, and when all our lands are as well cultivatcd as the Valley of the Nile, the aggregatcs of the farm producís will be expressed in figures difficult to comprehend. Agriculture is becoming chemistry', and hiiábandry is bccoming mechanics, so that one good man to-day can do as much work upon a farm as fotir ram didiifty [years ago.


Ann Arbor Courier
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