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We will rcpeat ourprediction made last week and over thrce years ago: "Tliree newspapers cannot live in Ypsilanti." It has been a big struggle on the part ol each and all. Jndging from appearances, the Sentinel is just alive, a half sheet once in two weeks, carrying distress and sorrow into the cottage home of gray-haired parents. The Ypsilantian, if its mauagei tells the trutli, has not made anything, and is behind if unpaid debts teil the story. The Commercial has steadily sunk nionev, consumiiig the earnings of former years. - Commercial. The above unfolds a sorrowfnl tale oi the struggle of the Ypsilanti newspapers for existence. What one of the papers in this city dares speak out asplainly? It is a lamentable truth that no business in Ann Arbor is more overdone than the uewspaper business. There is no other that paya so poorly, yet men totally ignorant of the trade are not slow in being urged blindly to rush into it. If thrce papers cannot live in Ypsilanti, what is there for six papers in Ann Arbor, a town only a third larger?


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