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Sinco this gov't was organized near ly $800,000,000 have been paid out for pensions. It is money well distrihuted, for besides the fact ttaat the poor fellows to whom it is given haveearned it OTer and over again, it te one of the most expeditious methofs that could be drvised for putting the money into circulation. It is distributed amoDg 300,000 persons in all parts of tUe country in sums large and small, in frequent payments, and as a rule, is pakl out by them as soou as it is received. Secrctary Teller has decided to appolnt a comniijsion to visit the IndiaDterritoty to investígate the difference bctween the Spiochu aad Checota factions of the Creek Indians. Seoretary Teller denled tho application for a reopeuiug of the questiou as to tht boundary of Pueblo lauds in San Francisco decided by Seeretary Schurz in 1881. James Irwin, Indian agent at the Stioshone agency, W T., telrpra bed Coinniissioncr Pr'ce that ths Uintah agency. Utah Indiaus, are passing into the Sho6houe agtucy in gre ;t nurrbers, uot lees tbau 50 ludijes haviug already arrived. Commisiiioner Pricc repüed directing the agent to order the Indiaus to return to th.'ir rcservation and not to issue rations to them from his supplies. Special Revenue Agent Horton oi Boston, his notifted Commissioner Evans that he will not resien as rcquested by that ofticial, as resiuuation would be virtually an acknowleilgment of guilt. The Hill investiga tion is drawing tQ a dése. Judge Thoman of the civil service commission eoes to San Francisco August ürst Lo conduct exammations. The force in the census offlne is to be cut down from 193 to 100. The postmaster-general has issued an order to th effect that second class mail matter (newspaper and periodical?) are equally as iinportaüt as letter mail, and bhould be forwarded as proinptlj. The order álso forbids the rcaiiing of papers and periodical6 by postal clerkp, and only alloira the wrappers to be removed from such mail, in case it is improporly addresscd. Patent medicine manufacturera are considerably alarmed over a recent, decisión of the commissioneer of Infernal KeTenue to the effect that all of the so-calltd "medicines" are to be su'ijected to a thorough examination, aud if found to be usud as a beverage, they will be ta.fd the same as spirits. It is believed by officials of the department that in uearly every caseinvcstigatlon will reveal the fact that nearly all of thtse medicines are used largely as bevcraees. Judije I. C. Theaker, formerlj commissiontT of patents and member of Congrees from Ohio, is dead. Lssue of Standard sil ver dollars for the Woth cn.ka J1T ii, MOlühl ,,,.., .;il. period lastyear, $135,0llfj. BENKKAL ITEMS. Representativos from 20 Mississippi valley cities met In conference at St. Louis the other day, and adopted resolutions lookiig to measures for improvement oí the river through (.fforts of members of congress. An excursión train frora Titusville, Pa., coutaining about 75 members of Masonic lodges, whilereturning from Jamestown, eollid?d wlth a freiyht train on tlie Buffalo and South western, two miles from Jamestown, instantly klllin,r Geo. Gates, conductor, and M. L). Ct)l)by,brakeman f the frciglit Train, and fatally injunng V. J. Innis, anot.her brakeman. No one was hurt on tbe excursión train. The engincers and flretpenon bothtrainsweresaTed bt jumpine. Both enginrs were sinnshed all to pieces and many freight cars. The force drove the excursión coaches backward 25 feet, but they kept on the "track. Collby's limbs were crushed to a jelly. Gates, the conductor, was roasted in the ruins. The cause of the accident was failure of the engineer of the freight to obey orders. If the train men of the excursión train had not used. the greatest care the loss of life wou ld havp been mghtrul. The employés of the western