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She Was Satisfied

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"Ten cents for such a little uiite of paregoric as thac!" she growled, as she leid up the phial "Yes'm." "Has paregoric riz?" "No." "But I'vo often got doublé this imount for 10 cents. You must-a ave made 7 cents clear profit." "I made exactly eight, madame." "Why, that's clear robbery." "Madame," replied the druggist, as he pasted on the label, "if I should accidently poison your husband to-morrow you vrould wanf $500 in cash." "Yes, all of that " "Well I haven't got but $450, am in a hurry to make up the remainder, so that I can put the cash right into vour hands without waiüng. I'ru not the man to cheat a poor widow out of .$50 n those hard times." "Oh, that's it, is lif AVcll, you talk liko an honorable man, and Fm glad you explainnd." Tomatoes and Aleai. - mfiredients. - Tomatoes, cold meat, herba, onion, orumbs of bread, two eg-gs. Cut in hal ves and hollow out in center, tike whatover cold meat you have, chop fine with onion, herbs, breabcrumbs and the yolksof two eggs; fill up the tomatoes, and put them in a buttered pan; let them bake slowhf. Very rare, indeed: Antiquary - " Here is something very rare - the idcnticai Colt'8 pistols worn by tho great Roland, who was slain at Koncesvalles by the Turks." Cus'wmer- "But thero were no pistols in thatday." Antiquary. - "I know that, my dear sir: that's


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