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Word has been reoeived at Jaekson that Waltcr Wilkins, the clarinet player wh went with Prof. Bnus' hand to Galvestou Tex as, has mysterlomly disappeared. He left lv clothcs, instrumtuts and personal eiïects a hls boarding piaco, and the tbeory is that h laid down on the beach. and falling asleep wa carncd out into tlie Gulf of M. xico by th tide and was drowned. Younn Wilkins was snlendld player, a member f the Sclmbei club here, J. Jaeknson and very popular in mus tail cireles. If ik-ad, his loss will be greatl deplored by the Jaekson musical public. Lowell has voted (190 to 29) to retai Bible readiDgè in the public schoof, by owc mg a candidato favorable to the custom o that issné. Fred Drake, onc of the most estima We young men of Üvid, wes drowucd iu Pin Lake a few days ago. He was to have bot marrled in ab jut two weeks. Ithas'beeu decided that the Michi gan Military Academy wijl not be remove trom Orchard Lake, Wheatinthe vicinity of Marshall i badly bïlghted. and a number of farmer est mate that il will entail a I06S of five bush" out of 25. It has made iti appearance witlii a few davs. Dr. Wilson, whom Gov. Begolo "re moved" from his position as trustee of tb Flint institute, will hol.l hts position, the Go ernor to the contrary notwitbstaudicg, uut the supremo court tells him to step down au out. The name of Genova station, on th South Haven & Kaiamazoo railroad, has bee ehangcd to Laeota. Grand Rápida is talking about im proving $250,000 wortb. D. Darwin Hughes, who has a stat reputation in politics and as 3. lawyer, died a his home in Grand Rapids nfter au illness o several montlis, of fatty dogeutration of th bsart. He was the attorney for Qeorge Vau derpool ín the ereat Manistee murder tria: and fur a numb'r of years has been counse for the Grand Hapids and Indiana railroac company, lic has been a resident of tha city for 12ycars. A shiiio-le mili belongina: to Hoag straat & Cousius, near Custcr, "Masou county was blown to pitees ou the moruing of th láth by a boiler xplodirig. John Mclntoin the englneer, was injurcd so hadly that hedice a few monients afterward. Tim Doyle audhis brotber. Pat Doyle, neri scahttd so 6everelv that there are no hopeb of their rteovery. Several othn-.s received slight injuties. The ilamage to the mili will reacb about $3,000. The boiler was uew, trom the Meadville, Pa., works aud one minute before the explosión eoutained two g auges of water. ïtobert Gilnier recovered 1,044 damages from the city of Grand Rapids for injuries suffered by reason of a dcfective sidewalk. Masón has euiployed ex-Gov. Austin Biair to conduel. lts legal contest against the Holding two tcrnis of the Ingbam circuit ccurt each year at Lansing. A West Bay City man marrled a roputcd vridow, 'out was snrpriaedaod palacd to n ciive a cali from her real and living husband within a few daysof his wedding The W. B. C. man being inuocent aud manitcstly imposed ï'.pon, the truc husbaud took back his way vrard wife and agreed to say no more about it. Frank McCregor, a Michigan Central employé at Jaekson junctio:), was instautly killed on the morning of the 13th. Ha was caught between a heavy steam boiler Ioadcd ou a flat car with the end projecting ov; r the platform, and a loaded coal car, whcreby bis fkull was crusbed in and his brcaet fcarfully pinched. Train men ran t&hisassistauw1, but when pi'ked up he was dead. He had bei'n in the employ of the company about two week, and leaves a ivife and child. His age was 28 years. Warren Ruhle leftnearly thewhole of his right haud on the table of á buzz saw in a painiug mili at Caspopolis. Alonzo Gillett one of the oldest resident of Grass Lake, Jaekson coijuty. ia dead. The extensión of the Western Union eompany's lines to Mackinac viüage, Maekinac leland, has been completed aud au oiiice opened. The state