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BUSINESS CARDS. WILLIAM BIG6S, BUILDER. SMOE: C0BNEBCHURC1I ANDORLEANSST. AID Arbor. W. H. JACKSON, ien tint, OFFICE: Over Bach & Abel's Entrañe ty l'irst National Sank. 732tf WILLIAM HERZ llouse, Sttfn i'iimmental ari'l FRESCO PAINTER. - .O: pa(Wnn.r. OlnxiiiR Güdmit, and m' wotk oí 9TGTY deacrlptlon done In the b'tt atv nd rarranted to gve satlifnct un. 8HOP,J(0.4 WEST WASHISlGTO ST Ann Arbr. MiOiUran. 'IHll C. SOHAEBERLE, Iïidonc, m Soiilli IMnin Xlreei. TEACHER OF Instruetions giveu on plan of the Royal Conseryator}- of Alusic at Leipeic, Saxony. FKED BAMFOBD & CO., FRESCO ARTISTS. De&teti; in Fine Wall Paper?, Leather Papers, tINCBÜSTA, Paper Ceiling, Di-corations, Store Sliadcs, Decorativo Pieture MouldiDgs and Centres. Estimates giveu and designs submitted for Frescoiug and Paper Decorations. 255 Jefferson Ave., DETROIT, Mich. ú,y . LL 1 A M A.NICHO" jfé&r J JE iV T 1 S T ! Ofö ÍIií RmüTíd To Uli NEW DENTAL ROOMS Orar Jo T. JmoW Riera ' au JLL KINDS OF BUNKS PRINTED OÍÍ SHORT JÏOTICE AT THE COURIER JOB ROOMS. Book-ltiitding iiiicUlv done and j allpi ki ain-, iiivitations, illld CSIItt l;oOlllil) Itrintril. L.S( TER, BOILER MAKER, Ha mu in i a hop lor Building and Repairing Boilers Of cvery de6cription, Statlonary, Portable, Thre6liing Machine Boilers, and every variety of work known to the trade. Estimates furnished for New Boilers on ahort notice. Shop Cor. Main and Cathaiïiie Sts., Opto.s(( Conrier Offlc. The Practical TAILOR & CUTTEE, Oftholate flrmof WISNAN8 & BEKRY. has lo Caled his place of business at JVo. 7 HU RON STREET, With a ful] line of SUITIXGS AM) TROUSERIXGS, Midwooldsny to hls old friends and nsw ones tS'tifihe7 want h ünod Kit und n Iwibby fit t Kca-onub!e l'iices cajl on Uini and ihey will be ure to iet one. Teañ.Iodfreí&goT" PAIITTERS, AND DECORATORS, 16T Oí 169 Gi-Uwold St., Detroit. Fine Paper Hangings. Elegant Ceiling Decorations. Fine Friezes In all Wldths. House Shades and Rollers. A large varlety of room mouldlng and hooks. FRESCO PAIUTIITG. Wc make a spcclalty of Store Shades and wc will urnlBh estimatcs and samples of colors on appllca"on. Shades fltted to roll from top or bottom of tho 1ndow on Stationery or Travellng rollers. Will lü' P'"le shadlng to the trade cut to measuro THE A!SS AKBOtl Savings Bank, lf. AlCUOIt, MICHKIAS. Tranxads General Üanking Business. CAPITAL, 50,OOO. Bui"!',!" """" the "neral BnklnK Lw of thl. n iddltlf M."ckh"1'ler "¦¦" IndiTldually Hable for ¦Hem h ï m"unt il t" the .tock held b SI OO,OOO.OO. 6'l).D„er, tn'fT6H I. llowd on all ornlnitoïï. , n d""" " d rw,.'d c cumbre T'"' Mo;1 y to Loan on unwre.i re estáte „n1 „Ut, guod .cnrlty. f-sSa.ür%lllrií;,! "nir'm"e ofpic Ka Cia 4 awcoc Cmüi.,. [116 m