unior. telegraph coinpany in New York, who denanded a change in the hours of labor and pay for extra work, have been 6Uccessful in their demand. The íollowing rules have been issued : At all independent western unión offices which may be required to keep open all day Suuday, nine hours of actual service in the day, six days in the weeks, and seven hoiir6' actual service at night, seven nights in the week, will constitute a day's work. All work in tïte fxcess of the attove-named hours, includíng Sunday, will be legarded as extra and be paid for at a regu'ar salary on a basis of sevcn hours to a day. Lillie Parry, s young lady aged 19, was abducted from her home in Syracuse, N. Y., by her mother. who live in Miuneapolis, Miun. She was diagged from the street to carriage by a man who claimed to have a warrant for hor. Her mother had driven her from home about a year airo, since whieh time the youug lady has supported hen-elf. Lately sevijral thousand dollars were bequeathed to her, and the mochur was anxion to get postesíion of it after recovtring ber6ur[.riso, thegirl was very submissive atid went with her "motrici witho it The girl w:i met at the depot of Jhe young man to whuin i-he wae tugagedwhohad etcured & murriane Deense. lhe ceremony was at once performed and ihen the young bride asserted her iudependence. A suit is being tried in tbe United State6 circuit court at Providence, R. I , in wlich the Sultan of Turkey is the complainant, and the Frovidence Tool Company is the defendant. The suit is about 50,000 rifles which were to be made and dellvered, but which the tooi company held to enforcepayment of dainages for expenses incurred. (Vin. M. Evarts is consul for the Sultan. The department of agrieulture in its Jfuly report, plaoei the eoudllion of winter wiieat at 79 per cent., of spring wheat at 98 to 100, and of corn at 88. A fireman in theemployof the Chieaeo, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway, named Tliomas King, performed an act of heroisin the other dav that is rarely equalcd in the anr.als of railroading. Kiug was firiDg on a wild freight Corning to Milwaukee from Chicago. A short distanec this side of Franksville, at 9:30 o'cloek this foreDoon, wLile the train wa6 moving over a down grade at the rate of thirty miles per hour, the engineer, naned Warner, suddenly discoTered a child standing close to the rails and apparently eo paralyzea with fear that it could not move. The heavy train had run 60 close tothe little one when tne discovery was made that the Irain could not possibly be stopped. Horrtfled at the thought of sacrifleing a human life under such circumstances, the engincer ealled the attention of King to the child. The brave fireman lost no tim in reachiug the front of the engine. Once there he grasped the rail firmly for support, and steppiig down upon the cow-catcher ttarew one f(X)t out as far in front as possible. Thu as the cumbersome train rushed down upon the child he was able, by a dexterous sweep of the foot, to thrust it oue side into the ditch and out of the way of the cow-catcher and wheels. The noble deed was accomplished in much less time than it takes to relate the Incident, and as King clambered back to hispost ín the cab the mother was discovered standing on the threshold of her home near by with her hands uplifted, as if imploring the Deity to ¦pare her little one. She too had made the discovcrv of its danger when too late to ev n attempt a rescue. The income from the Brooklyn bridge in the Crst six weeks of its use amounted to $31,128. C. L. Colby and other leading nitizuns of Milwaukee have taken steps to esta ,lish in that city a university which shall do crt!it to the west. It is stated that endoarruent funds lo the amount of $6f 0,000 have already been sabboribed, and coutributions are beingmade in the surrounding citiee. Captain George Lawrence, who