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The End

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The course of the weariest river l'.mls in the great gray sea ; The acorn, for ever and ever. Strives upwaril to the tree. The rainhow, the sky adorning, Shine8 promlsc throughthc storm; The glimmer of coming mornilig Through midiÜL'ht glooir. wili form. By time all knots are riven, Complex although they be, And peaoe vrill at last lie elven, Dear, botli to you anti me. Then, though the path ma; be dreary, Look onward te the goal ; Though the heart and head be weary, Let faith inspire the soul ; Seek the right, though the wrong be tempting. Speak the truth at any cost ; Vain is aJl weak exempting ' When once the eem is loot. Let etrong hand and keen eye be ready For plain and ambushed f ees ; Thought earnest and faney steady Bear best unto the elose. The heavy c'.ouds may be raining, But with evening comes the light; Though the dark, !ow winds are complainYet thesunrise ellds the heiglit; Aul love hashis hidden treasure For the patiënt and the pure ; And time givos his fullest measure To the workf rs who endure ; Aud the Word that no iaw has shaken Has the future rledge supplied ; For we know when wc "awaken" We slia.ll be "satisfied."


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