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CWAYNES ö Pms ' Known to Men of Fahe and Science for Removinb ALL IMPURITIES OFTKE BLOOD. Aetaowledgod i flrand, Pleasant, and Efficiënt Cara for tlUPIO I irHI IUW, dan facei heaviness. DYSPEPSIA known by irregular appeand tendeniess at pit of stomach, despondency. LI VER BiliousncaB. Malaria, Chills aad Fever, cauaing eoreueaa in back and side, also bottom of. ribs; weariness, irritability, tongue coated, skin yellow, hot and cold sensations,eyesdull,drycoiigh,stifledandobstruct- ed feeling, irregular pulse, bad colored stools. APOPLEXY KpIs.y--nlji.dim 'sight, sound in ears.giddineML conlusion in head, nervousness, flashes of light before eyea, loss of memory. Diaeasea of Bladder and KIDNEYS urine darkor light, red deposit: v, burning, stinginp, hearing down sonsationa, frequent deaire to unnate, uneasinesg, inflamed eyea, dark circlcs. thirat. Diaeas? of HEART aevere paina, tiutteriiiR or veight aear 1 "ll I t heart, tuore ao on moving ipnckly and mn lyuiR on left side; out of breath on exertiou. HFAnAPHr iu11 or BnarP pains ni temples, ¦ iL-f-mnmn-, ejea or boa(i . faDtneas, nausea. Dropay i3 caused by watery fluid. RhrnmatiHiii, Ac, by uric acid in hlood. Bonfl Iisorders by corrupt matter. Worn by the pesta within. Colds bv choking of the secretïons. SWrAYNE4 PIJLI.S, by gentl action. removed the cauae, makinK a permanent cure. Sent by mail fut 25 centa box of 30 Pilis; 5 boxes, $1.00. (In nnstiipoJtamps.) Addres, IK. MVlïVi: .V S.V, flllHil(Ililu, Pa, Sqld by Urogsiata. 1129-1180 SCROFULA and all scrofulous discasos, Sores, Erygipelas, lCczema, Blotchee, Kingwonn, Tumors, Carbiiin-1.'-. and Eruptions of tho Skin, are the direct rosult of au impure state of the blood. To cure these diseases the blood must bo purifled, and restored to a healthyand natural conditiou. Aveu's Sarsaparilla has for over forty years been recognized by eminent medical authorities as the most powerful blood puriiier in existeuce. It frees the system froni all foul humors, enriches and strengthens the blood, removes all traces of mercurial treatment, and proves itself a complete master of all scrofulous diseases. A Recent Cure of Scrofulous Sores " Some months ago I was troubled with scrofulous sores (ulcers) on my legs. The liinbs were badly swollen and inflamed, and the sores dischared Iarge quant ities of ortensive matter. Every remetly I tried failed, until I usel Avkií's SAKSAPAitiLLAjOf which I have now taken threo bottles, with the result that the sores are healecL and niy general health greatly improved. I feei vory gratef ui for the good your medicine has dono me. Yours respectfully. Mus. An O'BoiAK." 148 Sullivan St., New York, June 24, ltíS2. KrïT All perrons Ínteres ted are invitad to cali on Mrs. O'ürian ; al so upon the Kv. Z. P. Wild of 78 Kast 54th Street, it York i( , w lio will take pleaüiirv iu trHtifyiiiff to the wonder ful eftlcary of Ayrr's Sarsaparilla, uní onl y in the cure of thÍK lady, hut in hls own case and many otkers within hig knowledge. The well-known ivriteron the Boston Ifcrald, B. W. Ball, of lïochester, X, ..writes, June 7, 1882: M Having suffered severely for some vears with Eczema, and baving failed toliud relief fromothcr remedies, I have made use, during the past three months, of Avek's Sak.sapakh.l.v, which lina etfected a complete cure. 1 consider it a aiAgnlflcent remedy for all blood diseases." Ayer's Sarsapariila stimulates and regnlates the action of the digestive and assimilative ofgans, renewi and Btrengthens the vital forces, and speedily cures liheumatisni, Neuralgia, lïhcutnatic Gout, Catarrh, General Dcbility, :uid ;ill diseases arising from au inipoverished or corrupted conditionof the blood, and a weakened vitality. It is incomparably the cheapest blood medicine, on account of itsconcentratudstrciigth.aiulgreat power over disease. ritEPARED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all I rugúU; price í 1 , six bottles for $5.