died a few dajs ago, at Waukesha, Wisconsiu, sailcd round the globe in 1835, iu coramaud uf the Champion, and has since been active in lake commerce. Mr. Roebling has retired from liïs position as chief enginecr of theBrooklyn bridge. At tbfi great dist of a ruined consiltution and Bhattered health, he Las broujiht to completion a work whieh w ill ever be a monument to his I patience and genius. The Phüadeïphia commercial exchaüge has passed resolutions calling ou congres to redeem the t rade dollar atparor legalize the issue of that cuin. The government immigration ao-ent at Qucbec states that the Irili assisted toUanada this season are lo, paupers, and none of thtin have t-ver been in the pior house. Three thnusand orangemen at Toronto eelebratrd the auniversarv of bitrlr of the Bovne Bj a public proceMion and tfterward euj iyed games in the provincial exhibilion gruunds. Evcrything was quiet. The state veterinarian of Illinois report glanders prevaleut amoog horeee iu 20 counties of that state. Many valuable animáis have (lied aud farmers are vcry mueh troubled about the matter. All laborera in the emplov of the citv of New York are to have a half-dav holiday each Saturday duriug the rammer. Why uot give c'erks, roechanlco, and overworked private employés a holiday t Twenty-five hundred pounds of pow der cxploded in the prega room of Dupont's powder works at Wilmington, Del., the other morning Thomas Pearl, foreman of the press room, aud Patrlck Haley, laborer, were killed. Alexander Biilingsley, another .'aborer, was slightly injured. Since the lst of January the number of postmasters commissioued averaged UU per month. A large inerease over any previous jear. The saloon-keepers of Kansas (Jity. Mo , have deeided to conform to the law com pellintr them to close on Suuday, but say they wlll make it warm for any other iustitution tbat keeps opeu on that day. A terrible storm swept along the Missouri river. the othor day, in ssveral places amountingto a tornado. Üreat damage was done to crops. The complaint comes trom Victoria, B. C, that many Chiuamen haye arrived from Hong Kong who are f-ufCering from an oriental disease arising from Ihe almost exclusive con 8umption of deeomposed vegetable fnod consistirg of turnips, cabbago, hambuo shooU, etc. The victims lose control of iheir limbs, and symptoms of blood poisoniug appcar. There are mauy similar cases amoug the couli'.s on the railway. No cure is yet known for the disease. Cases prove fatal in a few days. Four men were killed at the Eureka stotie quarry near Lamout, III, by the falllng of a derriek. This is the légoud oocurrenco of the kind at that place within a unel;. Gtreat exeitement prevalía in Nash!I1h. Tenu. The offlee baoks of the state treta urer. containing the state's aecouuts ith de positorit-s, was stolen a few days ago. The book was vaJuable just at present, as it was relied ou bv the prosecutiou to couvict Polk, the defaulting state treasurer of Tennessec. The Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe, Denver and Rio Grand, and Burlington railroaiis have begun a war of rates againstthe Union Pacific. The restoration of telegraph communication, which was Uitlly broken, nveals the lact that the storm, part of which swept. over St. Louis, Mo., was general in character and traversed not only a large part of Missi uri but covered various secMons of Kansas, Iowa and Illinois. The velooity of the wind in St. Louis was 50 mijes per hour, It apparently carne from nearly all directions,' but maiuly fruin north and. uarthwest, No serlous individual loi-ses were sus'ained but a great number of miuor onts are diseloscd iu the way damage to roofs, gable euds of houses, chimneye. shutters, Etüus, fences, trees, shrubaery, etc , the whole nf. which will agangate aiauy Ihousauds of dollars. Soine slieht fuunes to persons are reported but