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The Sham And The Real

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Every good thing has its host of imitators ; evcry genuine article its counterfeits. Bad maiiners and wicked habits have thelrs also; but lie who shams the bad never boasts of it, while thny who ape the virtues of the good or simúlate the genuiue never hesitate to place the counterfeit before the public in their most alluiïng tones. "VVhen these people imitate they always choose a pronounccd type or popular subject to copy f rom; and wlien they claim to be as good as "So-and-So," or to sell an article equal to "So-and-So," the public may depend upon it tliat Mr. " Soand-So" and bis article are always the best of the kind. Thus the sham is always proving the gennlne merit of the thing il copies. A lirm of enterprislng gentlemen produce and populaii.e an article of household use, sucn as the Royal Baking Powder, wbose convenience, usefulness and real merit make for itself an Immense and universal sale. A hundred imitators arise on every hand, and as they hold out their shain anieles to the public, yelp in chorus, "Buy this; it's just as rood as Royal, and much Oheaper !" The Royal Bakini; Powder is the Standard the world over, and its imitators in their cry tliat tbeirs is "as good as Royal " are all the time emphusizing this tact. In their laborious atlempts to show by analysis and otherwise thatthe " Snowball " brand bas as much raising power " as the Royal; " or that the "Resurrection " powder is as wholesome " as Royal; " orthat the " Earthquake " brand is "as pure as the Royal," as well as by their 'jontortive twisiinjefs of chemical eertiticates and labored eftbrts to obtain reeognition fiom the Government chemists and prominent scientists who have certified the superiority of Royal over all others, they all admit the "Royal" to be the acme of perfection, which it is their highest ambition to imitate. But the difl'ci ence between the real and these imitations, which copy only its general appearance, is as wide as that between the paste and the true diamond. The shams all pay homage to the " Royal ! "


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