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An Ancient Fort Discovered

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Redfield (Dak.) DiBpatcl). partios at work on a farm four and a half miles south of Kedtield hare discovered an old fort, which oocupied nearly two miles, and froin wliich nearly 200 human skulls have been oxhumed. On an elevation of ground nearly 150 feet higher than the surrounding country, and at a distance of one-half a milc west of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, is a fort nearly round, md no doubt years and years ago it was the mcans of defense for some tribc which was eventual] y OTerpowered and massacred. Thiscarthwork was throvvn up witli a ditch on either side, and at one time tiiree feet wide and of the same dsptli. At a point on the south there is an opening, and the cntrenchmcnts were ilug about twenty feet to a giilch that led to a sniall lakc a quarter of a mile distant. The human skulls were found at the western side of the fort, and the mystery eannot bo solved by anv one. In a spaee three feet deop by eighteen inches square thero were over a dozen skulla found. as ïf they were throwii in togcther. No other bones were found, and the only solulion is that the party was massacred and left wbere they feil until the wolves had picked the bones, wben they were picked up and buried in one grave. There are three theories advanccd: First, it is stated that a party of nearly 700 peoplc starled from Southern Wisconaln, and befare tliey reaehed the Missouri river were met by the sav ages anti many were massacred and the survivors turned back into Minnesota; second, from the skulls one would judge that the peple were taken prisoners and elaughtered. The reason for this conjecture is that on nearly all the same side of the head is sniashed in. Third, the trench where they were found is only ten feet long and three feet wide, and" it g not known how many have been exhumed, some saying that over two hundred and fifl.y havo been taken out, and almost all of them havo doublé teeth all around on the lower jaw, and asneitherlndians nor Europeans as a rule have teeth of that description, they probably date back to the mound-builders. Some of the skulls have no foreheads and look like those of the "missing link,1' being shaped dift'erently from any ever seen at lliis age, while othersaro linely sliaped. The correspondent had au interview with Drifting Goose, a sub-chicf ol the Sioux tribe of Indiana, but nothing was learned. Not a stone, hatehet, button, or anylhing that could assist in identifying the face thej' belonged to has vet been found. Whcn awoman in Alassai-husetts takes it luto her head toget niarried, she does not allow any little obstaole to stand !n her wa.y. A few days ago a wonuin about forty-ftve years of age, entered Tremont Temple, Boston, elosely followed by a meek looking man. Approachlag one of the atlendants. slic; said: "Say, lady, lliis nan wants me to miirry liim. ÁVould yon?" Thepcrson addressed not feolino; able to give RdWaopB BUOh an important subject, the woman eontinued: "Well, there's three or four that wants me bad, buf this here onc kinder look.s the stiddlest, and besides he's got tho lieense. So, where'S Dr. Ellis?" When told that he would soon be in, she waited - Ihewoman wilh the grim watchfulness of a cap lor, and the man with Die meek resigna tion of a victiiu in a trap.


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