nobodv wa seriously hurt. Eart St. Louis alsosuffertd i:i a similar manner, anii a train of twcnN-ti'.i cars moviug on the belt on the river trom was blown from the track and most of the cars badly wrecked. Bellevillr, I'l„ was badly ihakeu up and a number of huuses mpre ur ess injured, none seiiously. At Alton, 111 , three ch,urcb,es lost part of their roofs and w alls, aud the Laclede hotel raa cüsmutithd. Severa! other buildings were slightly lAured, and the streets littered wiih fall.n tree. At Sumner, 111,, a lavge flouring mili was unroof ed and heavy damage caused to maehinery umi etockfrwn the delugc of rain wulch rushed through the building from top to boitom. Several otner buildings were more or less iujun d. At Carmi, Jll., several houses were sligh'lv shattired, but uo scrious dmage was done. At Olnej, III., eeveral churehes were badly injured and a large number of trees oprooted. Other damage w&s done In different pointe In Iowa the storm raged fearfully, and from ïuatiy places coniereports of fearfu'l dislruction. iilled $0 dollar gold pieces are in circulatiou in various parts of the country. Look out for thein. Frederick Schuldt, Sr., of Readiag, Pa., had his son Frederick arrntt-d for tbr. ai ening his Vla. The son was lucked up and half an bour afterwrds was fuuud dead iu his eell, haviug hung hitnself witn stiips torn from hi.bbirt. The . Mr S"hiildt is one of Che wca tí iest citizens of Keadiug. The official figures for all counties as to heat, show a total aereare this year of 1,823,226 acres, and a total yield festlmated) nf 24,194.014 bushels, or uearly i-,300,0:K) bushels Ies6 than in 18S2 Sentrics havo been postod all along the Iulernatiozial bouudary to prevent the iutroduetion of smallp',.? into Manitoba. The contract beUveen the Canadiau Pacific Railroad Company and the tOwra of West Lynne and Emerwm has been signed tor building a braneh line of railroad faetween West Lynue and the Pembina mountain junctiou. The agreunent. between the dual to hs and the C. f. R., cost $200,000. The distauce is twenty-three miles. Heavy rains are rêported in the Red Rivcr Talley of the North. Grave f cara have been feit of daiuage to crops by drought,whieh are thus happily dispelled. Charles S. Stratton, known throughout the world as uGen. Torn Thumb," dicd at Middleboro, Mass., a few days ago, in the 50th year of his age. His remains were fnterred in Bridgeport, Conn. The story of this mans life is too well known in every hou6ehold to need repetitiou at. this time, for every seboolboy is familiar with the travels of "Torn Thumb," under the manaaement of Bamuoii He leaves a widow, nte Lavina Warren to whom he was marrled In 1SC3, and who has been with him in all his travels since then. Two or three years ago a brakenian named John MeDaniel, living in Lifayrttc, Ind., connected with the Wabash road. lost :, leg bv the carelessuefs of the i-mii'ows. He ued tbc eoinpany for $25,0110 damaes, nd after sueecssive litigatlon ít has ju.-t bien decided in the sapreme court at Washington on the basis of $15,000, which, with accumulatcd interest, foots up $19,500. '-'Senator Barnett Giblis, who has jusl ITrived in the east from üallus, Texas, ti'lls a verv íeníational btory, to the effect ttaat QtB. Crook did not, capture the Apaches, but the) did capture him. Crook is asked to cxilain. The ledger stolen from the olüite ol the treasurer of Tennessee has been reeovered ¦ it was returned ia the niirht and l;ii 1 upon thi door-step of a prominent BltlzeD. F. M. Kcrr, the defaulting elerk of the banking flrm of Prepton. Kean" & Co , wh.. was captnred in Peru, has been broogirt tt Chicago from San Francisco in custody of a d - tective. By the explosión of a boiler in a mili at Glcns Falls, X. Y., 13 persons wero. injured pevere'y, a few of tbetn fatally, perbap?, and ( aboat Í7"),'1TO daaiaüe was done to