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Mules Aud Dudes

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Burdette. Tbc latest fashionable craze in London is mulo riding. lt will never becorne popular in America. We haven't the right kind of rnulcs. The Anieri can rnule won't stand any society nonsejise. Jïobody would attempt to ape this English crazo except the dudes, md the average mule knows so rnueh moro than the dude that he, the mule would rub its logs. the dude's legs, against the feuce, anJ when he, the mule, bucked, it the dude, would shoot over his head, the muie's head. that is, and alight on the place where its brains, the dude's brains, would be if it had any, so tliat the eustom, whilo aftbrding the dudo excellent exercise, would not alïbrd it much pleasure Egyptian mulos, such as the Euglish riders usc. may do well enough for this gay citv, but the American mule, whether from Colorado or Kentucky, is too abrupt in his habits and spasmodic in his gait to bo intrusted with any such fashionable frivolity. Icing tor Creatn Sjiongc Cake. - Ingredients. - Haií a pound of powdered sugar. one tablespoonful of orangijuice, half thegratod rind of anorange. Mix all together, beat until fine and smooth, strain, acd spread on the cake, while still warm, about :m eighth of an inch thiek, smoothing it carcfully with a wet knife-blade


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