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Harper's Magazine íor July. The nickname of Porkopolia is of English origin, and was the brilliant ïnspiration of a sponsor who never saw Cincinnati. In the year 1825 there ilonrisliod in tlio Quecu City a gentleman named Jones. He was the president of the United SI ates bnuich bank, and ivas looaUy known as "Baak Jones." The pork trade had alreody taken such proportions as to rouse the financia! enthusiasm of Bank Jones, and in a succession of letters he dilatod upon the prosperity of the pork prospecta of the Queen City. The lette were addressed to the Liverpool correspondent of theCincinnati bank, and lliis gentleman's imagination at lpngth becaiue lircd by Bank Jones' enthusiasm. In a moment of wild generosity he liied him to the studio of some Liverpudian Thorwaldsen, and ordered tl: e construction of what is set down in the annals as "a uniqne pair of model hoga." These noble eüigies were nuule of papiermacfle, and were sent out to Cincinnati as a, present, accompanied bv the iuscription - düsüned in part at least to beeome famous - "To Mr. George W. Jones, as the wortliy representativo of Porkopolia." The hogs have still a local habitaticn and a name. They add to the bnrden of life in the offloe of one of the largest "shuiglitcrers" of Cincin nati, having passed by inheritance from Bank Jones down, trom hand to hand, amona; the pork monarchs of Porkopolis, for nigh apon huif a century. A man who weighs L50 pounds (in the earth, f transported to Júpiter wíjiiIiI shake theground witli a ponderous tread of 45,000 pounds or twenty-two and a half tons! Ahickory nul fallingfrom a bough would crash tlirougli him like minnie hall. Water would weigh Qfteen times as muco as quick&ilver. A moderate ware would shiver to atoms the strongest iroii-clad.


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