tjaohers" institute held in Laneing is spoken of as one of the most sueeessfull ones ever htld iu the state. Prof. Chas. K. Adams, who filis the i-l.air of bUtory at the state uuivfrsity has bren tendcreii t.jc chancellorBhJp of the nniver,ity of Nebraska. Mr. Harvey E. Clark, ouc oí Albioa's ¦ ildest ai;d most reopected cftlzena died of paralyeis a few dajs ago. He was over 80 years of age. The woods are f uil of water and tiio roads ere overflVwed a'ong the Saginaw dlTlsion ol the Michigan Central, from Saginaw to West May City. -, A Branoh eounty farmer tnod to fo:low olil adage to ""make liay wbile tbc sun Clines" tbe other Suoday. Hls horse liad more eouseience tlian its owner, and ran away from ihe scène,; sinashed the rake, broke siveral of ils owdw'8 bone, and altogether did damage amouDtlng to over f900, Michigan provides one-half of tho 8,000 DUO barrels of salt conputned in the United States. Tbc íirst Michigan salt was produecd in lSG0,wbcn40) barrels as. heentire product. Charles Smith of Tbrce Rivers who waseneaged harvestinguptherlver acouple „f miles, carne to town a few days ago and ïmbibed frcely. In the evening be started back, aot in tUü boat,fell out and was drowntd. [n the moruinfihiö-if(! on looking after bim found rhe boa" Wlth bis coat, vest and hat floating m '.be wend ncar tbe sbore. Sparch as made and tbc body was found in about eigbt feet of water He was about 34 jcars old and had been inarried but a few months. Mrs Nfivvington, acquited of the charge of murdcr ia the Wayne circuit court, suee Tor a divorce from her busband, her complaiut beiug tbat he bas trcatwl her with ex treme cruelty, and that he cndeayoreil to secure her conviction in her recent trial. A meeting of the Btockhölders of the Toledo and Mihvaukce railroad is called for September H, In Marshal), to condder and act .m the agreement of the directora of eacb companvto consolídate the Toledo and Millwaukee Suiay oompany and the. Toledo and Michigan company. . The new buildiug at Marshall to bc used as a Catholie college is now complete., and wiU be opened September 4, with gül corps of teachers procured from abroad. Be sldS tbc commou English branches music and needlework will be taught aud special att ention aivento the physical educaum. of he chüdrer. Itis a new venture in Marshall, but aíreadyenough ñames have been received to '"The'nKlmmoth ste.mship Gea T ttnnti orned aud built byCapt. James Davitl w the state superintendent, will Wta "a" dauiAter of VVelslev Munger, ot JL37 old, feil down stairs in hisbarn andlanrled on a pitchfork, whtchpenetratea the bladdtr and produced a wound from wluch she dicd next evenlng. Amannamed Cooley was killed at Mount Morris. He was stealing a rtófl on the rmdnight freight, on a carload 5f lumbtr, and the ears while switching carne together wit!) such lorce as to throw the lumber from the car on hich he was riding against the end of another car, and he was caught betweiu the two and instantly killed. Win. Johnson of Muskegon is in jail chargcd with a brutal and murdi-rous assault upon his wife wiih a club. He knocked her down and might have killed her but for the iutiTÍi-rence of the marshal, who was also hit with the club. In February last Solomon J. Sinith was arrested and kept in jail one nigl t in Adnan, on a crimina1 complaint. Oh examination hc was rttoebafged. He bas now sucd Mie eomplainiug ilurss. E. Collins OÍ Macon, for fo.OOO damagee, i-laimiug that he look cold and was injuri'd iu health wliilc ou the way to and iu jail. Wm. Garrick, for 25 years hea(} carpf uier and bridge inspector of the Detroit, brand Haven and MUmn&ee Í. H-, died jn Grand Kapids on the lBth inst. Adolph Boursch of Springwells, attemptcd to board amovlngfreiht train on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern rail ¦ road, but was caught under the whcels aud so injared tbat he livid only 20 