property. The postoffice departiuenthas provided for continuous doublé daily railway mail service frora Chicago to Dcuver, by way of Kausas City. Chicago talks aboul celebrating the 50th anuiversary of her tncorpuratioti as a villiage on the lütli of August. Mrs. Jamos Hoyo, of Milwaukée, :: ye-rs oíd, was instantly küled bv being ruD down by a backin-.; íreight' train on the Lnke Sbore and Western road. ïbe bodv was badly mangled, it bt-log so uround lato the wheels that they had to be lifted with jack screws f rom the rails. A BOMB SHELL THROWX BV UOKSEY. A Historj of Gariielrt's Noinination--An Abstract of Dorsey's Statement.. Tbo New York Sun publishesa scvcn-column sensationpurportingtobe Stephen V. Dorsey's account uf 1 1 1 1 ¦ manncr in which Garticld secured bis nomiuaiion audcleetion. The charles are not. new, nor do they appear to have the sanctiou of Dorsey's name; but thiyare presented in a form and with a particuiaril.y of ditailwhieh are well ealeulated toattraet jttentlon to them. The account opens with au explauation of Brady and Duraey'g sllence while they were under firf, a tul a reiteratiou of tbe statement 80 ofu-n made that Genera] Garfield approved the star route mcthods and was in hunor bound to stand by boih Brady and D .rscy. The history of Garfielu's uomiiiation and campaigu is thus told: 'lIu the winter of 1S80, a club of the 'botter element' was ortanized in Philadelphia by i' yuuug man of 'politieal aspirations, named Wharton Barker. This club among other great niisMons, undertOfk to pri vent ihenominationof eitber Genera] Grantor James G. Blaine. Wayue MacVeagb Mas a metnber oí the club. He had a profouud disiike for Blaiue, liaviug charact' riz -d hini as the most danfferous man ín American politics. Many names Witc sugüested, Mr, Bavkir Briuging up that of James A. Garfleld. it was well recclved by all exeept Wayne MacVeiigh, who said tue proposit ou was absurd. It, was decidid, however, ;üat. Garfield was the mau to make the flght, and in early of 1S8I), Horton, Barker auuG.irllild wercc osetediu Wathinaton. John StKimaii very speedily learned what was trning on and iusistc-d that (artiuld shiiuid to to Ciiicago at th-s head of the Ohio deUgatiou, believiug thathe would not dare ¦ tray hiin, but Fostir was in the delc-gation, ad between hiin and Garfleld there was a per!eet undirt;mdiLg. Garle M was noniinated, and at bis request Siepheu VV'. lJopeey was nade Becretárv of the National Republicau -mmitt-c, and reallv ils ehairmau. Thecele:r,it d Fittn av uue collierenee was arranged, j th Gurfii ld and U Tsey reuliztug viry earlv n Cfinva-S that tb Btalwarts niu-t be p!a"cated. Garfli ld't eorre-pon'ltnce w;th Dortey atibistimn revealed a í-tate of miud bordering on di-spair, aud Dorery himiilf said tüutnothng coul ! be d ne without the asaistauce of the si:il varr racöötr. Thee. ¦nfennce was held, and figures presented os de iiierately as ata bargaiu lor ihesalo of the m st coinmon place eoutmodity. Garfl ld was aiven tu disiiuctly uu erstanJ whora he must. appoint to of honor and trust, and ivben the Cunfereiice clpoed, cvery sta wurt had b en won for a prlce. Durar; told QarAtld that thi Fifth avenue h'iti leoufi r.'i c Hould be. "tiie clim.ix of too canyae." lf it wue tuccössfnl, Dursev promised uecess In NbvemOer ; if it, failcd, Onritrj -aid tbat ttny mijiht as will clcse tluir Ciiiiiniitee rooms and let the campaiün BO ly difault. Time was pietsiug. It Warted but a few weeks lo the great prelinniiary eontest in Indiana, lor whicn $43.00í) ms spent and the tlectlon eárried. More money wa; Deednd, and upon QarBeld's promise to Jay Gouid that a man shjuld be appoint ed to the supreme court, v. no would rule in favor of the New York syudirate, G uU tubscribi d $150,000 to the eampaigu fund. In that it is asseit d that the candidatp for the presideuey of the República party afreed