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A Description Of A Cowboy

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Currespondpnce Philatlclphia Press. A gonuiue cowboy is worth describing. In niany respecta he is a wonderful crea ture. Efe endures hardshjps that would take tli üvos of most men, and is, therefore, a perfect type of physioal roauhood, He is the (inest horseman in tbc world, and excels io all the rude sports of the field. He airas to be a dead shot, and uuiversally is. Constantly during the herdiflg season he rides seventy miles a day, and a majority of the year sleeps in the open air. His life in the saddle makes him worship his horse. and it, with a rifle and a six-shooter. complete his happiness. Of vice in the ordinary sense he knows uothing. He is a rough, uncouth, brave and generous creature, who never lies or cheats. It is a íuistake to imagine that they are a dangerous set. Auy one s as safe acith tham as with :ny people íh the world, unless he steaïs x buiae ui s huntjng for a fight. In their eyes death is a mild punishment for horsestealin?1. Indeed it is the highest crime kuown to the unwrilten law of the ranch. Their life, habits, education and Decessities breed this feeling in them. But with all this disregard of human life there aro less murderers and cut-throats graduatedfrom the cowboys than f rom among the better educated classes of the East who come out here for venture or gain. They delight in appearing rougher than thcy are. To a tender-foot, as they cali an Eastern man, they love to teil blood-curdling stories and impress him with the dangers on the frontier. But no man need get in aquarrel with them unless he seeks it, or get harmed unless he commits gomo crime.


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