minutes after being pitked up. Deceaeed was 39 years of ae and leaves a family. The Day Express west on the Michigan Central Huad ran over an orphan bov at Whcatfield near Baltle Creek. Two boys were playing on the track as the express apprnached. Ow of them, .seeing the train comiup (the other's attention bting attracted by a freight train which was on a switch), tried to pull his compauiou off, but without success, the cow catcher striktng him aud killing him almost int-tantly. His name was Harry Whit", and he was a brother of the miler'6 wife at Wheatfleld, wbosp name js Eosterly. The train stopped, but was unable to reuder auy assistance, as the boy expired while they were stopping. ftlayhew's Business College in Petroit has been purchased bv the proprietors of th.e Spencs-.rian Busiress College of Cleveland, Ü. The Detroit college will be under management of Prof. Ira Mayhew, Chas. E. Bressler, a wealthy ditlzen of Detroit, was attacked bv robbers in front of Mg own hoube, and robbed of niaucv and jewelry to the amouut of $1,200. Prof. S. H. Tarboll. fornierly superintenient of schools atEast8aüiuaw,and lately State SupiTintcndent of Public instruetion in Michigan has been offered the cuancellorship of Kansas University. The school-board of Grand llapids is making arrangeiuents to fiifngly comply with the compulsory educatiou bill passed at the last sessiou of the legiétature Rev. J. G. Portman, late superintendent of the 6tate fish hatcherie., dii:d at Benton Harbor, ou the 16th inst. Mr. Pjrtman was - olí lino tk.Ulihnnt. thP Ctata, oo m ör.iU minister, but for a number of years has given atttntiou em.irely {,o pisiculturc-. Preparations aro being made to erect a $30,000 building for the military aeaderny at Orchard Lake. Work will soou begin. A terrible storm passed over Eaton county a few days ago. Wm. Havens, living in the town of Roxand. his sou and hired man were plowing in the field when a bolt of liglitning instant killed Mr. Havens aud the hired man, leaving the boy puralyzed, so he bas not Jet recovered. Levvis Fraacis, in the town of Chester, lost a valuable ox and buil killed by lightening, also tearing out posts of abaut 7U rods of barbod wire fencc. No further damage reportcd. The storm was very heavy in Charlotte. Deii'oit-liatclied FIsU in Groat Demand. Detroit Free Press. Ever sinee the establishment ia Detroit of a building devoted to the brecdlng of fisb, th ent rprise has been a thorouah SUCCCBS and inuch of the credit therefór belongs toQrriu M. Chase, fish culturist, who bas eo long boen the Superintendent of th,c instjtution, J}y the peculiarly advantageoussituatlon of Detrojt, tbe eelection of thls polnt as the State fish hatehery has been amply dcmonstrated as a wise onc. Water of the purcst quality an'. eaeily kept at a regular temperature ie obtainableiu auy quanity, the force of the eurrent maintained is almostinvariable, while the food iu the water s abso!ute]y tbe food of the rish ín their natural tate, thus givinp, perhaps, as perfect resources scan be obtaineti for the purpoees of such a scheme iu auy other place in the world. In consequence of tbe perfeetion of tbe Detroit batchery and because of the labor and time saving tuventjons of Supt. f'hase, Detrojtliatched fish are in great deraand, and the State FishCommissioners (Dr. J. C. Parker, of Grand lapida ; A. .1. Kellogg and John II. BLueU, of Detroit), haye taken steps to increase the capacitv of the Detroit hatehery to meet the demaud. They have leased of Capt. Jhn Pridguon for a term of years a lot of land 10 ' feet square, located on the uorthf ast corner of Joseph Carnpu avenue and Lafayettc Street, where. they will at once begin the erection of a building after plans made by Arthnr }i. Crani, irehiteet. The building, wbich is to be a pJaln but neallymade frame strueture, will be in the forui of the letter L, havini; a front