with the cool, n morsefeSB polltieiaus wlio had him in th'ir DuWt-r that toe operatloo of refundiug the governraent fire and Bixee, which must sikhi place, sboulil be givi n to sui h svudlcate of X, u Y. rk Finkers as shouid be deslgoated bj the BUlwarts, aud at metí èommisslon as bhould be fair. There were milüons lo prospect. The operatiou, as bM slnCË been i-hown, was an cuormous one, and at an apparently triliiug comiÊJtotion would have giveD the fortúnate syndicate proflta such as bas not bt en reahzed t-ince the days when tl:e great goveriMneut loans were placed with such an agreement. Thê problem of rainlog campalgn funda u boIvi d, aud the misterious Flith Avenue Hotel confereueu nas endid. Uorsey. grim i aria st, ani full of nerve iiid not allow hU oy to effect bis business, but he really seemed as tbougb the party were now getting reaiiv to flght a li.itle Tliere bad h-en Kme doubt about that bc! ore. Within a weikufier tn Fifth Avenue conference Wall street had suhfcribed avery large amouur, of money, not fitr iron tSOO 000, At the mine time began that remarkable and at that time uuexplalaed zral whieh the oio ptalwart leaders Buddeuly took n thu Repuhlican rauvas. (irant. (Jonkliii, Don Camerún took hold. aud the politieal teoiinrature sprang (rom zero to tevi-r heat. After reeitiug tlie dufeat of refundlDg nu asures tUroui'.h tlayt'8' veto, tnfcpired ttv levenscful John Shcrm:iu, and DorsGv'fl ilter of a 1 abinet position, account eontiuues with a I.Ulory of the Star Route proseeutinus, reprolucing the oft-mide charge that had Garfield lived the prosecution would not have becu alIciwed to procted. H closet with a formal history of the breach betwien the President and L'onkling, all of whieh has been publiehed a score of times. ijol,itic:al IOWA QliEKNBAKOEKS. The Green backer state convent ion of lora Muemblod la Des Molnea on the llth ln;-t , and after adopting a platform dernanding the abolitiun of all bauks, the 6UbuUtutlon cif lgal tender trcasury notca in place of the bank eurreney, favoring unn i;r:ct d coinage of gold aud silvcr,a!-klng a graduattd ineome lax, and improved patent laws, fuvorlng the ehetiou of president and vlce p 'Dsident bv direct vote, favoring a law tarifT, auJ denundlna tüe pasaageof laws regulatiig railwavs. and the establishment of a postal lelegraph system, the ¦onvfntion procceded to nomínate the Hun. J. B. Wearerfor gov.rnor, Saufonl Kirkpatrick of Wapcllo for licutenaut goveruor, D. W. CUureli of Adala for supreme judge, aud Miss A'iiline O. Cantield of Des Moines oounty fc.r superintendent of public instructkm. JULT ET EVENTII. The hallot taken in the legislatnre of New Hainpshiro for scinator gave Bingham ICO and KoIIIüs S7 votes. Tbe Iluliins' men ar.' dcerrained to stand hy him, an;l the probabillty s thut Ihe dead loc!; vvill continue for some ime yet. l'KNSSTLYANIA r.El'l BI.KAXS IN' COU.VCIL. The Kepiibiioan state oonrention ;is-embled in Harnsturg, for the oomlnaUon 'if Ntatc offleers, and the appoiuting of a new -tate central aomtnltter. A p&tforro was idopted lu-ittily endorslng the present adrniutratlon, nrglng congress to take tucli Btepa l imll tnake the trade dollar legal tender, piiMvin;; all effortd at civil service reform. The ïnmination of was, of course, tbe principal business i the convention. Thirciv.rr line caiidiiïatc s for state treasurer Imt Wm. jiiMVdf Allegiianv was deehiri-'i he cholee r! tbe cosventlon. Afrer a short reeen, the onvention bfgan hailm i- for audi'.ir-ti-neral. S vi-ral baJIoUvere tuk:o, whlch reduit' u in he ehoice of Nilcs ji;lï 13th. Aftpr the lt ballot in the New Han.pshir" se1 atorUl contrit K. H. Roüius, the n m nr ut, with'irrvv hi o he next . nallot Wm. E. Cbanilli r recclTifi 5S otisand Harrv Bingham 113f the votes beinü ocattered atnoug 21 candidates.


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