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Caring For The Hair

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A lÍTely oíd lady who ilieil faradvanccd in her cighties, and was proud in extreme oíd age of her beautiful dark hair, vvas aceustomed, when a gkL to harig up her night-cap every morning filled vit.h salt, This w:.s shajfen up into a japanned dressing box every nighL 011 retiring, bul enough salt reuiaioed clinging to the cambric to secure, as she (.houghi, tlio rejnaijfaljje preser, vati'in of fier hair. Dr. Holmes has siing or gossiped about the "widening part," whioli is oneof the tell-tale tracks of passing years; tut until iately the jjrevailing fashions of drcsing the hair did not ruake any parting to show] Those who wear the hair in trut; classic style, with the pure whit line from brow to crown, may lind some use in the following recommondation of the New York Evening Post for strengthcmng the hair and renewing thin spots: "ïo a quart of warm water allow a tablespoonful of salt, and just bcfore retir ing for the night wet the headthoroughly with this, not along the widening seam alone, but tho entire head. Repeat this operation for one or two nights each week until good efïeots are apparenl." it is Hkely that the vigorous rubblng whioh this treatment makes neccssary aflerward is of as ruueh use to the hair as the saline treatment.


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