of forty feet on Joseph Campau avenue and extending to a deptb of eigbty feet ou Jafayette streef. A wing on the north side of the rear end of the buildiug will be 0x47 feet in size. An oflice, with a sleeping room off, conyenient, closets will be in the front end of the main building, which will otherwise be adapted to the location of breeding jars and developiog tanks. The wing will beused as a store and packing room. It is expeeted to have the aew building in perfect order for the erop of the coming fall season. Detroit' New Fustal Telcgrrapli om pany. The postal telegraph enterprise whicb bas been organized in Detroit will form a di'partment in the general system of postal telegraphy uow building throughout the United States, l'his particular department will be kuown as the Michigan Postal Telegraph Company, and will consist of offices at Sainaw, Bay Citv, fort Huron, Flint, lonia, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Ba,tle Creek, Jackson, I,an8ing, Aun Arbor and Adrián, wiih outside faeilitics furnishcd through offices at Chicago, ludiauapolis, Toledo and Cleveland. The vliehigan eompany has already receiyeU assur anee of support from boards of trade, commercial organizations and business men in t'eneral, makiug the projectors eontidcut of success. Ueorge Farusivorth, who superintended the coustructiou of the Mutual Union Teleirraph Compauy's lincs, and the establishment of tbe offices of the 'offices of that company tbrough.jut Michigan, and who, duriug the existenCB of tht organization, was the courteous and i-ffieient manager of the Detroit oflice, will have charge of the construction and managemeni jf the Postal Tclegraph Compauy's lines and Dusincss in Michigau. Mr. IVewliiiitou Acqulttcd. Mrs. Newingtor. of Flat Rock, who has been on trial iu the circuit court of Wayne county ¦n a charge of poisoning her step-son 6everal noutbs agro, has been acquitted of tbe charge. The verdict of the jury beems to give very genral satisfaction. -. DETROIT iHABKliTS. Delroit, Julyl6, 1883. Wiieat- The sales of wheat for the last eek were very dull. Prictis were low, and be merely nominal demand fully supplied. üuotations are as follows: Mo. 1, white, 1 03!i(ü)l 04JÍ; No. 2, white, 91}i@93c. ; Mo.3;vhite,77@rri; No. 2 Red, $1 O4.@ 1 11. Flouk- Thcre is considerable inquiry for ,ur at present and trade modcrately active, rices are as follows : liêh white w'jeat, low grades . . . .3 50@4 W [ich white wheat, common & " ¦¦ i i iiniiiiim Midi white wheat, choiee 00(3 Mieh white wheat. roller proceso. ... 5 50ü5 75 Mich white wheat, patente ti 50(2.6 75 Minn. bakers' 6 00W 25 Mmu.patcnts 7 50@8 10 Kye @4 00 Pkovisioxs- Detroit mess pork, Í18@1O 50; family pork, $17 5O@1S; elear pork, 19 25 l?ÍSiJar,d' iu ?(?!%; in balf bbSM lk@9?íolp pails, 10!@10&re;ham8.1aV18c, 9@fl3e; dried b.f,16@16c;bácon ll%@12e ; extra mess beef, fia 5a Cora so @ 55 Oats 33 @ 39 Clover Sced, %) bu 7 00 (á 8 25 Applca, ) bbl 2 25 @ 3 50 Dried Apples, $ Ib 8 8W J';ache6 h @ ís Clu-rnes 15 16 Buttur, $ tt) 14 @ 15 Ej-'gs 15 16 Cheeso 15 (ffl 16 Pot atoes, oíd bu 25 @ 50 Potatoes, new, ? bbl 2 26 S 2 30 goney 10 (g iT Bvans, ploKed 2 IC @ 2 15 Beans, unpicked , . i 00 M 1 5!) Hay ,... 9 50 (a) 14 00 Straw 7 00 @ 7 55 I.IVE STOCK. Cittj.e - Mirlct very duil. Prlcea range as follows: Fair i-liippinjr steeTP, 14 75@5 ¦ good batctent. 4@4 50; medium, id 75 @4 á; commim, f 3 50 @ y 75. Sheep- Tbe nwrket is duli an.1 steady; inferior to fair muttons sold al Í2 @X ; good 6Ueep at $3 60; choice to extra do. $3 75. Hogs- The market is brifk and prices 10@ 15c per 100 lbs hijAer ; sales oí eommon to tood mixed parking and Bhipplng grades oí hogs at 4 75@i 10; good to cholee heavy lots of parking and Bhipping hogs at. $5 10@5 40; litílit and bacon grades at 5 10@5 75; skips and culis at $3@4 6'J.


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