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Court has an adjourned sessiou beginning Tuesday. Tlie Gemans celebrated the Fourth at the Relief Park. A quiet Fourth, but a few cases of laces fïlled uitli powder. Editor Hawley is going to get a bicycle. Then we ean race for items. The first tricycle owned in town has been secured by Mr. D. J. Haft. Owing to the drop in the price ot wheat it is not now coming in so freely. A large cistern is to be built at the corner of William and Division streets. Mrs. Wood, and Mrs. Davis, the wife of the University Librarían, are quite sick. -- TUe German school in the second ward opened Monday with forty-nine scholars. 400 woodchucks have been sacriticed to the offer of the township for their scalps. The Hamburg mail now gets here at six instead of at seven in the afternoon as formerly. This hot season seems to be a liealtb one as we find no deaths on the books of the city undertakers this week. A new tobacco store has been started by Henry Binder on Main street between the new Bank and Goodyear's. Mrs. Bourns wiil give a reading before the Sunday afternoon meeting at Cropsey's Hall next Sunday at 3 o'eloct. The store of R. A. Schneider of Foster's was broken into the night of the 3d inst., and robbed of $50.00 worth of cigars. Some went to Detroit; more went to Toledo and more stayed at home. The rainsin the afternoon made theni all mad. The lightning celebrated the Fourth by giying a cow of L. F. Wade an electric belt. The Washtenaw Mutual has to pay for it. H. L. Chamberlain started for bis new home in Omaha last Tuesday morning. Here's hoping for his success in the furnitiire business. Notwithstandingthe report that a large gang of pickpockets was following the circus, but very few instances are known oftheft last Saturday. The bicycle dealers, Vagner& Taylor, have dissolved partnership, the latter retiring from the business. Both have ordered new "British Challenge" machines. The Farmers and Mechanics' banK publish their first report in this week's issue. It is a good one when we consider they liaye only been running a little over two montlis. Considerable labor nnd time is now saved the bank tellers by reason of their not having to afDx and cancel stainps on bank ehecks. The law went into operation Monday mortiing-. Tliese hot days are so good for the corn tliat one can almost see it grow. Those living near cornfields say that the continuous cracking open of the leaves is surprisingly audible on a quiet night. Acuriosity among strawberries has been shown us by Mr. Andrew DeForest. It has eight distinct berries all growing from one stem. He says it carne from his private garden on the roof of the Postoffice. Pomological meeting next Saturday at 2 o'clock p, m., in the basement of the court house. Topics ; Fruit prospects ; Exhibit of strawberries and prlces of berries Uiis season ; catalogue of fruit adapted to tlila vicinity. Last week at a salé 'by the " Hamiltons" ofKentucky, in Chicago, the following stock was secured for this oounty: Wm. Ballof Hamburg, purchased Barriogteo Bates, 6th, and b. c. (young Mary) for ISO, and W. E. Boyden of Delhi Mills, boiight Lucy Airdrie (also young Mary) for $390. me wool clip is beginning to come in and it is selling freely at 29 and 30 cents. Yesterday Hack &Schmid purchaseü 4,000 pounds. The wool of tuis season is not f the first grade as it was pooly washed. In Ohlo the farmers nearly always get tUree of four cents more for theirclip than do their neighbors in Michigan. This is siaiply because more pains is taken In the care of the wool. This is good ice cream weather. If you uo not beüeve it just consider tliat Frank Hangsterfer sold CO gallons for the Fourtlu He has bonght a new machine whicli will make 20 gallons in half an hour. With 't he made 400 gallons for Commencement week. For the two reception nights 05 gallons were required. We seriously doubt f there are many manufacturera of 'e coling cream on this slde of the warm Place who can beat hiui either in quality or qnantity. Yesterday alternoon while racin our 1 pe„cii over the paper, writine tast nonxh to mafce up for a day and a half 0 Imllduy, we were called to the tele7, í bllblllit t0 the y "Kreeable of hstening to solos on the cornet by fy Mr. W.lsey. The familiar strains of Suwanee Rver and Hto Algatia„ Mountams," as softened by the distance were of exceeding pleasant sound. The J'ephone s indeed a wonderful Of the twenty companles at Toledo the t'ourth, Company A had the most men. Forty-three rnuskets were in line during their drill and it is said they did finely, considering the large number of new recruits. At the camp they expect to have sixtj'-five. Dr. Sigler of Pinckney tells us by telephone of an interestlng experience he had with llghtaing VVednesday afternoon It struck his liouse in three places simultaneously and carne down into a room where there were eight or ten persons. Things were knocked arouud lively but no one was liurt. The Doctor was out of doors at the time passing under a telegraph wire. The lightning struck a pole four feet from hun, shiverlng t and knocklng him over. He did not sustain any Injuries from it, however. The house was damaged to the amount of about $50. The State Teachers' Institute will be held at Lansing July 10-13. The following topics will be presented: Civil Government; Pmmanship; The Art of Questiöning; Elementary Sounds; Spelling; Language Lessons; Technical Grammar; School Government and Discipline; Methods in Class-work; The Effccts of Alcoholic Drinks, Narcotics, and Stiuuilants; Organization, Supervisión, and Grading of Distriet Schools; A Method of Self-traiuing for Common School Teachers; Programme of Class or Normal Work for a Week's Institute. Other subjects may be added to this list should there be a (Iemand for it, and the time portalt of such an Increase of work. Reduced hotel rates have been secmed.